Tiger burning over new rules

Dave “Tiger” Williams tore a strip out of the NHL when asked what he thought of the new rules.

Sportsnet.ca — It’s fitting a player who made a career out of fighting pulled no punches when asked what he thought of the new NHL rules. “I think they stink. I totally disagree with them, 100 per cent,” said Dave Tiger Williams Sunday in Toronto.
Williams, a former Toronto Maple Leaf and Vancouver Canuck, amassed 3966 in his NHL career to go along with 513 points in 962 career games. In town for the Hockey Hall of Fame inductions, Williams had no problem laying blame for why the quality of hockey has degraded so sharply.

“The problem was some idiot from New York expanded the league too quick,” said Williams. “Too many teams. And we couldn’t put enough quality players on all thoses teams. So the coaches had to do what they had to do [to win].”

But Williams didn’t stop there, as he placed blame on the media as well for not reporting on the new rules and “buying” into the rhetoric distributed by the league.

“Go ahead, buy into it. But you got your head up your ass.”

Despite Williams protestations, other ex-NHLers attending the Hall of Fame ceremonies were much more welcoming of the new rules, saying changes were needed to make the game more entertaining.

“I love the game the way it is,” said Hall of Fame player Lanny McDonald. “We need to let the stars shine and that’s exactly what’s happening out there right now.”

Former Oiler great and offensive star Glenn Anderson agreed, saying the game is now more reminiscent of the uptempo, offensive games the Oilers played in the 80s.

Despite the glowing comments from some of the ex-greats, Williams believes there are far more ex-players who hate the new rules as opposed to those who support it.

And for those who do? Well Tiger has an answer for that as well.

“They either want to get a job in the NHL or are aspiring to may be get involved in the game. Or they’re in the Hall and there’s a line they have to keep.”