Time For Predictions!

Since predictions are “OH SO FUN”, why not start now? Remember when Jonathane, I think, used to check these articles months after? So, it will be fun making predictions now and after months go by you look back at what you said and go “oh! how did I come up with that!?”.

So, how about predicting what the standings will be by mid-season? When a team plays its 41st game, that will mark mid season.

Also, if you want, give a rason why you placed a team in that postion…much better that way.

51 Responses to Time For Predictions!

  1. morrow10 says:


    1. Colorado

    2. Detroit

    3. Dallas

    4. LA

    5. San Jose

    6. Vancouver

    7. Phoenix

    8. St. Louis

    9. Edmonton

    10. Calgary

    11. Anaheim

    12. Chicago

    13. Minnesota

    14. Nashville

    15. Columbus


    1. New Jersey

    2. Washington

    3. Ottowa

    4. NYR

    5. Philly

    6. Toronto

    7. Boston

    8. Montreal

    9. NYI

    10. Carolina

    11. Buffalo

    12. Pittsburgh

    13. Atlanta

    14. Tampa Bay

    15. Florida


    The eastern conference is much harder for me to predict than the west, because my team is out west and i don’t know as much about the east. In the west, the Stars are ranked below the Wings because of chemistry issues. By the end of the season, i think that Dallas will end up ahead of Detroit. Also, with Nobokov unsigned, i am not banking on san jose for anything. If my east predictions are all screwed up tell me. Maybe i will learn something.

  2. Habfan1234 says:

    Western Conference:

    1. Detroit

    2. Colorado

    3. San Jose

    4. Dallas

    5. Vancouver

    6. St. Louis

    7. Los Angeles

    8. Phoenix

    9. Edmonton

    10. Calgary

    11. Chicago

    12. Anaheim

    13. Minnesota

    14. Nashville

    15. Columbus

    This is what I think the standings will be in the West but any team from 6 to 12 are interchangeable.

    Eastern Conference:

    1. Philadelphia

    2. Ottawa

    3. Carolina

    4. New Jersey

    5. Montreal

    6. New York Islanders

    7. Toronto

    8. New York Rangers

    9. Boston Bruins

    10. Washington Capitals

    11. Buffalo Sabres

    12. Pittsburgh Penguins

    13. Tampa Bay Lightning

    14. Florida Panthers

    15. Atlanta Thrashers.

    This is the hardest of the two to predict because there is only one constant and that is the Philadelphia Flyers. Also positions 5 to 11 are interchangeable. I would have ranked Washington higher but they do not have Zubrus and Nikolishin under contract. They will be pretty thin up the middle.

  3. mikster says:

    Eastern Conference:

    1- Senators: Solid team overall, players on the rise, solid defense, hard to beat system, should have strong start.

    2- Flyers: The Atlantic Division will have a tough time getting a strong start. All teams are looking for adjustments. Flyers have the advantage of the same team (almost) from last season, and their main adjustment is Hitch’s system.

    3- Hurricanes: Sanley Cup finalist, same team, same coach, same system, improved players, more experienced….oh yeah, they won’t let the Jagr’s team surpass them. Solid goalie tandem, youngsters looking for career highs.

    4- Devils: The smurfs will not be strong offensively. I doubt this is one of the Devils best teams. Nothing to prove it is. The first line seems to be strongest, but chemistry will have to build with the other lines and players. When the other teams get their offenses going, the Devils will start losing their position. Defense is basically a brick wall, which will place them 4th into the season.

    5- Rangers: Chemistry isn’t much of an issue. Lindros + Bure. Holik + Lundmark. Messier + Samuelsson + Murray. A trade could happen soon, maybe sending Kloucek to the Oilers for Marchant or Kloucek plus for Grier. Rucinsky might re-sign as well. The offense is strong, the physical presence is on the ice everytime, the defense has improved, and they should be strong enough to withstand any team. Last season, they were 7 games above .500 in wins against the Eastern teams.

    6- Maple Leafs: They could be underestimated. McCauley is looking for a career season as 2nd line player. Tucker is fitting well on the first line. The defense isn’t so bad. Svehla (not worth Yushky) is still a very solid defenseman. Goaltending will be the reason why the Leafs won’t be a top team, possibility is always there, however. They should come out pretty strong.

    7- Canadiens: Solid goaltending, Jose` should be mature enough to not let the money interrupt his game. Koivu is healthy, Czerkawski looking for a fresh start, team is complete and their youngsters could make the team. The Habs should beat other teams. Last season they started out weak, and got stronger. This season they should start strong. Fear this team when it plays your team. Bruins fans should know that. I don’t think they will be a top team yet, but they should definitely stick to the playoff seeds throughout most of the season.

