Timeline for NHL

Here is the timeline for signings in the NHL just in case anyone was curious:

July 23

-Buy out period begins

-Period to negotiate an sign ’03 draftees begins

-Period to extend qualifying offers begins

-Period to negotiate w/ own RFA’s and UFAs begins

July 28

-Deadline for excercising club options/ player options for ’05/’06

-Deadline for ’03 draftees

July 29

-Deadline for initiating buyouts (5pm)

July 30

-Entry draft

July 31

-Deadline for qualifying offers

Aug 1

-RFA/UFA period begins

Aug 5

-Deadline for election of Group 5 free agency

Aug 10

-Player elected Arbitration notification

Aug 11

-Club elected Arbitration notification

Aug 12

-NHL/NHLPA Schedule arbitration cases

Aug 15

-Qualifying offers expire

Aug 22

-First day of Arbitration hearings

Sep 1

-Last day of Arbitration hearings

Sep 2

-Last day of Arbitration awarding

Dec 1

-Signing deadline for Group 2 free agents