Time for a trade?

It appears that the Pens may be looking to swing a deal

If management does not believe first-year pro Beau Bennett — who seems capable of filling a top-six role for a lot of years — is ready to contribute now, it should seriously consider giving up some of the assets it has hoarded (to wit, promising young defensemen) over the past few years to acquire a winger who can have an impact on one of the top two lines.

Waiting until the trade deadline gets closer and going after a rental player — someone who could briefly fill the void if the front office wants to allow Bennett to develop in the minors for the balance of the season — who might command a lower price would be an option, but if the Penguins don’t do something to plug that hole, it could seriously compromise their chances of contending for a Stanley Cup this spring.

For the time being, however, coach Dan Bylsma seems willing to extend Boychuk’s audition for a permanent spot on Malkin’s line.