    8- Islanders: Good coaching, good defense, very good goaltending, the offense lost value without Peca. Second line centers are not strong or solid enough. Will it be Kvasha? Scatchard? Weimer? Parrish had a great start last season, but only scored 8 goals in his last 34 games. Can Parrish do well without Peca? Questionable.

    9- Boston: No Guerin, no Dafoe, no McLaren. This team isn’t as good as it was last season. Murray has to score 35 goals, Rolston has to score 30 goals, and Thornton has to start scoring too. Samsonov should have a break out season. The defense is quite weak. Boynton is horrible defensively. Watching him get easily beat by big McCarthy showed this kid’s only good for the offense. Berard is also not that good defensively, but very very smart. He should have a much better season than the previous one. Defense is weak, goaltending isn’t proven…and isn’t as good, or better, than Dafoe.

    10- Capitals: Jagr the Coach Killer, has mate Lang on the team, but have they played them on the same line? Not many times! What is Cassidy thinking? No Zubrus, no Nikolishin….why not? Zubrus was starting to play well with Jagr, and he is still unsigned. Defense is pretty solid, but new system, new coach…how will that affect this team? Kolzig is a top goalie, but inconsistent at times. I just have too many doubts on this team….Jagr’s controling it too much already. Who is next to come to Washington….Straka?

    11- Sabres: Pretty solid team overall…offense can’t execute. Goaltending is good enough, defense lost Smehlik…should be significantly worse. Facing too many tough teams in the conference. They will play well, give opponents a hard time, but they won’t win as many games as they should.

    12- Penguins: Fragile team, question marks on the offense, on Kovalev, on the defense. What if Lemieux is injured by a simple cross check? How will the team do when Lemieux is resting? Defense is unpopular, but good enough to play strong….the coaching staff has to work this defense really well. Hedberg is still a strong goalie, but can’t win every game for the team. If Kovalev turns off contract negotiations with the team, how will the team react to it? Only 4 days left.

    13- Lightning: Strong goaltending gives this team chances to win every game. Defensive system is very solid, but Tortarella will be frustrated when learning that clutching, grabbing, and trap systems won’t work as well IF the NHL is serious about the new “rules’. Lecavalier has to have a better season. Fedotenko might play with Vin, and both could find a good offensive game. Modin should look for an injury free season. Richards should have a better season. Can St. Louis come back after his major injury? Breakout year: Clymer.

    14- Thrashers: Improved team. Sophomore years could push Heatley and Kovalchuk off their games, probably not. Kozlov looking for a fresh start, same with McEarchen. Defense improved with Krupp and Smehlik. Goaltending decent, can make major saves, no need for Dafoe. This team needs more improvements, more players in order to compete with other teams.

    15- Goaltending very solid, defense young, but should work well under Kennen, offense is a BIG question. Huselius is good, but hasn’t done much at all when playing under Keenen. Youngsters should give it all they got. Val Bure not reliable, Kozlov not reliable, this team needs to make a trade.

  4. UsedandAbused says:


    1. Detroit

    2. Dallas

    3. Colorado

    4. San Jose

    5. Phoenix

    6. LA

    7. Vancouver

    8. St Louis

    9. Calgary

    10. Edmonton

    11. Chicago

    12. Nashville

    13. Anaheim

    14. Columbus

    15. Minnesota


    1. Washington

    2. Philadelphia

    3. Ottawa

    4. NYR

    5. Carolina

    6. NYI

    7. Toronto

    8. Montreal

    9. New Jersey

    10. Boston

    11. Atlanta

    12. Buffalo

    13. Pittsburgh

    14. Tampa Bay

    15. Florida

    Rangers could win the division against Philly, but I am assuming that Lindros gets injured. Washington has a real good team and I like their chances a lot. I think they have a good chance of making it to the cup, but if they end up playing Philly in the playoffs they are threw. Philly just has Washington’s number! Us Flyers fans hope that Barber was the reason Flyers sucked last year, and that a good coach will make the difference. This should be a interesting Season. My prediction for the Flyers is that Keith Premo Has the best year of his hockey carrier and LeClair will get 40 goals!

  5. UsedandAbused says:

    New Jersey? Maybe 2 years ago!

  6. tgray says:

    Theo Fleury will be arrested in LA doing coke in a cab with Divine Brown.

  7. Bigman says:

    1. Colorado

    2. San Jose

    3. Detroit

    4. Pheonix

    5. Dallas

    6. Edmonton

    7. Kings

    8. Vancouver

    1. New Jersey

    2. Montreal

    3. Carolina

    4. Toronto

    5. Washington

    6. New Yor Rangers

    7. Ottawa

    8. Philly

  8. mikster says:

    And that absolutely has nothing to do with anything!

