Time to rebuild

The Maple Leafs are clearly not going to win the cup this year, unless they pull a miracle out of their arse.

With that being said, I’m going to list possible trades that will help the Leafs future. Some of these trades I have heard mentioned before, and some I have made up.

To Toronto – Andrew Ladd

To Carolina – Bryan McCabe

To Toronto – Jordan Leopold

To Calgary – Jason Allison

To Toronto – 2nd/3rd Round Draft Pick

To Nashville – Aki Berg

To Toronto – 2nd/3rd Round Draft Pick

To Vancouver – Ken Klee

To Toronto – Pouliot and Ty Conklin

To Edmonton – Belfour, Czerkawski and Mid Round Pick





Kaberle – Harrison

Leopold – Wozniewski

Khavanov – Kronwall

Colaiacovo* Injured



This team could still sneak into the play-offs. Even if they don’t, it just means a higher draft pick to help rebuild the team.

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    First rebuilt team I like.

    But trade Khavanov and Wellwood. Khavanov is worthless, and just caused a Washington goal. Wellwood is too small, too soft. Can’t hit, can’t skate, and doesn’t use his speed right, he’s a career AHLer, get him the hell out of here. What was that deal someone suggested? Allison, Wellwood, Pick, for Gaborik??? I’d do that in a heart beat.

    Big problem with the team… Quinn, O’neill, Lindros, Sundin, Allison, and Tucker… Sundin is with Poni and Steen, Lindros with Kilger and Wellwood, Tucker with Allison and Antropov, and O’neill with Domi and Stajan. Total bull shit. Those five should all be on the top two lines.






  2. BleedinBlueEH says:

    I agree.

    I also forgot to add that next year Quinn is replaced with Maurice.

    I would also do that Minnesota deal, but would Minny?

  3. Huller says:

    Toronto has just lost to the CAPITALS 5-3, changes half to be made NOW.Wether its with a trade, coaching change, anything. If they can’t win against washingtion, they are going to have major problems with buffalo, Ottawa, Montreal etc. Before the leafs even think of the playoffs, they should think about wining a damn game. It looks as if the maple leafs are embarking on another losing streak, with having lost three( i think) right now and tough games coming ahead.

    Its getting harder and harder to be a leafs fan.

  4. 92-93 says:

    more panic in leafland after the loss tonight to the capitals. i don’t understand the panic – because i thought it was clear to everyone that the leafs were not going to be a cup contender this year. they might make the playoffs but clearly won’t make it beyond the first round.

    so what’s the big deal?!?!

    to me, the highlight of the season has to be play of the youngsters (which are still being squandered by GM and coach decisions – re: not playing Telly enough, sending Harrison down, etc.).

    the other highlight can be any deals that are made at the deadline. but we’ll see.

  5. 92-93 says:

    “The Maple Leafs are clearly not going to win the cup this year, unless they pull a miracle out of their arse.”

    are you just realizing that now?

  6. BleedinBlueEH says:

    not if you are a true fan it isn’t hard to be a leaf fan.

    but i agree, many changes need to be made.

  7. toronto77 says:

    ?=player from the marlies








    trade allison, berg, klee, lindros, oneill, antropov , khavanov, domi, kilger, wilm all for draft picks.

    FIRE THE SHIT OUT OF QUINN AND JFJ!!!! they have both disgraced the team this season.

  8. BleedinBlueEH says:

    No actually I am not, I’ve had this state of mind since before the season even started. I have no idea where you got that assumption.

  9. lukeleim says:

    I am ebarrassed to be a leafs fan.. our team is horrible, we lose to one of the worst teams in the league. FIRE JFJ, fire Quinn… get rid of ALLISON wow he is absolutely horrible… Only player id keep are… Steen, Sundin, Tucker, Lindros, McCabe, Kaberle, Harrison, Kronwall, Colaiacovo, Stajan, ian White and obviously Pogge and Rask. the rest can go like the unwanted hair on my ass. Belfour is a joke, why is he still playing? I havent been this upset over the leafs for a while, i thought maybe theyd turn it around after the break, obviously not…

  10. elnero says:

    Those are interesting trade suggestions, some of which I’ve heard before. A couple things though, I’ve heard it’s Bryan McCabe for Andrew Ladd and Frank Kaberle & a pick.

    Antropov is not mentioned in any of the trades nor is he listed in any of the lines. I think he’d have to go on the line with Poni & Stajan because both Ladd and Poni are LW.

    I’d be more inclined to keep Berg than Khavanov at this point. I think Berg is decent enough in the bottom pairing and has seemed to be less of a liability than Khavanov.

    Defence would look something like:

    Kaberle – Kaberle

    Leopold – Harrison

    Berg – Kronwall

  11. Aetherial says:

    That’s all well and good, until Wellwood goes somewhere else and becomes the next Steve Sullivan. He is criticized now for the things that Sullivan was criticized for before.

