To trade or not to trade Miller, that's Sabres' question

What happens between now and the NHL trade deadline will reveal how the Sabres feel about Miller and a few others. He has a 0.63 goals-against average and .976 save percentage in his last three games. The better he plays, the greater his value. The better he plays, the more tempted they are to keep him.

And that’s what makes the coming weeks so intriguing. Do they trade him with the idea they can make significant upgrades in other areas, assuming they can find a trading partner to take his salary? Or do they keep him with the risk he’ll have another season like this one?

“If they came to me and said they wanted to move me, I would want to know why,” Miller said. “That hasn’t been the case. No one has ever asked about my feelings regarding players and movement, especially with myself. People think there’s more discussion being done behind the scenes than there really is.”

Generally, if you have a great goalie, you keep him and build around him. The Sabres have witnessed the best and worst from Miller in the past six weeks alone. Perhaps change would benefit all involved at this stage of his career. Nobody knows for sure. It’s a tough call.

Miller is making $6.25 million per season, which wasn’t a problem when he was winning the Vezina Trophy and establishing himself as one of the NHL’s premier goalies in 2009-10. These days, with him being Exhibit A of an underachieving team, it’s a heavy price.

He has the third-highest salary-cap hit among NHL goalies behind the Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist and Carolina’s Cam Ward. Lundqvist should be a Vezina candidate this year and is held in higher regard than Miller, but their career won-loss records are strikingly similar.

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  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    Miller is like every other player, if the deal makes sense the Sabres will do it. If it makes them better gets that player or players they feel they need, they'll do it. If the figure Enroth can take the ball and run and they clear cap space for another player, they'll do it….if not they won't.

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