Time for Canadiens to consider trading Price

Elliotte Friedman

Last week, one of my 30 thoughts concerned the Montreal goaltending battle. I asked a scout about Jaroslav Halak and Carey Price. He said that if Halak was made available, 10 teams would be interested. If Price was made available, everyone makes a pitch.

Halak’s agent, Allan Walsh, questioned that. So, minutes after Price gave up an ugly OT winner to Andy McDonald last Wednesday night (a game I attended), I asked another scout for his take. After thinking about it for a few seconds, he grimaced and said, “I’d take Price.”

And that is why it’s time for the Montreal Canadiens to trade him.

Franchise goalie

I can understand Bob Gainey’s reluctance. You can see Price’s potential. He’s still only 22. Somewhere in there is the goalie who stoned the U.S. in that famous world junior shootout, then won the Calder Cup in his first two months as a professional.

Also, Price has the size advantage over Halak, and the trend in net now is go big or go home. Look at Marty Turco. He still has incredible passion and desire to play. But, the biggest criticism is that he’s too small. Next year, equipment is to be regulated by the size of the goalie. That’s not good for him.

Gainey could be sending a franchise goalie somewhere else. There’s no worse feeling for a GM.

Still, there is one major thing in Halak’s favour: right now, he is better than Price and gives Montreal more of a chance to win. That should be reason number one. But there are some other considerations, too.

No matter what everyone says about these two guys making the best of it, it’s a bad situation. They both want to be number one, and, what’s worse, each believes they should be number one. When you have a young goaltender feeling his way through his first starting job, he needs an experienced backup (who understands their role) to help with the bad times. These guys don’t have that, and other guys who know a heckuva lot more than me think it has hurt Price’s development.


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  1. honestabe says:

    didn't we just beat this one to death?

  2. HABSSTAR says:

    I dunno about you but that dead horse over there looks like it's itching for another whipping….

  3. dumbassdoorman says:

    As Habs fans who would you trade and why? What do you think you may get for either or?

  4. bbruins37 says:

    this would be the stupidest thing they could do. does he really have to be patrick roy in order for habs fans to want to keep him in montreal? give him some time; he'll be one of the best soon enough

  5. nordiques100 says:

    the worst thing that could have happened to him was winning the calder cup for the bulldogs.

    because of that, he was put on this pedestal so high that it was completely unrealistic.

    he was better than roy at that point…..b4 even playing an NHL game. Hab Nation can deny it all they want, but there was a large number of them who did support that notion.

    There were, i will say again, statements like " i wouldnt trade price for crosby striaght up" that made the rounds.

    understandably, every team overrates their own players. i'm a leaf fan so i know. but this high ranking of price was absolutely ridiculous.

    i have said this before, price has arguably the best raw talent in goal in the whole league. he will be a great. but you are so right, roy x 10 he is not just yet.

  6. honestabe says:

    I'm a big Carey Price fan, but a couple of things I've noticed about his play.
    – Positionally, he's one of the best around.
    – Technically he's one of the best around.
    – He's probably one of the most calm, unflappable players around, yet even the montreal media has been able to shake him at times.
    – Quickness is not his strength.  In fact he seems to move quite slow.  Definately not from the Hasak school of goaltending.
    – Eyesight (stop laughing).  He seems to have trouble picking up those long shots.  I would not be surprised to find out he's a little bit near sighted

  7. bbruins37 says:

    you have to mention size too. he's 6'3 220. its fine to give up a bit of quickness with his size.

  8. nordiques100 says:

    the issue is between the ears:

    Ego: he has one. he's been humbled though. but, the fan buildup was so great, it hurt his development

    concentration: i think that more to do with the longshots than eyesight. i think his laissez faire attitude somethings makes him forget he's in the middle of a game.

    he really needs to learn to be cerebral in his approach. he has terrific ability and relies on it almost always. he's been around enough. he needs to study the game and players….a la brodeur. he can let his physical abilities take care of the rest. i dont think he puts in that kind of homework that would help him be the goalie he is very capable of being.

    the one thing out of his control is the team itself. they kinda are not that good. thats not his fault.

  9. honestabe says:

    I consider that part of his positioning.  When he squares up to the shooter, there's just nothing to shoot at.
    But I should clarify what I meant about his lack of quickness.  He gets across the net as quick as alot of guys.  And he's usually able to get across in his buttefly.  But quite often when the play gets scrambly around the net, it's sometimes better to throw technical form out the door and just throw yourself or any body part in front of the puck to try and stop it.  That's not Price.  He scrambles in perfect technical form which I think is why it sometimes looks like he's not quick.

  10. mon167 says:

    Yup we did beat this one to death. But since its brought up again im going to beat it up some more.

    Trading Price because he would get a bigger return is kinda dumb…why do you think he gets a bigger return?? DUHHHH 
    Remember Vesa Toskala and Marty Turco how awesome they were. and now….? I don't know if any little goalies will do well over a long time anymore.
    Lastly, it took a bruins fan to say it but wow…if you wanna give up on every players before he's 25 then lets just not draft. Holy crap!!!
  11. mon167 says:

    6'3 220 is a lot bigger than 5'11 190 or however much halak weighs. It takes big goalies these days look at all the best they are almost all at least 6'2. And yes his problem is between the ears…definitely! but if you wanna draft stars in a city like montreal thats gonna happen obviously! its like a young quarter back in the states…he's the stud! give him some time to adjust…to go from super high to super low and then everntually get his stuff together.

