Time for a trade?

It appears that the Pens may be looking to swing a deal

If management does not believe first-year pro Beau Bennett — who seems capable of filling a top-six role for a lot of years — is ready to contribute now, it should seriously consider giving up some of the assets it has hoarded (to wit, promising young defensemen) over the past few years to acquire a winger who can have an impact on one of the top two lines.

Waiting until the trade deadline gets closer and going after a rental player — someone who could briefly fill the void if the front office wants to allow Bennett to develop in the minors for the balance of the season — who might command a lower price would be an option, but if the Penguins don’t do something to plug that hole, it could seriously compromise their chances of contending for a Stanley Cup this spring.

For the time being, however, coach Dan Bylsma seems willing to extend Boychuk’s audition for a permanent spot on Malkin’s line.


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  1. nordiques100 says:

    It’s not surprising the Pens have had interest in Kulemin since he has been Malkin’s off and on linemate in Russia for a while.

    But again, it only makes sense for Toronto to move Kulemin with a player of similar ready now contributions being brought back.

    This is why i suggested earlier, if Kulemin goes, it would have to be in a deal for O’Reilly. O’Reilly brings a lot of similar traits in that he has good size, will go into dirty areas, is tremendously responsible defensively and is hard to play against.

    I don’t know what his offensive upside is, but Kulemin definitely is no 30 goal scorer. He’s probably more a 20 goal guy with a well balanced game.

    I guess the issue i’d have most is chemistry. Him and Grabovski are joined at the hip. They work well together.

    So I just don’t think the Pens could pry Kuly away unless it was a home run deal and the leafs also land a strong replacement/upgrade on Kuly.

    But I bet that he is one of the pens preferences in terms of a winger to play in the top 6.

  2. kessel_leafs81 says:

    kulemin for vokoun? provided reimers out for 3+ weeks. kulemin’s a lot to give up for him in my opinion and pittsburg would want a serviceable backup back so maybe kulimen + scrivens for vokoun + ???? could be a base of a deal unless theres an FA pitts feels comfortable signing then go kulimen for vokoun + ???

  3. leafmeister says:

    What is the conventional wisdom on Matt Frattin? 2nd line/3rd line? The guy is dynamite. He has shown an ability to score at every level he plays. Also Kadri has been unreal. This is the player Burke drafted. Amazing what good coaching can do. He has been directly responsible for the Leafs two prettiest goals of the season IMO.



    That one against the Caps was just disgusting.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Keep him on the third line with Kadri. When Lupul comes back, put him with Grabo and Kulimen.

      JVR Bozak Kessel
      Lupul Grabo Kulimen
      Komarov Kadri Frattin

      3 lines that can produce with decent size on each line. He scores because he is on the third line and that line will not typically play against the other teams best line. Grabo’s line does that which is part of the reason that Grabo and Kulimen do not have better numbers. Score by committee and let the 4th line bang and crash.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        Looking at those wingers and thinking if you brought in a Perry or equivalent (Kassian? jk) type winger player which winger would you want to move from that group? There not a player I don’t like on the wing in our top nine.

        I’m thinking Lupul because he’s injury prone?

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          LOL. Kassian for Prime Minister and Schneider for Secreatry of Defence!LOL
          I don’t know who you move out. Maybe you try JVR at centre(he has played there), not that I’m thrilled with it but it looks good on paper.
          Perry JVR Kessel
          Lupul Grabo Kulimen
          Komarov Kadri Frattin

    • doorman says:

      As long as he plays hard and scores I don’t care if he plays on the 4th line lol. If he keeps this up I peg him as a 20-25+/45-55pt guy.

      In other news TSN says Reimer has a mild MCL sprain out approx one week, lets call it 2-3 lol

  4. leafmeister says:

    Gardiner, Kulemin, Bozak to COL for O’Reilly, Statsny

    Lupul – Statsny – Kessel
    JVR – O’Reilly – Grabovski
    MacArthur – Kadri – Frattin
    Brown – McClement – Orr

    Phaneuf – Kostka
    Franson – Gunnarsson
    Fraser – Liles


    Big price to pay, but really solidifies the Leafs at center for a long time. I think it would improve the team dramatically.

    • doorman says:

      I don’t see the Avs trading both thos centres, but that’s just me.

    • Gambo says:

      Honestly I don’t want Stastny anymore. I used to be all for getting him, but I don’t see it as a bug upgrade anymore.

      Bozak is surprisingly a huge asset to this team right now. He takes all the key faceoffs and wins most of them, he kills penalties, he’s on the PP and he’s producing offensively. I see no rush to move him this season unless we’re getting an actual 1st line center in return, which I don’t think Stastny is anymore.

  5. leafs_wallace93 says:

    I love the Kulemin to the Pens rumors. Why would we trade a player to help a team we’re currently battling in the standings for presumably futures?

    We’re not a lottery pick team this season why act like one?

  6. nordiques100 says:

    I guess John Ferguson deserves some credit for a couple good drafts.

    in 2006, Tlusty, Kulemin, Reimer, Komarov, Stalberg and Holzer were drafted. 4 are with the Leafs now, 2 were moved in what eventually turned from Versteeg to Tyler Biggs.

    in 2007, Frattin and Gunnarsson were selected.

    Now if they hung on to Rask in 2005, maybe they’d gotten somewhere.

  7. 93killer93 says:

    The Jets get Tangradi for a 7th.

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