  9. crew_cut_chuck says:

    Western Conference

    1. Detroit

    2. Colorado

    3. Dallas

    4. Los Angeles

    5. Vancouver

    6. San Jose

    7. Edmonton

    8. St. Louis

    9. Phoenix

    10. Calgary

    11. Chicago

    12. Anaheim

    13. Minnesota

    14. Columbus

    15. Nashville

    The top 3 teams could switch around a bit. Also from 4-6 spots could switch. San Jose are 6th only vos Nabokov isn’t signed yet, but if he signs soon, they shouls move up to 4th. St. Louis w/o Pronger for the first half of the season drops them down the standings a bit. Phoenix could also be in the 8 with the addition of Amonte. 10-15 spots will remain those teams just cos there are so many better teams in the west.

    Eastern Conference

    1. Philadelphia

    2. Toronto

    3. Carolina

    4. Ottawa

    5. Montreal

    6. NY Rangers

    7. New Jersey

    8. NY Islanders

    9. Boston

    10. Washington

    11. Buffalo

    12. Pittsburgh

    13. Florida

    14. Atlanta

    15. Tampa Bay

    The East was the hardest to choose. Washington is at 10th cos Nikolishin and Zubrus aren’t signed yet. Montreal will have a good season and should stick around the 4-6 spot area with their great depth on their roster. Boston are at 9th cos of the loss of Guerin and McLaren wanting to be traded. Islanders won’t do as well w/o Peca.

  10. edmontonrules says:


    1. Detroit

    2. Colorado

    3. San Jose

    4. Vancouver

    5. Dallas

    6. Phoenix

    7. Edmonton

    8. Calgary

    9. L.A.

    10. St. Louis

    11. Anaheim

    12. Chicago

    13. Minnesota

    14. Nashville

    15. Columbus


    1. Ottawa

    2. Philadelphia

    3. Carolina

    4. NYI

    5. Montreal

    6. New Jersey

    7. Boston

    8. Toronto

    9. NYR

    10. Atlanta

    11. Buffalo

    12. Pittsburgh

    13. Atlanta

    14. Tampa Bay

    15. Florida

  11. edmontonrules says:

    Atlanta should actually do pretty good this year. Everyone under-estimates what Heatly and Kovalchuk can do. I expect them to not end up beneath 12th place.

  12. tgray says:

    It’s a prediction

  13. acebailey says:

    I predict he will be sent to the minors, and then from there he will be sent to the midget porn industry for future considerations.

  14. liljay says:

    Western Conference:

    1. Colorado

    2. Detroit

    3.San Jose

    4.Dallas Stars


    6. Canucks


    8. Hawks

    Eastern Conference:

    1. Toronto Maple Leafs

    2. Flyers

    3. Capitals



    6. Islanders



  15. mikster says:

    Yeah, and i predict Iverson will get a death penalty after killing 5 people….

  16. Aves21 says:

    1.) Colorado

    2.) Detroit

    3.) Dallas

    4.) San Jose

    5.) Vancouver

    6.) LA

    7.) Phoenix

    8.) Edmonton

    9.) St. Louis

    10.) Calgery

    11.) Chicago

    12.) Minnesota

    13.) Anaheim

    14.) Nashvill

    15.) Columbus


    1.) Philly

    2.) Ottowa

    3.) Washington

    4.) Toronto

    5.) New Jersey

    6.) Montreal

    7.) NYI

    8.) Boston

    9.) NYR

    10.) Carolina

    11.) Pittsburg

    12.) Buffalo

    13.) Florida

    14.) Atlanta

    15.) TB

    Western conference finals: Colorado over Detroit

    Eastern conference finals: Philly over Ottowa

    Avs over Philly

  17. edmontonrules says:

    Not trying to bash the Leafs, cause I like em too, but they just don’t quite have what it takes. Sad to say they should have picked up Dafoe instead of Belfour. Right now they just don’t have the defence to make it to the top.

  18. habs_88_4life says:




    3-San Jose



    6-St. Louis













    4-New York Rangers

    5-New York Isles






    11-New Jersey




    15-Tampa Bay

  19. NYR88Express says:

    #1 in East…NYR

    Rocket Richard Trophy…Pavel Bure

    Calder…Jamie Lundmark

  20. Walks44 says:

    1. Colorado

    2. Detroit

    3. San Jose

    4. Vancouver

    5. Los Angeles

    6. Calgary

    7. Anaheim

    8. Dallas

    9. St.Louis

    10. Edmonton

    11. Chicago

    12. Phoenix

    13. Minnesota

    14. Nashville

    15. Columbus

    1. Ottawa

    2. New York Rangers

    3. Carolina

    4. Boston

    5. Washington

    6. Philidelphia

    7. New York Islanders

    8. Montreal

    9. Toronto

    10. New Jersey

    11. Tampa

    12. Buffalo

    13. Atlanta

    14. Florida

    15. Pittsburgh

    Rated as per the SPORTS FORECASTER.

