Time for Pens to move Malkin?

Evgeni Malkin is often an out-of-this-world talent who can play keepaway with the puck, but after the Pittsburgh Penguins’ shocking ouster by the Montreal Canadiens, it is painfully obvious the Penguins have an overabundance of a good things at centre and a paucity of wingers.

Penguins GM Ray Shero loves his strength down the middle, with Sidney Crosby, Malkin and the best one-two-three punch in the game, and he keeps saying that he doesn’t want to mess with such a good thing, but why couldn’t he move Malkin ?

Crosby, even with his struggles against the Canadiens, is the best centre in the world. Staal, playing on one leg and willing himself back from surgery to repair a ripped tendon in his foot, was the most dangerous Penguins player in their final game against the Habs. He can easily be the No. 2 centre. He can get 60 points a year and shut down the other team’s big guns.

Malkin , who has four years left on his contract, is hardly excess baggage, but if Shero were to pick up the phone and start canvassing his lodge-brothers he might get what he sorely needs — two top-six forwards. If he could get two wingers who make about

$8 million total that would be less than Malkin’s $8.7-million cap hit, and maybe a team would throw in a stocking stuffer, too.

A good draft pick or a top-nine, young-20s forward.

While the Edmonton Oilers had Gretzky and Messier in the glory days, they also had Jari Kurri and Glenn Anderson to give them support, then Esa Tikkanen came along.

The Penguins have nobody on the wing who really scares the opposition. Chris Kunitz , 31 this fall, is, at best, a No. 6 forward and he’s been hurt a lot. Bill Guerin remains a strong leader with his on-ice smarts and nice hands but he’s 40 in November and running out of gas. Pascal Dupuis , 31, is a third-liner masquerading as a top six guy. Alexei Ponikarovsky and Ruslan Fedotenko are unrestricted free-agent wingers and were healthy scratches in the playoffs.

Which brings us to which team should be investigating Malkin . I say the Oilers should make a few calls. They’ve got Ales Hemsky and Dustin Penner , who take up a $8.325-million cap hit this upcoming season and the year after. They could give them Andrew Cogliano as well. OK, none of those players is as good as Malkin , 23, who has 381 points in 309 NHL games. I know that. But Hemsky , 26, and Penner , 27, are in the prime of their careers, and are certainly top-six forwards. And the Penguins need top-flight wingers, in the worst way.

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20 Responses to Time for Pens to move Malkin?

  1. number15 says:


    – Evgeni Malkin


    – Luke Schenn
    – Tomas Kaberle
    – Tyler Bozak
    – Mike Kamisarik


    sound fair?

  2. leafmeister says:

    Pittsburgh would not go for that, and it would not be that beneficial to the Leafs either. Schenn and Bozak are both cap friendly, and fill a role on the team. They would be better off to deal Kaberle and get another young, cap friendly player and build from that.

    Getting Malkin would be huge obviously, but he could get way more from other teams, and it is not the route I think the Leafs should take.

  3. intelligentscorpio says:

    No idea what Rob Rossi is smoking!

    It is the most asinine thought process to right the Penguins ship to win Stanley Cups in the near future. You do not trade or even think of trading your most precious assets, i.e. Malkin/Crosby. After that, everyone is on the table. Ray Shero is a smart GM, and I am sure he will work his magic to keep the top 3 centres, and surround them with proper wingers and upgrade the defense.
    The key is to let older players go such as Gonchar, Guerin, Fedetenko, Ponikarovsky, and even Talbot and Dupuis for stay home shut down D and wingers who play a gritty, goal scoring game.

