Time to Let Go.

For the Rangers and the draft over the last 6-7 years it has not been very good. And if Sather was smart he’d stop holding on to a miracle.

With the Rangers 11 points out, and a need to rebuild badly…… It’s time to drop in the standings.Over the last 6-7 years the rangers just have fallen out of the playoff’s … leaving them with mid round picks, such as 14 pick like last year.

Now Mid round picks are not always great, even around the 10th pick mark.

Good picks come in the top 5 most of the time and even late in the draft when you can snatch up sleepers somewhat like O’Sullivan (top 2nd round pick)from last years draft, who should have went before the 2nd round.

It’s hurt the Rangers every year.. Never grabbing a top prospect and always settling for picks that were just overall lined up for them.

Kovelav is a free agent and should go for something … anything, he has to many problems in NY.

As of now the Rangers sit with the 6th pick overall in the first round. A very good pick I might add. But if we look at it.. the Rangers if they started early with a fire sale may be able to drop to the 4th pick and by the draft maybe move up to 1st or 2nd with a good trade, and then grab a Great 2 way player like a Heatly.

Carolina (51pt.) could move past the rangers with an all out fire sale. Washington (48pt.)could just move past them even with there fire sale going. Even Columbus (46pt.)may catch up… all within range of the Rangers.

Sather holding on to this team could hurt a top 6-7 overall pick. If he goes for it and keeps most till the trade deadline … the Rangers may just move up, but again they will miss the playoffs and be stuck with that same ol’ mid round pick which has hurt the teams future every year.