    He is still young, he is also one of the fastest of the Leafs.

    I don’t think you trade him, yet. What you get in return is too low to justify the risk.

  12. Aetherial says:

    Leaf fans still secretly hope that the squeak into the playoffs, and have another surprise run at it.

  13. BleedinBlueEH says:

    yeah but if berg can net us a 2nd rounder like ive heard, id trade him before khavanov because the return is greater

  14. toronto77 says:

    wat was quinn doing playing lindros with antropov, that’s a disaster the two most slowest players on the team, lindros should be with sundin, and if he doesn’t than that’s one more player to get rid of. i’d rather keep wozniewski over kronwall, and i think i would like to keep czerkawski. not playing czerkawski is one of quinns mistakes this season.

    czerkawski has been a healthy scratch for most of the season than when the leafs lost to ottawa 8-2, he scored one of those 2 goals and scored 3 games in a row and finally proved to quinn that he can compete, and than quinn makes him a healthy scratch again……wat an idiot.

  15. PaulK123 says:

    I think we should rebuild in a different way, here is mine.

    To Montreal:

    Ken Klee

    Alexander Khavanov

    To Toronto:

    Chris Higgins

    4th round pick


    To Vancouver:

    Aki Berg

    To Toronto:

    2nd round pick


    To Edmonton:

    Ed Belfour

    Tie Domi

    Marius Czerkawski

    To Toronto:

    J.S Pouliot

    Brad Winchester


    To Chicago:

    Bryan McCabe

    Nik Antropov

    3rd round draft pick

    To Toronto:

    Cam Barker

    Tyler Arnoson

    With these trades the Amaple Leafs will have about

    19 million dollars in cap space after re-signing

    everyone (the cap is excpected to be at 42 million next year).



    Ed Jovonaski/3-year/4-million dollars

    Patrick Elias/4-year/4.5 million dollars

    Roberto Luongo/5-year/6 million dollars

    Now look at the roster:












    A good mix of veteran talent and young porspects!

  16. elnero says:

    True enough, god knows they’d never get anything like that for Khavanov.

  17. intothevoid001 says:

    they lost far too many class act type players(Roberts, Neiuwy, Francis) for anything of the sort to happen. this squad doesn’t have nearly what it takes to pull something off like these former leaf teams. its too bad too, these players they have a pretty damn good too, there just collectivly having a bad year. sundin, lindros, allison, belfour, and o’niell(big time) are all underperforming. granted this is allison’s first season back and lindros is just coming back from injury, they should all be a little further ahead than they are. bottom line, these big name players aren’t carrying the team like they potentially could be.

  18. intothevoid001 says:

    totally agree, except that was one of quinns MANY mistakes, hes still living in 2003. it makes me sick to see people defending this guy like hes actually done anything for this team. we got what in the last 8 years? conference finals? great, we lost that round too.

    after the game last night, their 26th loss of the season, i was watching after the horn and andy frost is still insisting on backing up pat quinn. why? hes obviously not doing his job this year, his players aren’t doing their jobs, his GM doesn’t seem to be doing that good of a job, and then theres management… every problem this team has stems down from management. twice now MLSE has hired a young GM and twice they’ve been burned on it. there willing to give the players to the max of salary cap? why not give toss some money out for an expereinced GM? hell give quinn the GM job, even thats better than what we’ve got. bring maurice up and get it over with. leaf fans are sick of this game.

  19. intothevoid001 says:

    JFJ is gonna end up with a bounty on his head if he were to make a trade with chicago like that. true, antropov isn’t much of a prize, but like we’ve heard, antropov for arnason could happen. now that leaves McCabe and a 3rd round pick for cam barker. barker is no where near the talent that mccabe has, nevermind getting a third round pick with him. other than that and the free agents, i think this might be possible. vancouver is probably gonna be looking for D-men and i wouldn’t mind giving up those two D for higgins and a pick but maybe an experienced d-man instead. as for the edmonton trade, i doubt that would happen. thats about 7.5-8 million worth of salary going the other way. good for us? certainly, but i don’t think sending those players back will do anything for edm’s cap.

  20. intothevoid001 says:

    seemed to forget what part of the season were in, belfour’s, domi’s and czerkawski’s remaining contract amounts could be more than edmonton can handle with only sending those players in return.

  21. elnero says:

    How do you propose signing Luongo?

  22. 92-93 says:

    so you are unhappy that the leafs let go of Roberts and Nieuwy and that Steen and Wellwood are playing in their place?

  23. 92-93 says:

    well i got the assumption from the sentence you wrote. but yeah – that’s good that you’ve been realistic from the outset.

    it just seems that after every leaf loss, 5 articles pop up full of panic and wonderment at why the leafs aren’t contending for first place.

  24. NemiNA says:

    not-even-in-a-video-game. EVER. that is awful man. In what WORLD would Aki Berg be worth a Second round pick? Chris higgins? for what? cones?

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