Timeline for NHL

Here is the timeline for signings in the NHL just in case anyone was curious:

July 23

-Buy out period begins

-Period to negotiate an sign ’03 draftees begins

-Period to extend qualifying offers begins

-Period to negotiate w/ own RFA’s and UFAs begins

July 28

-Deadline for excercising club options/ player options for ’05/’06

-Deadline for ’03 draftees

July 29

-Deadline for initiating buyouts (5pm)

July 30

-Entry draft

July 31

-Deadline for qualifying offers

Aug 1

-RFA/UFA period begins

Aug 5

-Deadline for election of Group 5 free agency

Aug 10

-Player elected Arbitration notification

Aug 11

-Club elected Arbitration notification

Aug 12

-NHL/NHLPA Schedule arbitration cases

Aug 15

-Qualifying offers expire

Aug 22

-First day of Arbitration hearings

Sep 1

-Last day of Arbitration hearings

Sep 2

-Last day of Arbitration awarding

Dec 1

-Signing deadline for Group 2 free agents

4 Responses to Timeline for NHL

  1. Flyer_Dman says:

    Seems like the buyouts have started off relatively slow. Any chance many teams are going to skip buy outs and take their chances on arbitration? Many of the players that are constantly talked about being bought out of would probably get killed during arbitration, i.e. Turgeon, Holik, maybe Weight, etc.

  2. beefer says:

    Doesn’t a players contract have to be up(RFA) to take him to arbitration?

  3. Flyer_Dman says:

    I am pretty sure I read something about teams having a limited number of times per season to take players under contract to arbitration.

  4. masarume says:

    Little confused, about the Dec 1 date. After that, you can’t sign group 2 free agents anymore?

    Did we ever have a deadline for that?

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