Tomas Kaberle trade watch heads to tennis court

As currently scheduled, Brian Burke plans to be on the grounds of York University Sunday afternoon watching the singles final of the Rogers Cup.

Doesn’t exactly sound like a hockey GM girding for a blockbuster, does it? Maybe they’ll let the Maple Leafs boss set up a war room adjoining Centre Court as the final hours of the Tomas Kaberle trade watch tick down.

Then again, Burke does have until midnight Sunday, and hockey people being animals of habit and lovers of deadlines, this one could go down to 11:59 p.m. or whatever time prior to the midnight hour a trade would have to be registered with the league to be official.

Burke says he has offers, and sources confirm that. But teams that are in the game were either lukewarm or pretending to be so over the past few days, and Burke himself was suggesting Friday there was only one deal that he thought might make sense as currently proposed.

San Jose is interested to some degree, and GM Doug Wilson has as many good prospects and young players as any team. Pick one of them — Derek Joslin, Logan Couture, Devon Setoguchi — and throw in a first-round pick, and Kaberle and something else could get a deal done. The Sharks aren’t keen on the fact that Kaberle has only one year left on his deal and would prefer to play in the east, but for a moderate price they’d add punch to their blue line.

Los Angeles is in or out depending on the source, and depending on the day, and depending on whether GM Dean Lombardi thinks he’s still got a shot at Ilya Kovalchuk. Dallas — a team looking at new ownership — might be looking to move Mike Ribeiro, who doesn’t exactly fit Toronto’s need but is a solid points producer. Brad Richards? Possibly.–tomas-kaberle-trade-watch-heads-to-tennis-court

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  1. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    To Toronto: 

    James Neal, Brad Richards, 6th round pick 
    To Dallas: 
    Tomas Kaberle, Mikhail Grabovski, Jeff Finger, Mike Brown 

    I love Kaberle and I like Grabovski but this trade would be great for us. & next offseason resign Kaberle 😉

  2. connsmakebe-leafs says:

    Really don't know if he can pull the trigger on this, I think he's holding out for too much and this will end up biting him in the ass come trading him with his NTC don't know what the outcome is going to be…..

  3. leemon says:

     its officail Burke *****ed it up! Kaberle stays. Now if BB thinks that this is just going to die, Its not. so while this becomes a big distraction for the leafs season sending them back to the basment. Its now become Sundin 2.0 all over again. As all leafs watch as he deny's trade package after trade package only to say that he is now offended with the rumors and leaves as a UFA.

     But if its true that Burke was offered roy and a first or other prospects and a first instead of a top 6 i believe this is worse then Sundin screwing us. cause at least we had a chance to move him and now we don't.

     It speaks Volumes to me that Burke is just another puppet of MLSE as he will now trade away some of our young assets (Shenn)to get a top 6 forward which he might of had if he traded for futures like he should have done in the first place (So much for our rebuilding process from a couple years ago eh MLSE I.E, peddie).Now we can't resign him cause  he costs to much and as of right now does not make a good fit for this team 
     even if he signed for at least a 3.5 mil cap hit. So how does our forward group improve now UFA THERE IS NOBODY LEFT.


  4. arigold says:

    Quite possibly the dumbest comment i have ever had the pleasure of reading on this site.  

    First of all, what did he F UP?  Should he just accept any trade offer to get rid of a great player?  He wants to resign Kaberle, and we'll probably get him at a great discount because he wants to stay in T.O.  Whats wrong with that?  
    Nobody knows what he was offered for Kaberle, so we cant say that it would have been worth it.  Plus Burke never, ever ever said he was going to trade him.  What he said was that it was his job to listen to offers, and that anything less than a top 6 forward would not be considered.  
    Please don't act as though Burke gave Kaberle this no trade clause because he didn't.  I'd rather keep the guy.  Ya we're deep in the back so what?  Thats a good problem to have.  
    In closing, get your head out of your ass.  

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