Tons of Rumors from ESPN is reporting on the latest rumors with regard to Jay Bouweester, Olli Jokinen and Tim Connoly. Another top player who is mentioned that can not be over looked is Marian Gaborik.In the case of Bouwmeester it is reported that teams such as Calgary, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Vancouver, are showing interest in the talented defenseman however with that being said it is also noted that no tea has made a concrete offer for his services. It is also noted that the Panthers will only trade him if they can get an excellent return.

LeBrun also mentions that the Hurricanes are likely to put Frank Kaberle on re-entry waivers in the near future hoping that another team will pick up his contract for half price.

In addition, Pierre LeBrun reports that the Kings are one of the teams who are heavily interested in Gaborik.

It is also noted that it is not believed that the Coyotes are shopping Jokinen due to finical problems however it is reported that teams are calling about his availability.

Furthermore, it is also reported that the Buffalo Sabres are set to begin contract talks with Tim Connoly in the hopes of getting him to sign a new contract but that they may look to deal him if they can not agree to a contract by March the fourth.

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3 Responses to Tons of Rumors from ESPN

  1. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    i cant figure out why any team would trade for a ufa of that caliber to risk losing him in the off season,  a lesser talent i can see, you dont have to give up as much,  look at pitss this year, they are crap cause of that whole hossa deal

  2. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    They did that to make them that much stronger in the postseason. I highly doubt that the Pens would have made it all the way to the finals without Hossa. Teams make trades for rental players, even at a fairly high cost, because they want to make that strong push through the playoffs. Had the Pens won the Stanley Cup last year, everybody would think they were geniuses for acquiring Hossa to win the Cup.

  3. mozzy says:

    couldn't agree more…Teams should learn about paying the house for a guy they keep for two months. 


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