Time Running out on Sather/NYR

With a mere 10 games left on the schedule time is running out on the Rangers. They find themselves barely any closer to a playoff spot than they were 2 weeks ago with only 3 weeks remaining. With a third line that now boasts part of Edmonton’s old first line, they have more people who should be able to put the puck in the net than any team in the NHL. Their glaring problem after all these trades still seeems to be the same as the beginning of the season: lack of cohesiveness and defense. While Sather has gathered perhaps the most impressive collection of individual snipers in the league he ignored what the rangers really needed as evidenced by the keystone cops routine in OT that allowed a wide open game winner by Ottawa last night.

Will they pull it together in time?

Quotes of the day :

While Sather was trying not to gloat about the deal with his former team, his propensity to spend heavily on players was being attacked by Los Angeles Kings president Tim Leiweke.

Speaking on the Kings’ pregame show before the trade deadline, Leiweke used obscenities to condemn New York’s approach to building a team. He was particularly critical of the Rangers’ $45 million signing of free agent Bobby Holik last summer.

“That was economic suicide, and the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen,” Leiweke said. “They’re spending $80 million, and we’re a better team than they are.”

Leiweke also endorsed his general manager, Dave Taylor, and said the Kings would continue to build their team through the draft and prudent trades.

“I think we’re in a position long term where this team has an opportunity to dominate long term,” Leiweke said. “If (fans) are waiting for us to spend $80 million they should move to New York and buy season tickets for the Rangers. They have a lot of overpaid, egotistical athletes and don’t make the playoffs. Two things make me happy: the Kings winning and the Rangers losing.”


On the Carter Trade

Lowe says he was happy to get a younger player who has a lot of potential. But Sather doesn’t agree with that assessment of Dvorak, who has had knee problems this season and has only six goals.

“I thought in the last 10 days he had really started to turn it around,” Sather said of Dvorak. “But I never thought he was a pure goal scorer. Even in practice, he had trouble scoring goals.

“But (Carter) is a different player altogether. And I don’t think you can pass on these kinds of guys. He’s a hockey player.”

(I guess Slather didn’t think that highly of Dvorak after all).

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  1. Flyers_01 says:

    The Rangers loss tonight and the Islanders win tonight just about seals it for the Rangers who have to make up 7 points on the Islanders with 9 games remaining for the Rangers.

    At least the Florida Panthers haven’t passed them for 10th place yet.

  2. MantaRay says:

    You didn’t answer my question.

  3. beckfan says:

    So how do you explain all the turnovers, bad penalties and the horrible PK?

  4. beckfan says:

    Jonsson for Kovalev? Try Jonsson for Lindros

  5. devilfan says:

    Explain why Sather traded for Anson Carter. Explain why Sather traded Cory Cross, who was the only guy Kasparitis played good with all season long.

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