Time for Fans to Speak up and be heard

We all need to be pushed every now and then. When we are teetering on the fence and a push sends us down to the ground on the side we were leaning towards prior to the push. Not that the NHL or NHLPA is teetering on any fence. In fact they are both standing firmly on the grounds that they have each chosen which are situated on opposite sides of the fence. They are calling it a lockout. I am calling it an indefinite sentence of no televised hockey for the fans. We are at the pinnacle of a hockey situation of historically catastrophic proportion with no ambassador which is a monumental disappointment. The potentiality of there being no 2005 Stanley Cup Champion is growing every day. I find this to be an unspeakable outrage and I feel it has become time for the fans to speak up.

I think it is time for fans speak out and be heard. We need to be the ambassador and do some pushing. Contacting the TV networks and present them with a regiment of letters or emails DIRECTLY REQUESTING some sort of televised hockey. Be it NCAA, AHL, OHL or what ever skill level they can provide. Doing so would send the message to Both the NHL and the NHLPA that the fans want hockey and it matters not on what stage or the cast of performers. I have already sent messages to ESPN and Fox Sports Detroit. I intend to encourage those who I watch games with and will also attempt to get as many individuals in my adult hockey league to do like wise.

I am also recommending that we as hockey fans should consider having a day that NHL fans throughout the league will go to our respective teams arenas at the same time for a simultaneous display of our unhappiness towards the NHL and NHLPA for allowing things to come to a lock out. Perhaps we could call it Fan Day or something. Set the date for 6th December so we would have enough time to spread the word. we could have a picket line of fans chanting WE WANT HOCKEY!!!!! Repeatedly and not displaying any support of either side would help keep both sides from viewing a rally as ammunition for either of them. This may also help those cities that the league may be looking at as possibilities of teams to fold on in a contraction situation.

We have some choices here and if enough of us hockey fans speak out we can be heard. Maybe if we push and push hard enough we can cause doors to become unlocked and opened. By doing nothing the message the fans are sending is that no one cares. I hope that the NHL and NHLPA has envisioned the bare spot on the band of the Stanley Cup where they engrave players names and the name/year of the winning team or how the list of historical Champions list will look 2005 No Decision. I don’t know about any of you but, I am ready to put forth an effort to speak out as a fan.

If you think you can get some fans to go to your NHL teams arena then let others know by using this articles postings.I think if we could get at least 25 people to show up at each arena. We could be off to a start.