Like the GM of the Atlanta Thrashers in the 2005-2006 Season I am stating the Toronto Maple Leafs will, in fact, make the Playoffs and land the 8TH Spot!

Over Teams like: Carolina, New York Rangers, Montreal, Boston, and Flordia! I am a Leafs’ Fan and I will always be, but to see My Leafs’ victim to another L, making them out of the Playoffs would be too hard to take. I bet you the Leafs’ will make the Playoffs for several reasons; 1. New Islanders’s Rick DePietro is INJ. for about 1 Week or 2. Montreal’s All-Star Goalie Chris Huet was INJ. 1 Month ago. The Rangers without Shanny(Almost Healthy) are too Streaky and young. Carolina will make History with Edmonton beacsue both Stanley Cup Final teams will not make the Playoffs. Edmonton beacsue of the Ryan Smyth trade and Caronlina because the INJ. of Cam Ward Playoffs MVP last year. And packaged together are Flordia and Boston, both with Streaks through the Season and awful Goaltending which in key for W‘s.
Now I am NOT saying the Leafs’ will coast through the end of the Season and make the Playoffs, no they will have to work hard, and Raycroft, along with everyone else has to drive to end!

Waiting to be BASHED lol 😉