Tomas Kaberle's future anything but certain

Considering they don’t meet very often, the Maple Leafs and Dallas Stars have been locked in fierce competition a fair bit in recent times.

The focus of that competition, oddly enough, has been free agent Swedes.

Two summers ago, the two clubs were finalists for the services of forward Fabian Brunnstrom and the Stars, for better or worse, won that particular derby.

Last summer, the Leafs and Stars were, it’s believed, the final two choices of goalie Jonas Gustavsson when it came to selecting a franchise with which to begin his NHL journey. This time, it was Brian Burke and the Leafs that were more persuasive, and Gustavsson undoubtedly calculated his chances of unseating Vesa Toskala as the Leaf starter this season were significantly better than beating out Dallas veteran Marty Turco.–cox-tomas-kaberle-s-future-anything-but-certain

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  1. albertateams says:

    By getting kessel (Losing a first and second this year) the tanking option/trading away players doesn't provide the same payoff such as a top five pick. Yes they can still trade away there players but it now benefits boston just as much if they do, particularly in moving Kaberle.

    "First of all, it's likely teams would move lesser players with big contracts to get under" absolutely but that doesn't mean some very good players with high but reasonable contracts won't get moved.

    There are teams out there that a small increase in the cap is not going to come close to fixing there problems. So the movement of the cap plus or minus 2 million dollars while important does not solve cap issues faced by certain teams.

    There are always players available that have similar talent as Kessel weather it UFA RFA or free agency.

    Your telling me that with all the expiring contracts toronto has which would have been turned in to picks, plus kaberle's contract of 4.25 off the books and 5.4 not tied up in kessel they wouldn't be able to find someone of equivlent talent.

    To summarize the leafs would have had two first round picks and 3-6 picks in rounds 2-5. plus almost 30 Million in cap space and you don't think a replacement for kessel could have been found? Even say they took Campbell's contract to replace Kaberle 23 Million to go after the likes of savard Kovy marleau etc.

    You will never be able to justify to me that the timing of the Kessel trade was correct because it wasn't.

  2. albertateams says:

     He has played well and he could be the answer long term I'm not denying that all's I'm saying is if the leafs are expecting 50+ games from a rookie who's played a max of 23 games in one year over the last 3 years in sweeden and just came off his first injury, I'd want a little better option for the back up than Toskala and MacDonald.  If Gustavson can play 50+ games great but that is a lot to ask.

  3. KingVilly91 says:

    the leafs should try to get thorton to play with kessel and if i'm not mistaken hes from the GTA he'd love to play in Toronto because its a big hockey market

  4. reinjosh says:

    the whole thing
    is the leafs will not be a bottom five team
    and even if they were the player they get is not a guaranteed NHL player
    even if he ends up making the NHL, he might not make it for a couple years
    with Kessel, we have a sure fire 30 plus goal scorer with huge potential
    I have heard some scouts say that no one in the is draft can touch him in terms of talent (what a couple have said, although others may disagree)
    all that matters is that we have a player who score 35 plus goals, get 35 plus assists at the very least (providing he continues his development which is quite likely, im know both teams and a few other wanted him and thats usually a good indication) plus they have a guy who has 4 seasons of experience and is about to enter his prime
    and getting Kessel at 5.2 does not limit us at all
    We have 20 million in cap space as it is next season, and that doesnt include Finger or Blake being possibly moved
    with the addition of Kessel, in theory we wouldnt need to go after a scorer like Kovy and with 20 million we have more than enough to attract Savard or Marleau
    so with Gustavsson as the future in net (and we can pick another goalie in the late rounds this year at the draft), Kaberle , Komi, Beach, and Schenn as our top four (which is good, they haven't played up to their ability yet, but they will) for the next 3 years
    that leaves forwards
    you dont wait when that kind of chance comes
    the leafs would never get it again
    who would you propose they get next season if this trade doesnt happen (and lets pretend they get 6th last) and it happens next season
    when would the timing be write for you
    because they very likely wouldnt be getting a player like Kessel in the draft (they WILL NOT BE IN THE BOTTOM 5)

  5. reinjosh says:

    yah maybe
    but players do it all the time (and im going on small amounts of games played before getting into the NHL)
    They usually burn out around the 50 or 60 game mark
    Yes it is different for goalies but it isn't to much to expect 40 games
    at all
    and why do you think MacDonald is so bad?

  6. reinjosh says:

    yah he made some decent moves
    and some other really dumb ones

  7. leafy says:

    Holy crap!  I haven't seen this beer commercial in 20 years. My favorite hockey commercial ever.

  8. bbruins37 says:

    im both a bulls and raptors fan. but im not really a hardcore bulls fan. its just because rose is my favourite player (ive been following him since he was in high school) and luol deng has been one of my favourite players for a while, so its hard to not consider them up there for your favourite team with two of your favourite players.

    raptors ive been a fan of for a long time. its been pretty tough cheering for them, especially in the bab***** era (araujo?! are you kidding me?? lol) but im really glad that colangelo came in to sort them out. i originally didnt like the extreme european makeover, but i think things will finally fall into place this season

  9. bbruins37 says:

    yeah i though o'neal would at least be able to contain him a little bit…

    thats one thing the raps really have never had, a go-to guy in the post. the all time best weve had is camby for his first few seasons and then olajuwan for his last season  and i guess antonio davis back in the day

  10. leafy says:

    And this game was on Maple Leaf Classics tonight. This is the type of hockey the Leafs should be playing.