    ( Not My personal opinion, however Calgary i hope will finish 6th)

  21. MossRocks says:

    Ok I was going to make this pick on Micki night but I changed my mind. Rumour in Edmonton is that Lowe is talking to Sather a lot about acquiring an NYR d-man and sending an Oiler forward in return.

    My analysis of the Rangers (not that incredible, it was real easy this time) is that there is only one guy they could be looking at and that is Kloucek. The Oilers have some simple criteria for the d-man that they need. 1 – he has to be cheap, 2 – he needs to be NHL ready, and 3 – he needs to be available for one of Moreau, Grier or Marchant. Kloucek is the only Rangers d-man that fits this criteria.

    My feeling is that the Oilers will not trade Grier because he has returned to form in training camp after being able to work out this summer for the first time in two years. Also, two years ago, the Oilers were the biggest team in the NHL (tied with Philly) based on average height an weight. Since then, the Oilers have gotten smaller and size is a concern. Grier is a legit big banging winger and the Oil need his size and besides Lowe loves his toughness. The Rangers could use Moreau too, because they don’t have a tough left winger who can kill penalties. (Moreau is bigger, faster and had better production than Barnaby last year) Moreau for Kloucek doesn’t seem like quite enough for the Rangers though. It’s close, but not quite there.

    Marchant is the best possibility to move but do the Rangers need another centre?!!?!?!?! They certainly do need a Marchant-type centre but if they got him they would have to move Nedved ASAP. Also, I’m not sure Kloucek is worth it. He fits the bill, but Marchant for Kloucek straight up is not a good deal for the Oilers. Marchant had a bad year last year, but he is still one of the top-3 fastest men in the NHL, a good faceoff man and a top notch penalty killer. Kloucek is an excellent hitter, but what else can he do? Why should the Oilers trade Marchant for Kloucek straight up? That is my question for you, in addition to any other thoughts you might have on this deal that appears to be brewing.

    P.S.: Where were you last year? Thornton did plenty of scoring (22G-46A-68P in only 66 games)and he’s only 23. He will dominate this year. Chemistry not a problem in NY? How so? I disagree with Ottawa too, Bonk is a #2 centre at best and he’s miles better than their next guy.

  22. MossRocks says:

    You are picking Phoenix fifth and Calgary ahead of Edmonton? Interesting… That’s all I will say, Interesting…

    LeClair might get 40 if he stays healthy, but I think Primeau will continue to be a cancer and get traded by the all star break. They don’t need him anyway.

  23. edmontonrules says:

    Ha ha ha. You actually think that anyone on the Rangers will have success?

  24. amok says:

    Western conference:

    1 – Colorado

    2 – Detroit

    3 – Dallas

    4 – Phoenix

    5 – Vancouver

    6 – San Jose

    7 – Edmonton

    8 – St. Louis

    9 – Los Angeles

    10 – Anaheim

    11 – Chicago

    12 – Minnesota

    13 – Calgary

    14 – Columbus

    15 – Nashville

    San Jose would be higher if Nabokov was signed. Without him in the SJ lineup, Dallas should lead at midseason. Los Angeles will finish higher, but they seem to save their best for last.


    1 – Philadelphia

    2 – Ottawa

    3 – Washington

    4 – New York Rangers

    5 – Montreal

    6 – New Jersey

    7 – Carolina

    8 – Boston

    9 – Buffalo

    10 – Toronto

    11 – New York Islanders

    12 – Pittsburgh

    13 – Atlanta

    14 – Tampa Bay

    15 – Florida

    The Islanders will struggle at first, and maybe all season. I have a feeling Washington will start quickly this year. And yes, I have absolutely nothing to base that on.

    By the way, if anyone wants to make more predictions, I have a yahoo hockey pool that I still need a couple more teams for. Message me if interested.

  25. NYIchooch75 says:

    Why the hell is everyone rating Philly so high!!!? They won’t win their division, be placed 5th to 8th in the playoffs and lose in the first round again. If they score a gaol in the first round, I’d be surprised. Questionable goaltending, LeClair’s back = Lindros’ head, Recchi isn’t any younger and Primeau is a problem. The defense is old and slow. The only bright spots on this team are Gagne, Jonsson & Williams. This team is waaaay overrated. They are the St. Louis Blues of the East.

  26. burky says:

    1. San Jose

    2. Vancouver

    3. Detroit

    4. Colorado

    5. Los Angeles

    6. Edmonton

    7. St. Louis

    8. Phoenix

    9. Dallas

    10. Chicago

    11. Minnesota

    12. Calgary

    13. Columbus

    14. Anaheim

    15. Nashville

  27. burky says:

    My reasons for this being…

    San Jose-The Sharks have improved every year since there conception and this year is no excuse, look for big numbers from the 2nd line of Marleau, Sturm and Sellane, probably the best 2nd line in the whole league.