  4. hockeylegend488 says:

    wow i wrotethis as a comment in the gonchar trade spec and people called me crazy

  5. 93killer93 says:


    1st 2010




  6. hockeylegend488 says:

    that deal would not happen! After all the talk tambellini made about prospects, scouting etc etc the first pick in franchise history will stay,
    It would be like this, penner, hemsky, who make just under what malkin makes, edmontons 2nd rd pick 31 overall, and mabye a center who would be resonible to sign, and do third line duties, which gagner or cogs fit that bill. Also if pittsburgh doesnt come to terms with Gonchar they aquire Souray and thats only if they cant get gonchar for less,

    kunitz-stall-cogliano i like cogs on this line


  7. Redwings3019 says:

    The only way Edmonton is moving the 1st overall this year is if the trade involves either Crosby or Ovechkin…so not going to happen.

    I think Calgary would be more willing to trade for Malkin. They are heavy on the blue line and if they were to get Malkin I think they would move Bouwmeester or Reghr.

    Bouwmeester contract is about 2 mil short of Malkin's (6.680 vs 8.7) The Pens might have to take Hagman or Moss to help even out the cap issue. (Calgary is extremely close to the cap) Moss is at 1.3 and Hagman at 3. If its Hagman I could see Dupuis (1.4) included to even out the numbers to be almost back to what it was at the start. The rest of the deal would include prospects and/or picks.

    I think the Bouwmeester for Malkin part of the trade answers both teams top concerns this offseason. Its hard to determine what/if these teams could trade together because they are both really, really close to the cap.

    Calgary though is too invested on the blue line but the major concern for Calgary is that Malkin would be paid higher than Iginla, I could see this being a club concern.

  8. leafmeister says:

    No. Not at all. Tambellini would have to chose, Malkin or the 1st. When you are the worst team in the league, you dont trade a bunch of over paid under achievers, and injury prone play makers for generational talents.

    Malkin has not requested a trade, and it is only speculation that the Pens are willing to move him at all, so if Shero did not get a deal that absolutely blew him out of the water, he would just keep Malkin. 

  9. hockey_lover says:

    I'll be the first one to suggest that Malkin had a crappy year (to his standards anyway – 77pts in 66 games is still pretty good, mind you).

    However, trading your 2nd most prized asset is not a smart move. No return is really going to be that good. For Malkin, it would take (2) top 6 forwards, a top 4 defensman, a prospect, and 1st rounder. How many teams can make that kind of package? Further, how many teams are WILLING to make that kind of package?  If you think my package from above is too much and Im being a homer, look at what Kovie got .. a forward, a defenseman, a prospect, 1st rounder. Considering that in 7 seasons, Kovie hasnt hit 100 points and Malkin has done it twice in 4 …. that trade package is certainly reasonable.

    Sure, Shero could make that deal, get a top six winger to play with Sid, move Staal up to the 2nd line, give the other top six winger to him and have two pretty potent lines (not as potent as having Malkin center the 2nd line but still pretty decent).

    I think the deal could work but it has to be out of this world. THATS how valuable a player like Malkin is. Just some random examples (not taking any contracts into account – too lazy to look it all up – just players. Also "prospect" is the generic term since I know little about most teams prospects):

    To Anaheim:  Malkin
    To Pittsburgh:  Ryan, Getzlaf, 1st rounder

    To Chicago: Malkin
    To Pittsburgh: Sharp, Versteeg, prospect, 1st rounder

    To St. Louis: Malkin
    To Pittsburgh: Backes, Boyes, Johnson, 1st rounder, prospect

    Now what GM is going to give all that up?  None. But thats what it would take. Like others have said .. Malkin is a generational talent a la Crosby, Ovechkin, etc, etc. Players of Malkins skill dont come along all the time. Shero doesnt HAVE to trade him nor does Malkin WANT to be traded. So he can sit back and let people out bid each other until he gets a package that blows his hair back.

    FYI .. Im not saying that the Pens SHOULD trade Malkin. Im saying if they ARE going to, this is what it will take.

  10. hockeylegend488 says:

    penner cogliano smid, was accepted by the sens for heatly who imo is mabye a slight shade under malkin.

    so penner, whos stock rose considerably this year, smid who is a reliable stay at home defenceman, and hemsky honestly sounds fair. now alot of people talk about first overall pick, well if you have cosby in the mix instead of malkin sure.

    if the pens arent able to come to terms with gonchar then hemsky, penner souray

    and malkin, a bad contract player = deal done

  11. intelligentscorpio says:

    Not in our life time.Shero will be a total and complete idiot if he even entertained these kind of stupid proposals.

