Time for Molson to end GM's horror show

Well, at least Tomas Plekanec and P.K. Subban are showing a little fight. Pity they’re taking their frustrations out on one another rather than the opposition.

You can’t blame these guys for being frustrated -but Plekanec and Subban did not create this mess. Neither did Jacques Martin, or Perry Pearn, or Guy Carbonneau, or Claude Julien, Doug Jarvis, Guy Boucher, Julien BriseBois or any of the other talented individuals who have been fired or allowed to get away during this interminable reign of error.

So why should we be surprised that when Pierre Gauthier opened his mouth yesterday, it was only to stick his foot in a little deeper.

“I’m sorry if we upset people,” Gauthier said Monday, during one of his media chats which are as rare as a visit from Halley’s Comet, “because that certainly wasn’t our intention.”

“What will happen in the future, at the end of the season, is that we will reevaluate the whole file. As (owner Geoff) Molson said in his communique a week ago, it’s very important that our head coach be bilingual. So that will be part of our decision at that point.”

Please, please tell me that “we,” as in Pierre Gauthier, will not be part of that decision -or any other crucial decision the Canadiens make in the next six months.

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3 Responses to Time for Molson to end GM's horror show

  1. albertateams says:

    It really is a disaster in Montreal.

    6 of their top 7 highest paid players have close to no trade value given term and dollar amount remaining (Plekanec being the exception) and all of them have 2+ years remaining on their contracts.

    The Markov signing alone should have been enough to get Gauthier fired.

    Apologizing for hiring an English only speaking coach, you have to be *****ing kidding me, talk about cutting the legs out from under neath a guy.

  2. lafleur10 says:

    gauhtier will get his leags cut out from under him by geoff molson soon enough!

  3. palindrom says:

    Gauthier have absolutely no medical competence.

    Gauthier should fire the doctor who gave the Green light to Markov signature.

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