    Vancouver-If they are as focused as the end of last season, then the skys the limit for this team, in my opinion, if they had beat Detroit in the 1st round they would have gone all the way.

    Detroit-Fedorov is no Yzerman, Lewis is no Bowman and Joseph sure as hell aint Hasek, but Detroit will still reign in the weakest division in the Western conference.

    Colorado-Despite all the All-stars on their team, i think theyll crack under the pressure like Dallas did last year, and lose out to division rivals Vancouver.

    Los Angeles-As long as Potvin plays as well as he has been, the Kings should step up this year, w/ one of the best defenses in the league, however their offense needs more depth.

    Edmonton-The Oilers should have made the playoffs last year, but now they have a healthy Smyth, an older Comrie, a wiser Salo and additions Dopita and York should help the team, which let in the 2nd fewest goals in the entire league last season.

    St. Louis- w/o quarterback Pronger, the Blues will certainly slip unless they get big years from Weight and Brent Johnson.

    Phoenix-Though no superstar players reside on this team, they have plenty of depth up front, on the blueline and in net.

    Dallas-So they have Guerin, Young and Boucher now, BIG DEAL, they still have an unexperienced goalie and one of the oldest teams in the league, theyres no way theyll win the tough Pacific division.

  28. morrow10 says:

    Don’t **** me! Tell the “sports forecaster” that he should look for another job. Phoenix COMPLETELY out of the playoff hunt? Anaheim ABOVE Dallas? Calgary actually MAKES THE PLAYOFFS? In the east… Toronto AND Jersey miss the playoffs? and since when were the NYR a winning team? The man is entitled to his own opinion, but when you get paid, at least TRY to make somewhat accurate predictions! I can’t stand this ****!

  29. morrow10 says:

    Is Dallas missing the playoffs? They were champions 4 years ago. They returned to the finals the next year. Then Belfour started to slip. Management nocited this, and replaced him with Marty Turco. Turco, in two years with the Stars, has posted top-5 GAA and sv% in each of the past two years. Behind Dallas’ “ageing” players, no less. Most predict Dallas to win their division or be right up there. They signed players that work well with other players on the team. That is why they passed on Selanne and went for Young. They may be older than a lot of teams, but they are certainly better than Vancouver(talk about sorry goaltending), LA(the one line wonder), Edmonton(the perennial playoff misser), St. Louis(questionable goaltending, old and injured first d-pair), and phoenix(where are the names… amonte and burky? please.) Dallas is winning the division. I am glad that you underestimate them by so much. May they decimate YOUR team time and time again until you finally realize they are the real deal.


  30. guinsfan4life says:


    The Penguins 15th?

    Can you give up some reasons why?

  31. guinsfan4life says:


    1. Dallas

    2. San Jose

    3. Detroit

    4. Colorado

    5. LA

    6. Phoenix

    7. St. Louis

    8. Anahiem

    (THis conference is just full of teams that could surprise or make the playoffs. SO competitive).


    1. Carolina

    2. Ottawa

    3. Philly

    4. New Jersey

    5. Washington

    6. Toronto

    7. Boston

    8. Pittsburgh

  32. big_booty says:

    Some things you can bank on:

    1) Eric Lindros will miss 15-20 games with some sort of malady (I understand that thumbs are an issue, he should avoid them).

    2) Mario Lemieux will miss 25-30 games with some sort of malady (Probably his back, since he has to carry such a heavy load), and Martin Straka will play in only one game this season, missing the rest with various maladies (look up the term “snakebit” and you’ll see his picture).

    3) Byron Dafoe will sign a pro contract with – who the hell knows? Probably with Chicago (when they realize that Joceyln Thibault just isn’t that good), or with the New York Rangers (when Richter gets hurt).

    4) Jarome Iginla will not score 50-plus goals.

    5) The Tampa Bay Lightning will be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention by Halloween.

    6) Tommy Salo will let in at least one shot from center ice.

    7) Michael Peca will decapitate Darcy Tucker once both players are healthy, which should be some time in February.

    8) Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur will both win 40 games.

    9) Jose Theodore will remember who he really is and post a .500 record.

    10) The first coach to lose his job will be Joel Quennville.

  33. Sands says:

    Western Conference:

    1. Colorado

    2. Dallas

    3. Detroit

    4. San Jose

    5. Vancouver

    6.Los Angeles

    7. St. Louis

    8. Edmonton

    9. Anahim 6-12 Will be very close in points

    10. Chicago

    11. Phoenix

    12. Calgary

    13. Minnesota

    14. Nashville

    15. Columbus

    Eastern Conference:

    1.New York Rangers


    3.Washington Capitals



    6. Montreal

    7.New Jersey

    8.New York Islanders


    10.Boston Bruins

    11.Atlanta Thrashers

    12.Pittsburgh Penguins

    13.Buffalo Sabres

    14.Tampa Bay Lightning

    15. Florida Panthers

    Ok since I’m on the east I will Explain…..