    Halak is only 2 years older but he's more mature…wait until Price gets to that level of maturity and i'm sure no one in montreal will regret it.
  12. Kramer says:

    I heard Gainey wants to trade Price because he's sick of all the puns. It's the price you pay when you price a Price to get pricey.

  13. bbruins37 says:

    oh ok. well, thats not necessarily a bad thing. his size will let him get away with that kind of stuff, where he just has to rely on staying square to the shooter while scrambling instead of being more athletic like hasek.

  14. reinjosh says:

    that last line would be more applicable to a leafs fan saying that

  15. HABSSTAR says:

    I think it's a matter of him learning to battle through.  Halak has probably learned to do this from a young age to make up for his "lack" of size while Price has not.  In any event I think giving up on him now would be a bad mistake, unless you're getting a ton of talent back for him.

  16. housenuts says:

    Couple weeks ago I wanted Montreal to trade Price for a solid package. We don't need a bunch of picks/prospects at this point. We need some quality. However after thinking about it, even if we could acquire someone like Lecavalier, that's not enough at this point. He wouldn't bring us a cup, or even a deep run in the playoffs this year or next. We need more help than that. That help can't be acquired for Price right now imo.

    I think we are better off keeping Price and hoping he lives up to his potential. I would however trade him for Kovalchuk right now, but the Thrashers have no interest in a struggling goalie prospect right now.

  17. kilter says:

    Trading Price now is the right move,try and put something together to get Kovelchuk,i mean it could,nt hurt,might be a shot in the dark but i bet the Rangers never thought they would get someone dumb enough to take Gomez and that insane contract of their hands,theres a sucker born everyday!

  18. kilter says:

    Hoping does,nt stop pucks i,m afraid!

  19. broc says:

    I would trade Price before Halak. Halak is 3rd in the league with save %, and you can see the team has confidence when he's in net. Not as much when it's Price.

    MTL fans just get so butthurt over trading Price because of his high draft spot. As Darren Dreger says, for Price, "the honeymoon is over."

    Seriously, if the playoffs were to start tomorrow.. would anyone start Price over Halak? Didn't think so.

  20. ChrisGoalie39 says:

    Time for Price to get back to back starts , that's what I think.
    How many times this year has Price played in a game where he gets over 40 shots … and they lose 1-0 .. 2-0 .. 3-0 (Nashville game, 55 shots, 2GA) .. and they start Halak just because he didn't get the W.. Where is the scoring when he's in net ? It's obvious the players are holding their sticks tight when he's in net and don't have much confidence in him. If he were to be given the start after losing in a game where he played great .. the team would feel atleast a little better in front of him and score some goals. As well, Price would be feeling pretty good about himself too because it would show they've regained confidence in him .. something I've never lost. You can still see the difference between Halak and Price when they play .. Halak has a Huet get up very slow style and lets in those weak ones at times. Halak is getting a lot more help than Price is, that's for sure. Price is still that calm, nonchalent, yet super quick goalie in net, he's just not getting the same defensive services as Halak is.

    Now let's look at the stats and let me know which one you want to start in the next game:

    Price 11W 17L 4O (34.4% Win Percentage)
    Halak 15W 8L 2O (60% Win Percentage)

    Now think about this:

    Carey Price has a .912 Save Percentage with a 2.73GAA.. that's pretty good for a goalie with a 34.4% Win Percentage.

    Jaroslav Halak has a .929 Save Percentage with a 2.43GAA.. that's pretty awesome don't get me wrong, but he does have the help from his teammates.

    This is kind of like a Theodore/Vokoun situation. Theodore was kept in the system and not sent to Nashville just because he was french. Vokoun was by far better than Theo imo.

    Is trading Price the right move? I don't think so. Price is a franchise goaltender, no doubt.. he's a having a rough season by his standars.. and is that even so rough of a season compared to other goalies around the league.. just think about it, his stats kind of clash with his Win%. I'm just saying keep Price because he's got great potential .. a lot more than Halak.

    … my rant is over

  21. 6packhabs says:

    WOW! This is really good to get a comments so true and constrcutive from a Bruins fans. The best team right now  are built with their own drafts and internal development.

    It is really weird to hear comments on the fact that we never really had a real good first round draft and now that we have one: we want to trade him cuz were in a haste.

    One of the main problem concerning the Habs ( I'm a fan and I'm from MTL )is that they always get the best player available at the draft whatever the position. So we end up with a goalie fight when the team always  wanted a big center. LOL ! I think the tallest one we picked is Price !!

    The same year ( PRice draft year ) we could put our hands on Getzlaf ( Big center ).

    I'm not disappointed on their choice but geez I hope they will pick tall uyz for a few years.
    I'm sick of all the dwarves center and forwards we have : All the same type !

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