Time to move the deadbeats

After watching every Habs game so far this year, I know Guy can not be happy with his line up and hopefully is asking Bob to change it. Watching Samsonov do nothing game after game after game is pissing me off and hopefully Guy also. Two teams that I think we could swing deals with are St.Louis and Vancouver. With Legace out and Tkachuk probably walking at the end of the season offer Samsonov, Aebischer, Murray and maybe throw in a guy like J. Gleed for Tkachuk and J. Mayers. We save $1.1 mill in salary. And then offer Niinamaa, Ryder & Plecanek to Vancouver (who I thing are ready to make a shake up and need a D-man) for B. Morrison & M. Cooke. We save $400,000 in salary and at the end of the day we look like this:

Koivu, Higgins, Latendresse
Morrison, Tkachuk, Kovalev
Bonk. Perezhogin, Johnson
Begin, Cooke, Mayers

this would give us two good scoring lines and two very good defensive lines that could also contribute with some goals.

Our D would stay the same with Striet as our 7,th man & Cote as depth.
Huet & Danis in nets which moves Desjardins up to Hamilton to share time with Halak.

5 Responses to Time to move the deadbeats

  1. blarneylad says:

    I do not agree with you, however tkachuk would be an amazing pick up, hed just leave after the playoffs though so it would be pointless. I'm sorry but ryder and plecaneks can bring back more then the often overated morrison.

    Lets keep our eyes on tampa bay, if they keep losing there will be change, and montreal might be able to pick up lecavalier (not)_ haha

  2. habsoverserver says:

    monteal playing too well to trade key players like Ryder and Aebischer. 

    nothing happens til closer to the deadline.  too much parity. 

  3. saku_rulz says:

    ryder for morrison?no thx……

  4. habs_punk says:

    You're right, Guy must be furious with holding the fourth seed in the East and 7th place overall! Definately time for a change! We need a complete overhaul to right this ship!

  5. Hoobey says:

     I do not agree with any of the trade ideas. As Souray said this week the atmosphere in the dressing room is the best he has ever seen, so why go and shake it up by adding an element that might ruin that chemistry.
    Once Higgins comes back i believe that guy will be able to shuffle things and get sammy and kovvy goin, then watch out for the firewagon!!!

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