To Go, or Not to Go?

Starting to get impatient with GM Dudley, looks like he knows didley about anything. Here is a rumor saying Lecavalier will be traded, and another one saying he won’t, by two different sources on the same day.
We’re shutting it down

Tampa Bay General Manager Rick Dudley has told TSN that the organization does not intend to trade centre Vincent Lecavalier at this time.

“We’re shutting it down,” Dudley told TSN.

Asked if it meant the young centre would not be traded this season, Dudley replied, “We’re shutting it down, that’s it.”

Dudley called Lecavalier’s agent Kent Hughes this afternoon to inform him of the decision.

There are two theories to the move. One is that the Lightning did not get what they deemed to be a satisfactory deal for Lecavalier, or two, Lightning ownership has decided that any Lecavalier deal – because of his immense potential, is too risky to take a chance on.

There has been a feverish bout of trade talk over the last 48 hours involving many NHL teams, but as suggested from the outset, the Lightning feel the need to make a spectacular deal in the event Lecavalier reaches his potential as an NHL star.

Not making the trade, however, doesn’t address the primary issue, and that is Lecavalier doesn’t really want to play in Tampa. He has issues with the organization, specifically with head coach John Tortorella, and those are not likely to go away anytime soon.

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The Ottowa Sun reports:

Bruce Garrioch reports the Colorado Avalanche is the leader of the pack of 6 to 8 teams believed to be serious contenders for Tampa Bay’s Vincent Lecavalier. Lightning GM Rick Dudley says he’d like to get a deal made soon so that the issue isn’t hanging over the club for a prolonged period, but he also says if he can’t get a deal made soon, Lecavalier will have to “get used to” life in Tampa Bay for a while. Garrioch reports of sources saying a move could come within the next 48 hours. He also reports of the following offers believed to have been offered:

Ottawa – Radek Bonk, blueline prospect Tim Gleason, and possibly veteran winger Shawn McEachern;

Colorado – a package with either Chris Drury or Alex Tanguay as the centerpiece;

New Jersey – Jason Arnott or Bobby Holik and Scott Gomez;

St. Louis – a possible three-way where they re-obtain Michal Handzus and then deal him in a package to Tampa Bay;

Edmonton – a package offer with defenseman Eric Brewer as the centerpiece;

Philadelphia – a package with either Justin Williams or Simon Gagne;

Chicago – a package offer with promising young rookie Mark Bell as part of it.

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Mikster’s Point of View

I like the Sens offer, it’s not that bad at all, but it is not enough i think…and i also think other teams can beat that offer.

The Avs offer makes me laugh. As if Tanguay or Drury will make up most of the trade? Give me a break! If the Avs want Vinny, I would ask Drury, Hinote, and Nedorost.

The Devils offer is one of the worst. I mean, no way would Dudley take that, if he would…he will get an automatic F in my gradebook. What the hell is Arnott/Holik going to do for TB? They don’t need them. Gomez, well….who knows…maybe he can help Modin out, but no way. This would be a real offer. Gomez, Dagenais, Commodore, and 1st rd pick.

St. Louis makes little sense to me. Why the hell would the Yotes give Handzus up? It seems very incomplete, not enough info on this rumor…get it out of the way. A real offer is Corso, Jackman, Meyers, and a pick. TB needs someone like Meyers.

If Eric Brewer is the centerpiece…then gee…whats the package, hockey pucks and a zamboni with an old man as a driver? A real offer would be Brewer/Poti, Reasoner, Marchant.

Heheh…this is funny. Gagne for Lecavalier? Woooohooo, ok what a laugh. I know a better rumor, Naslund for Lecavalier, yeah….seems realistic. Hehe, anyay. Well…if Clarke trades Gagne, we got a serious problem with the Flyers. But anyway, i guess an offer would be Therien, Hlavac, Fedotenko, and a pick. Even better, a three way deal with NYR in it. Therien, Hlavac, Fedotenko, Malhotra, Mottau/Smrek, and pick to TB, Lecavalier and pick to Philly, to NYR Hlavac, something, and pick.

I’d take that in a flash, sounds reasonable to me, but it will never happen….grrr.

….Ding…..dong….ding….dong ding…Bell and….ding dong ding dong ding dong. That’s what i thought…..come on….give me a break. Lecavalier for Bell, Sullivan, Spacek, and a pick.

I guess a trade might not happen soon….maybe it will maybe it won’t. Lecavalier is a gamble, worse than Lindros. Lindros you know he will do well, but can lecavalier play like he really should, like a real 1st pick? The only way we will know how good Vinny is, is if he plays for another team. I think he is good, and a kid with that kind of talent at the age of…21, hell…in a flash i’d take him.

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