  11. albertateams says:

    Macdonald 0-3 .875 SV% 3.35 GAA. He's just not that good. Look at his career in the nhl hes not a winner. 

  12. albertateams says:

    You are completely missing the point I'm making. It doesn't matter where those draft picks turn out to be or if they turn out to be worse than kessel or better its just not a trade where the timing was right given the leafs situation. Kessel is not a franchise player he is a very good complementary player but without the other pieces in place it does very little to change the fact that toronto is still a bottom half of the league team. If the trade was for an actual franchise player that you could build a team around then yes maybe the timing makes sense but Kessel is not a franchise player.

    I'm not arguing Kessels talent but how the trade was a year earlier  than it should have been made. And yes I know Kessel may not have been available this offseason but through UFA RFA and freeagent with all the draft picks and increased cap space the leafs could have potentially had the leafs could have had way more options at the deadline and next offseason. It has nothing to do with the players they could have drafted with the picks.

    They could have took a run at ryan, semin, backstrom, kane, toews etc. Not to say that they would get one of those big names through a trade but the option would have still been there. Even if they didn't sign aor trade for any of those guys you could still get one or two of the big UFA's plus have 2 first rounders and a secound in the prospect pool and then look at trading for a nice complementary player that is similar to kessel.

    If the leafs hadn't traded for Kessel and did trade Kaberle and there FA's for picks/prospects then yes they would have been bottom five, but that's not relevant to my point.

  13. the_word says:

    In OT if you see an open body with under two minutes left on a rebound, drop your stick and football tackle him.

  14. reinjosh says:

    I'm not missing the point
    Kane, Semin, Backstrom, Toews, Ryan will all not hit the market
    they will all be signed before July 1st
    We can still get a big name UFA
    your not making any point
    We either get Kessel now and get a UFA next season (which is still possible, the Kessel trade doesn't change that, we have 20 million at the least right now, even with him) and miss out on a 1st and second rounder
    or do it later
    thats what your saying
    your saying wait a year
    im saying do it now
    because a year from now no player similar to Kessel will be available at the price we got Kessel
    your not making any argument here except that they should have waited
    we already have Tlusty (who is looking to be on the same type track as Ryan was), Kadri (who almost made the team this year, needs to just get bigger so we can call him up later), Gustavsson (who is showing why he was so hotly pursued by so many teams), Schenn (who played wonderful last season and looks to be going through a sophomore slump, not all that uncommon), Bozak, Stalberg, Hanson (who all look to be able to make the team next year and can all play good secondary roles) plus a ton of other picks who are just making the GM who picked them look good (Stefanovich making Fletcher look good, Gunnarson making JFJ look good, Ryan, Blacker making Burke look good) and we also have Kulemin who is playing well and looking like he could be a good top 9 forward, Hagman who is another top 6 forward who can score 30 and play physically.
    All that's missing is a player with the the innate ability to score and a big name UFA to lead the team.
    SO we got Kessel to fill the goal scorer (and while he may look like he is only a support player at the moment he is only 22, he has lots of time to develop)
    all we need is a UFA at the end of the season which we can still get easily. we have the cap space to go after a big name guy, even two if need be
    what is your argument for waiting?
    we could wait and get screwed by getting a lesser player or we could overpay for a player equivalent to Kessel
    No player like that is going to come up cheap. We are not going to get a top RFA. Those players will not be leaving their teams.
    If we do what you suggest and wait, we wont get Ryan or Semin or any player like them. They are core players and getting locked up. After those couple guys there isn't anyone really better than Kessel. So we look to getting players who teams might move to get under the cap.
    Anaheim : Lupul. He isn't better than Kessel and while he is cheaper, KEssel is just better.
    Calgary: No one that really fits that supporting role
    Chicago: we could go after Byfuglien but he won't bring what Kessel brings at all.
    Philadelphia: Gagne: to often injured to be worth while. Same price as Kessel and only has one more year on his contract. Hartnell. HE doesn't really fit what KEssel brings. He would be a good support player and we could go after him for a second line player but he wouldn't help out the first line like KEssel does.
    Ottawa: no one
    Washington:Semin. even if he was available he would cost 6 or 7 million. thats not to mention what it would cost to acquire him.
    Kessel fits into the top line on the Leafs. Is cheaper than any option we would have next year that would fit the role he would fit. ANd the timing was right

  15. reinjosh says:

    and im not trying to justify this trade if thats what you think
    im still on the fence for it but i understand why it was made and why it needed to be made now

  16. KingCanada says:

    Yea I was a little worried about the European influx as well….Ive never actually seen a successful "white" team.  Not to be rasist but MOST of the best ballers are all black and aside from Bosh, Jack and Derozan we dont really have any.  So that worried me a little…but our white boyz are doin just fine it seems lmao.

  17. careyprice31 says:

    Yea good game. Wanna know why they are doing so good? Its cause this team has so many italians. Having italians on a team guarantees victory lol. (If u havent figuredit out yet im Italian)

  18. mojo19 says:

    Joey is a run of the mill back up/AHL goalie. You're right.

    Hopefully Toskala can at least play close to the level he played at 2 years ago, then he will be a solid relief goalie for the Monster.

  19. bbruins37 says:

    yeah its not racist, its a fact that black people in general are better athletes. i actually think that if more black people were actually serious about hockey, they could dominatethat sport as well. but yeah raps should do just fine with all the white boys lol. just gotta get through the memphis game tonight. they have a good up and coming team

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