    The Rangers in first…. Not by much….

    Why? Because the Islanders are too young…. They are good but not 1st place or even 2nd material… without Peca?

    Philly seems to have lost there touch I don’t think they will be as great…..

    Jersey…. Took a few big loses this year….

    Toronto lost CoJo…. And Belfor will not make up the difference, But What Boston lost will take them out of the race….. Washington….. Carolina? how hard is it to win that division? Ottawa…. Not a cup team…. or even a 3rd round team…. Montreal will brake out, but not as big as everyone thought…. Jersey….. won’t be as bad as I made them look… They will be in the race from 7th-5th they did take a few big loses… Atlanta will make a push from last to 10th….. no more then that unless Dafoe is part of the team…..

  34. habs_88_4life says:

    I doubt Theodore will only be .500 , just wait n see

  35. Gold says:

    more and more prediction, less and always less rumors… Why not call it http://www.hockeyprediction.com?

  36. edmontonrules says:

    If you don’t like it screw off. You can’t just keep on making up stupid rumors that don’t make sense. I think that most people that read dumb rumors (like Mclaren for Janne Niinaama??) get fed up. When we make predictions it keeps us sane, because we can actually talk about hockey. So I say again, if you don’t enjoy this site you can screw off.

  37. edmontonrules says:

    If you don’t like it screw off. You can’t just keep on making up stupid rumors that don’t make sense. I think that most people that read dumb rumors (like Mclaren for Janne Niinaama??) get fed up. When we make predictions it keeps us sane, because we can actually talk about hockey. So I say again, if you don’t enjoy this site you can screw off.

  38. mikster says:

    Kloucek’s potential is not worth a 3rd line center/winger. Marchant is small, fast. The Rangers don’t need ANOTHER 3rd line player. Moreau? Never been mentioned and never will be landed. Grier? I’d take him but he is not worth Kloucek.

    In your mind, Marchant isn’t worth Kloucek because he is an important part fo the team. In our (Nyr fans) minds Kloucek’s potential is not worth Marchant. He is a 3rd line player….Rangers 3rd line is already set with two options:



    Kloucek has been pretty solid in training camp, and in pre-season he had a shoulder strain, but he comes out strong. He is worth giving a shot. If he can’t crack the NYR defensive line up, then he definitely won’t crack the Oilers’ defensive line up.

    Rangers PK: Samuelsson, Murray, Holik, Dvorak. Extras: Fata, Donato.

    Seems set.

    I doubt that any deals will happen with the Rangers and Oilers. Rangers can’t afford to lose a young stay at home physical defenseman and get no defenseman in return.

    Thornton did realy well last year, and i never said anything about him not scoring. I just said that he has to start scoring, 22 goals isn’t enough. He’ll probably reach 30 this season.

    Chemistry is not a problem with the Rangers. The top three lines already have players who play well with each other:



    Murray-Messier-Samuelsson (Lundmark can also play very well with Sammy and Mess)

    Chemistry isn’t the BIGGEST problem they have, as everyone is saying so.

    Bonk is still young, and his stats are better every season, he has yet to reach his prime.

  39. nexusrage21 says:

    Um…. no offense….but I don’t think I like these at all. And here are a couple reasons why:

    1- It’s hard for anyone to believe Pittsburgh will make the post season. ( I could be wrong and if I am remind me to publicly apologize.

    2-Personally, I think that Carolina is somewhat overrated. They are a solid team, but I don’t see them winning out the division or leading it at the halfway point.

    3-The Flyers, Devils, and Penguins are not the three best teams in the Atlantic (actually ignore this comment…personal bias)

    4- The Maple Leafs and Bruins will be mere cluster F*** versions of themselves….possible one or both of them will miss the playoffs.

    I could be wrong. It’s happened before. (P.S. – My predictions will be up soon enough for people to rip apart and call me stupid for.)

  40. mikster says:

    Primeau has been their best players so far…..

    sad eh?

  41. mikster says:

    Take enthusiasm 101

    Rangers will not sign Dafoe.

    1) In order for Richter to re-injure his knees, he’d have to do the same move two seasons ago. From side to side hitting the inside post too hard. He had an injury free season with his kness and they are much better than last season.

    2) Dafoe wants $6 million a season, Cablevision won’t allow the Rangers to sign him.

    Dafoe will most likely head to Chicago or the Flyers if Cechmanek keeps playing below average, as he said so himself calling his play “horrible” when interviewed.

  42. mikster says:

    No chance that Brodeur will get 40 wins.

    Burns has been very disappointed with the offense. So far this team ain’t doing that well at all. No chemistry.

  43. mikster says:

    Thank you edmontonrules…i appreciate you sticking up for the site.