  12. blaze says:

    is this a joke? Bouwmeester plus garbage for Malkin?

  13. blaze says:

    Completely different cir*****stances and Malkin is much more valuable than Heatley.

  14. leafit2me says:

    How about

    To PIT: 1st overall 2010 (Hall), Penner, Souray, Cogliano & Smid (Cap Hit – $12.4M)
    To EDM: Malkin, Kunitz (Cap hit – $11.4M)   [MAYBE Tangradi if ur feeling generous]
    Edmonton gets a 23 yr old franchise player (something they haven't had since Gretz and Mess) to build around and still have a promising young players surround him with like Hemsky, Gagne, Brule, Eberle and Svenson. Malkin gets out from under the shadow of Crosby and gets his own show. If their goaltending stays heathy they should be able to make a run for the playoffs.
    Pittsburgh get a big body power forward to crash the net in Penner, a booming shot from the point (when he's healthy), a depth forward, and 2 young prospects. Then all they have to do is shore up the D with some depth signing – preferably defensive defensemen and bottom six forwads. In fact if they can pull this off I would like to see them sign a UFA of the ilk of Kariya (at a good price) which they should be able to afford under the cap.
  15. leafit2me says:

    And just for the record I dont think Shero is the genius some make him out to be here. You dont have to do much as a GM when you inherit Crosby, Malkin, Malone & Fleury and get to draft Staal in your first year.  Even Gonchar was already with the team when he arrived. All he had to do was tweak the roaster a little bit … add the finishing touches so to speak. 

    In fact, I think the true test for Shero is how he will handle these big contracts as he goes forward. Everybody has to agree that at some point in the near future these contracts are going to handcuff him. He has to get creative, if not year, then sometime in the next 2-3 to find a way to move one of these contracts. If he considers Crosby to be untouchable then that leaves Malkin, Staal, & Fleury. By process of elimination you have to think that a 25 yr old goaltender that took you 2 Stanley Cup finals (and won one) is not getting moved any time soon. That leaves Malkin and Staal. Staal is not going to net you anywhere near the kind of return that Malkin will. I think that part of you responsibility as GM is not to get your team the tools to win the Cup but also to ensure that you stay competitive for as long as possible into the future. In todays NHL with a lot of young stars….especially the Russians allowing the $$ dictate their careers I dont think Shera wants a Kovalchuk situation. Dealing Malkin would help sort out some cap issues in the short term while netting some high end prospects that ensure this team stays competitive for at least a decade.
    Having said all this, if I were a betting man, I'd bet that if Shero had to move a center, he would make the "safer" move – Staal.
  16. hockey_lover says:

    Wait … what?   Let me see if I can follow you here.

    On one hand, we have a guy making $7.5 million, who has had (2) 50 goal / 100pt seasons (in 8 years) whilst playing with the likes of Daniel Alfredsson and Jason Spezza .. but also could not break 100pts playing with Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau. A guy who has also been a bit of a bi!ch and demanded being traded out of TWO different cities because he couldnt get his way (great teammate material).

    On the other hand, we have a guy making $8.7 million, who has had (2) 100 point seasons (in 4 years) whilst playing with the likes of Max Talbot, Ruslan Fedotenko, Miroslav Satan, and Alexei Ponikarovsky.

    And Dany Heatley is a SLIGHT SHADE UNDER MALKIN?

    Please sell me some of the stuff you are smoking cause its good stuff.

  17. DannyLeafs says:

    I would agree with you, and even go so far to say that I think Malkin is every bit as good as Crosby, and has been arguably the better player overall. Malkin plays a more complete game than Crosby, and he is capable of playing at the same offensive level. He has a better shot, and has a better history of producing when it matters most.

