To a great Hartford Whaler: Sean Burke calls it a career

According to

Veteran NHL Goalie Sean Burke has officialy called it a career.

A great guy and a great goalie … Sad to see him go.

I Really wished Ottawa had traded Gerber and picked him up!


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  1. CaptainAvery says:

    Getting a little over-board with Burke here. I myself wouldn't pick for if I owned a team, he never seemed to hold it together in the long haul, I know I won't be missing him, adios.

  2. papichulo71 says:

    It's sad that a lot of capable goalies are being shown the door because teams are pushing their goalie prospects into the game at such young ages.

    Goalies take a while to develop and they used to get pulled up at around 25. Granted there were a few exceptions.

    Nowadays you have organizations ruining some goalies by starting them when they are way too young.  I feel that the salary cap is only making it worse because if a team that can save $3M by starting an 18 year old they can spend $7.5M on a UFA.

    Goalies like Belfour, Burke, Cujo, and Hasek still have a lot to offer and should not be treated the way they are. 

  3. dog_farts says:

    Since when was Burke a "capable goalie", the article should have read "Sean Burke calls it a MEDIOCRE career"…I had him one year in my hockey pool, and I've never seen so many five goal games.

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