    HTR has expanded, and has been more successful since expanding its topics. Thank you very much, we appreciate it a lot.

    HTR staff

  44. nexusrage21 says:

    Aw yeah….it’s time for my predictions. First of all I want people to know that the predictions are for the mid-season point. I will put where I expect the team to finish at the end of the season in the well known form of a parthenthesesss (I just realized, I have never had to write that word before, and can’t spell it…nor do I exactly know how to say it…..oh well)


    1. Dallas- I expect a real fast start from this team. They have a solid group of forwards, and with guys like Modano and Guerin playing together, you can expect somethings. Note**- I am not responsible if Guerin beats Modano over the head with his stick before December.**(Final Standing-5)

    2.- Colorado- Peter Forsberg will be healthy. That should say it all. Well except that I think that Forsberg was hoping that last year the Av’s would be towards the bottom of the playoff teams when he returned so that he could come back in one of those awesome cinematic sports scenes. That would go a little something like this:

    Announcer: If the Av’s drop this game they will fall just under Minnesota for the 8th and final playoff spot. It’s hard to believe with such a talented team. They are about to drop the puck…. WAIT A MINUTE!!! COMING OUT OF THE TUNNEL……IT’S FORSBERG!!! FORSBERG IS BACK!!!!

    Where was I? Oh yeah…like I said this team is a bunch of top quality players. (1)

    3-Detroit: I have one problem with this team. It’s that at any moment there are like 5 guys on this team who could realistically die of natural causes. But that said….Cujo is no Hasek…….or is he. People keep saying they are downgrading in this position, but I think that has to be seen. (2)

    4-San Jose: I LOVE this team. I started rooting for them when the Rangers traded Adam Graves across the country. (BTW Thank god for the NHL package on Direct TV) San Jose is a place where former rangers go to die…or rather to live. Graves…sundstrom…there are a few more, but I can’t remember at the moment. Offensively they have a great combination of goal scorers and defensive type forwards. IF Nabokov signs, they are in good position to make a serious run. (4)

    At this point I will explain that I don’t follow the west as much as the east, and that should explain for the most part why I am ignoring divisions and such.

    5. Vancouver: One of the best lines in the game today. A good young goalie. This is one of those teams that is now overrated because of their battle with detroit, and such, but overratted doesn’t mean they are bad. They are a solid team in a western conference where there are many teams that can interchange. (3)

    6. Calgary- I don’t think Iginla will have the same kind of season. I do however think this team will be in a playoff position….until about february. Derek Morris was a very good player for this team. (9)

    7. St. Louis- Uh,,they should be good. In all truth, they won’t be. (10)

    8. Anaheim- Something of a sleeper team. Good Goalie, Oates, Kariya and Sykora playing together. Adam Oates is exactly what Paul Kariya needs. Also, on the block, meaning that by midseason they may have been sold to someone who cares enough about hockey to bring some help ino this shiznit. (6)

    9. Chicago- Upon learning that his father is now Tumor Free Theo Fleury will have a fire lit in him. It is as of yet unconfirmed as to whether or not that fire will be from a crack pipe or not. Slow start sans Daze. Needs a real Goalie ( GOD DAMN IT! THIBAULT IS MY STARTING GOALIE ON MY FANTASY TEAM!!!!!)(7)

    10. Phoenix- Uh. Slow start. Will be better. (8)

    The rest you can have fun with……


    1. NYR- Personal bias. Seriously though, expect the Rangers get off to a great start. In Early December they may even be the points leaders for the entire league (whoever is laughing will be shot). Then the wear and tear will begin. Lindros will miss 10 games in January. Messier will miss 7 games due to a mishap where someone tried to embalm him in his sleep. But Holik will do what the rangers got him to do. Take Pressure off Lindros and smack around the other teams big guns. Also, expect Brian Leetch to Return to form, in fact the Defense will improve to allowing only 33 shots per game. (2)

    2. Carolina- Riding high on Stanley Cup fever, the Hurricanes will come out shooting. Seriously though, there are really only two teams who can win this division. (Although that won’t be the case next year) (3)

    3. Ottawa- Solid team. ( I’m starting to get tired…..so my witty banter will come to an end.) (2)

    4. Philadelphia- Stupid Flyers….they will win now…but in April…..errrrr…boom. (5)

    5. Montreal- Blah Blah (4)

    6. NJ- Brodeur is too good to miss the playoffs( 7)

    7. Washington- Didn’t get better other teams got worse. (8)

    8. Toronto-again, blah blah. lost cujo. Belfor is a tool. (6)

    9. Islanders missing peca sucks for them.

    The Rest …Some will contend. Some will not. Some will suck (Florida, I’m looking in your direction.) But these teams are all making consistent strides for the future….

    SORRY FOOTBALL, and Hunger are distractiing me. I will probably comment later and make fun of my own picks.