    I disagree with your trade proposals. Anaheim is giving up too much for Malkin in that first deal. Getzlaf is one of the best play making centers in the league, and is a complete player with big game experience. It shouldn't take Getzlaf and Ryan and the 11th pick to get Malkin.

    In the Chicago deal you don't have Chicago giving up nearly enough. Sharp is a good value, and Versteeg isn't shabby, but compared to a tandem of Ryan and Getzlaf they are basically nothing. Realistically the prospect and the first isn't worth much more than Anaheim's first (unless that prospect is Beach) since you are talking about a 28th overall pick vs the 11th overall pick. Also, Chicago couldn't possibly pull this off since they would actually take on even more salary and have even fewer players under contract.

    In my opinion the answer to the question is just a simple no. This team went to the finals two years in a row, and Malkin is the player that was the most instrumental in their victory throughout the regular season and the playoffs. To suddenly say they would be better off without him is just silly. He is a great player, and moving him would be a gigantic mistake. This team can cut salary elsewhere if need be, and they realistically only need to add a winger or two to drastically improve.

    Finally, this team doesn't need to take drastic action. Contrary to popular belief, the best built team doesn't always win the cup, and not every team that loses needs to be altered in order to win. No, instead a well built team in the cap era is a team that COULD win the cup if they play great and get a few bounces, but could lose if they don't. The real way to win a cup is to build one of these teams, then do a good job of identifying the small pieces that should be moved in order to keep the important pieces in place. Detroit gets this, that's why they don't blow it up every year they fall out of the playoffs, and instead have just tried to keep their best players together, and this has netted them 5 conference titles, 3 Presidents trophies and 4 Stanley cups in the past 13 years.

    If Pittsburgh wants to be a team like this, then Shero needs patience, not extreme actions.

  18. blaze says:

    Well said. There are many other easier and cheaper ways to obtain wingers for the team with the best 1-2-3 punch at center.

  19. Leafs_Forever says:

    Umm, can someone tell me why the Penguins would trade Malkin?  Why would you trade one of the young superstars of the game?  I would keep him and Crosby and let go of Staal.

    Staal is great, but he doesn't have the skill that Malkin does.

    Someone on another post mention a possible trade something like this:

    To Toronto:
    3rd pick

    To Pittsburg:
    3rd pick

    If Toronto could get this done it would be massive for the clubs future.  I would even through in another forward like Stalberg or Caputi.

    Until next time…  Leafs_Forever!

  20. 3rdLinePenguinsStars says:

    Quite simply, Rob Rossi is a frakking poser!

    I'm with you, I don't think there is ANY way we shop Geno,
    #1 -he's a fan favorite (not too mention his good interaction with the PGH fans is wiping out that crappy taste after Jagr's last couple seasons here)
    #2- who is to say having a top 6 or top 4 winger is better?  We had Kovalev with 66 and they didn't get a cup. 
    #3 – To get rid of geno at this point there would have to be a "Gretzky" level deal on the table, and I'm not 100% it would happen then either.

    As much as I would like them to stay, I really think Guerin will likely retire, and Gonchar, well if he's adament on 5 mil per year, later dude.  We extended Engelland, Lovejoy is on the cusp, I would like to get Leopold and Cooke back, Feds is gone, as well as Poni (Christ if we need a 20 goal guy Army is a F/A and he doesn't play like a softee) 
    I think Talbot and Dupuis both are pretty important pieces to us being sucessful, (just by last season #9 more than # 25)
    But it all doesn't matter what we speculate, as you said,
    "Shero is a smart GM" (even that may be an understatement, lol) He'll get it done!  Many of these people (IDK about you) don't really remember the Pens of the 80's and 90's, they know we won 2 Cups and #66 played for us, beyond that, bubkiss, they don't remember what Craig Patrick (and EJ, Badger, Scotty Bowman) had to do to get us those cups, honestly, I think Shero is a smarter version of CP, with a better "vision" and understanding about players and how they interact in and off the ice.

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