Time to move on!!

I don’t know about the rest of you fans, but I think it is time to forget about Vinny and time to look elsewhere. As much as he would have been nice to have and may have helped attract other UFA’s, Philly has just pushed his price even higher after over paying for a 34 year old Pronger.
I think that trade may have put a lot of potential trades on hold. The only thing possibly working in Gainey’s favour would be that at least one of the owners in Tampa wants to spend to the cap floor. Which owner will get his way?

Like it or not, Gainey will have to attempt to sign his own UFA’s before they hit the market and then find another trade partner while attempting to sign other UFA’s. As much as Mtl took a big step back last season, they still have some decent players. It may be better to sign some role players with sold leadership and grit. Beauchemain, Laperriere and Ossi Vaananen would add some size, experience and grit and would be an upgrade over Dandenault, Brisbois, and Boullion. They wouldn’t cost too much either. Then to make a point and change the chemistry in the room, they could trade the Kostitsyn’s, or trade Plekanec and Higgins and sign Antropov to play between the Kostitsyn’s. As long as Antropov lowers his salary expectations.

Let’s say that Mtl re-signs Tanguay, Kovalev, and Komisarek.
Let Brisbois, Boullion, Kotsopolous, Dandenault, Schneider, Koivu, and Lang go.
Sign Antropov, Vaananen, Beachemain and Laperriere.
Trade Plekanec and a 2nd round pick for Jokinen
Trade Metropolit, O’Byrne and Chipchura to Edm for Schremp and a 2nd round pick. Schremp may do better in a new environment. He may do well between the Kostitsyn’s

This would assume that Kovalev takes a lower salary and Tanguay either accepts the same or lower as well. Kovalev may, Tanguay probably not!

It might be worth while to Invite Kyle McLaren to camp on a try out if no one signs him. He is big and mean and might work well on the 3rd pair! He would probably come cheap since he played in the minors last season.

Now the team looks like this;

Tanguay Jokinen Kovalev
AK Antopov SK
Laperriere Higgins D’Agostino
Latendresse Lapierre Stewart/Laraque

Markov Komisarek
Beachemain Gorges
Hamrlik Vaananen