Time for Ducks to trade Getzlaf

The Ducks finally completed a trade Tuesday, though the acquisition of someone from the Toronto Marlies is unlikely to save this season.

Perhaps Luca Caputi one day will have an impact here, but, until then, we’re still stuck with this.

So now, General Manager Bob Murray needs to make a real deal, a genuinely impactful one, a move that signals the start of reloading for next season because, let’s all admit it, this season is a goner.

He needs to trade … Ryan Getzlaf.

That’s right. The team captain. The Olympic gold medalist. The former All-Star Game starter.

If there’s a deal out there that improves the Ducks significantly in one way, the damage done the other way by the loss of Getzlaf is worth it.

For whatever reason, this just isn’t working. It isn’t working for the Ducks, and it certainly isn’t working for Getzlaf.

The way this situation has stagnated – and, after much thought, that’s the ideal word for it, stagnated – could not have been predicted. Then again, no one would have picked the Ducks to be 29th in a 30-team league on New Year’s Day.

Entering what appeared to be a potential breakout season, Getzlaf instead mostly has been just broken. He has only six goals and 25 points playing an average of 22 minutes, 10 seconds, tops among Ducks forwards.

At this pace, Getzlaf will finish with 55 points. That would be his lowest total since he was a rookie in 2005-06, when he appeared in only 57 games. He is a skilled player who has simply lost his way.

Trades, particularly ones involving parts as large as Getzlaf, are always easier to talk about than they are to complete. There’s another thing to remember about trades, too. They always require a partner, a partner willing to make a compatible offer.