Time for a change

I’ll start by stating that I am a leafs fan, and, as such have accepted the fact that times have changed and this means the Leafs need to be overhauled for the ‘New NHL’.I’ve been a leaf fan for as long as I can remember, and, have had my share of blind optimism in relation to cup hopes and trade rumours.

Watching the way the Leafs are playing as of late just shows me they have given up on the season. I was at the Caps game the other night and Eddie let in 2 very soft goals and misplayed the puck numerous times one of which resulted in Ovechkin kicking in a goal. I would have thought that with the two weeks off that a majority of they guys had they would’ve come back hungry for more and been prepared for the final sprint. Obviously not.

As a result, let’s cut to the chase and start offloading some dead weight and start rebuilding.

First off, Quinn should go. I’ve been supportive of his for a while now, but, watching the debacle of the Olympics and his inability to light a fire in his guys shows me he’s done. Conversations I’ve had with others about Quinn have basically all ended up with the same statement. Quinn’s coaching style does not fit well in the new NHL. He’s old school, which is not a bad thing, but rules have changed and as a result coaching methods have as well.

Next, offload Eddie. You’ve got contenders inquiring about him. He’s got the experience and could very well turn things around with a change of scenery. Besides, you’ve got Rask and Pogge coming up in the next couple of years. Telly and Aubin could keep the team afloat if you don’t sign a ‘tender in the off season.

McCabe should be traded and get what you can for him. Don’t go cheap, but, don’t ask for the world either. Assuming he doesn’t sign long term with whomever you trade him to, go after him agian in the off season.

Berg and Belak, dump them. They aren’t known as the Killer B’s for the right reasons. Waive them because you won’t get a bag of pucks for either of them, let alone the both of them together.

Domi, try and trade him, but in all likelyhood you’ll have to let him go. He keeps saying he’ll retire if he’s traded, so call his bluff. He’s a heart and soul player, but, it’s time to hang them up Tie.

Allyson, this was an experiment that could’ve been much worse. I personally would like to see him back, but, with teams again inquiring, let him go for what you can get for him since he is still relatively healthy.

Finally…trade Sundin. He’s a quiet leader, and the few times that he’s called team out, they’ve not shown up. He showed he can still play with heart in the Olympics, but, now that he’s back here that fire’s gone again. Maybe a change of scenery would be good for him.

I’m not going to suggest trade partners or guys we should pick up. That’s not the point of my article. I just wanted to throw out some of the guys that I feel should be dumped for new blood or picks to begin the inevitable need for a firesale and rebuilding of this team. I’m sure there are others and my choices likely contradict yours. So be it. You’re entitled to your opinons just as I am to mine.

2 Responses to Time for a change

  1. hackm says:

    Domi isn’t done for…

    But he’s done for a $1.2m+.

    “I’ll retire if I get traded.”

    He should have signed at 450k-650k, that would have been respectful, then none of us would be on his back at all.

    Money first — team second.

    I agree, call his bluff.

  2. curtman96 says:

    How many of these articles do we need, there all the same except re-written a different way. No shit we need a change, heard it the first 50 times.

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