Today is the Day

The Toronto Maple Leafs are to announce their GM replacement today.

Catch the big announcement on the NHL Network, and on at 11 pm ET.

Although it is now very likely that John Fergusson Jr. will be the future GM, other possibilities are: Former New York Rangers GM, Neil Smith, now sitting as Vancouver’s director of player development, is considered 2nd in running. Steve Tambellini, Hockey Canada President, Bob Nicholson, are in the running as well.

Neil Smith has good history with the New York Rangers, bringing in names such as Mark Messier, Wayne Gretzky, Esa Tikanen, and Steve Larmer.

Though Neil Smith seems the best runner for the job right now, the expected GM has a history of being an AHL player, scout, agent, a NHL office employee, and senior executive with the St. Louis Blues.

His most recent job was with the St. Louis Blues, in whom he was hired as assistant GM, then promoted to vice-president and director of hockey operations in 2001.


7 Responses to Today is the Day

  1. G_Money says:

    Fergusson Jr the new GM.

  2. bruinexpert says:

    yeah i can’t wait for that big ’11:00PM’ press conference where quinn will come out in his pajamas to announce that at 11:00AM earlier that day there was yet another press conference where they had announced that ferguson jr got the job.

    PS who posted this crap…TSN has been saying since 11:00AM this morning that it was Ferguson who got the job…oh well

  3. bruinexpert says:

    PS nothing against G_money, it’s just that it’s no longer valid info

  4. big_booty says:


    The Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club, the most storied sports franchise all of in world history, has called yet another press conference, scheduled to begin this afternoon at 3:00 pm.

    Current head coach and former general manager Pat Quinn is expected to announce that, this very morning, he successfully wiped his ass without his finger breaking through the paper shortly after a substantial (and successful) bowel movement.

    Sources close to the situation reported that Quinn was elated at the outcome of the event, and immediately predicted a Selke Trophy victory for Robert Reichel.

  5. rojoke says:

    I don’t know if I want him to succeed or fail. If he succeeds, then the omnipotent (and impotent, in many cases) Toronto media will have something to shove up their ass after ripping the guy before he was even announced as the new GM. If he fails, then it shows what happens when too many captains try and steer the ship.

    Peddie, Dryden and Quinn each had a guy they wanted to hire. Dryden is president of the club, so it probably should have been his choice primarily. He even came out and said that they wanted a ‘star.’ Unfortunately (for the Leafs, fortunately for the Habs), that ‘Star’ ended up going a little further east. But that still left one possible name, that being Neil Smith. Quinn wanted Steve Tambellini, and Peddie got his guy in Ferguson. Bob Nicholson’s name may have been a group decision.

    Given some of the stories that have been printed in Toronto, I’m guessing that they wanted to see Smith get the job. It would have been interesting to see their reaction if it had been Tambellini, who was the apparent front runner since the Three Amigos made the announcement. Only time will tell who was right. The question is, how much time?

  6. PeterPuck says:

    The writing is on the wall for Quinn, this is not a signing with Quinn in mind, not a “yes” man for Quinn, but this is a move of youth!!! Dryden does not have to deal with the firing of Quinn and he might not make it through the year, if he does, he will not make it back, … Fergie has already started the passing by stating that Killer was not in the Leafs plans.

    Besides, Quinn said he wasn’t in favor of this guy…..

  7. G_Money says:

    sorry everyone, i put 11 PM when i meant to put 11 AM

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