  45. MossRocks says:

    Micki, Looks like a fair evaluation of the rumour. I don’t see the Rangers with a surplus of defenseman and therefore I can’t see them giving up their most advanced prospect especially one who is no worse than sixth on their depth chart. Teams like Buffalo and New Jersey have surplus defensemen and that is where Lowe should be looking. Maybe Ottawa too, but I don’t see them making two trades moving defensemen for forwards.

    By the way, Marchant is a better player right now than all four of your potential third liners. Messier is really going down hill, isn’t really a checking centre and never has been. (I am a huge fan, his 1990 Hart/Stanley Cup season was one of the best in my memory) You are stuck with Messier for the regular season until his true value shows up when/if you make the playoffs. I know Murray very well and trust me, Marchant is twice the player. Lundmark is a rookie and not a defensive player and I don’t need to say anything about Samuelsson. What the Rangers really need are wingers – that has to be one of the worst groups of LW’s in the league. Murray is your best LW right now and he wouldn’t even make the Oilers right now. The scoring lines are stacked on RW and the team is spilling over with elite centres but no LW’s. Overall I’d say the Rangers have a lot of scoring depth but they are short on quality defensive forwards and checkers.

    Potential is an interesting thing and GM’s are often willing to trade potential for a proven commodity to win. Looking at previous Rangers/Oilers deals during the fire sale of the 90’s – the Oilers acquired Weight, Marchant, Steven Rice, and Louie DeBrusk. All had potential but Smith wanted Messier, MacTavish, Tikkanen, etc. You’ll note that some of the propsects turned out like Weight and Marchant while others turned into Rice and DeBrusk. All I’m saying is, yes, Kloucek has potential but the Oilers take the risk because Marchant is proven and Kloucek isn’t.

    Give me a break, you are claiming to evaluate chemistry based on the preseason. I don’t care how well they are playing together right now. It is a whole different thing when the games start to mean something and they have to go to war together. The team has had a huge overhaul with turnover of the lineup and a new coaching staff. This team will have some chemistry problems to some extent. Tell me about chemistry after 15-20 games and then I’ll believe you.

    Thornton only played 66 games and scored 22. If he plays 82 games he’ll blow 30 out of the water. We’ll see about Bonk, even if he is a 1st line centre, the Sens are still thin up the middle. They could use hometown boy Savard from Calgary.

  46. mikster says:

    Devils would really need someone like Grier. Their team is small in size and so far they seriously sucked offensively. They couldn’t score on an Isle’s team that had no Yashin, Parrish, Hmrlik.

    Anyway, Rangers original dpeth chart isn’t that good at all because their LW is Murray and Barnaby…but this is what you could see on the ice:




    Barnaby-(not sure who)-McCarthy

    Extras: Ward, Donato, Fata, Oliwa

    Or…if they sign Rucinsky:





    I think Trotts will go ahead with the new Czech-line. I hope it fails since Lundmarks looks very good with Holik.

    You talked a lot on Neil Smith trades. I hated them all, won us a Cup, but i think the Rangers would have won a Cup if they had all those players.

    If Smith was still the GM, you’d see him traded Lundmark, Kloucek, York, Hlavac, Dvorak, Purinton, Brendl, 1st round picks, and other for Lindros, Jagr, and Bure.

    You got to give Sather credit for making sharp deals on Lindros and Bure. To Sather, Kloucek wasn’t worth part of a package for Jagr. I know that Marchant is probably better than Murray, Messier, Samuelsson? I don’t know…i think Samuelsson will be better in the long-run. He is strong and very very solid at both ends of the ice.

    But, i wouldn’t trade Kloucek just to get a better 3rd line player. It’s a Neil Smith move, not a Sather move.

    I saw chemsitry with those players. They read each other quite well. When a player reads his teammates’ plays, on his line, that is part of chemistry. The other part is if they can finish those plays.

    My point was that it’s not such a big issue as everyone makes it out to be.

  47. mikster says:

    Bure and Lundmark yes. No reason to think not…

  48. Rushing says:

    Ok, I just checked the calendar…..it’s not April 1st……..can somebody fill me in on this so called prediction here?

  49. Rushing says:

    OK……now I’ve had to clean my tea off my computer screen twice. This isn’t funny!

    San Jose winning the Western Conference? LMAO

    Vancouver in second? LMAO

    Dallas ninth? LMAO

    Oh yeah…….what was it you said?

    Colorado-Despite all the All-stars on their team, i think theyll crack under the pressure like Dallas did last year, and lose out to division rivals Vancouver.

    Hmmmmmmm, do you not recollect that Forsberg(one of the best “ever” all-around players in the NHL) wasn’t on the team last year? Oh yeah, he will be this year. Do you also not recall who cost Dallas so many games last year? hint hint hint–BELFOUR –he is gone this year!!!!

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