Tons of Scouts at the Leafs game

13 scouts in attendance at Leafs game, including two from Edmonton and Flyers!/kevin_mcgran/statuses/161591835922403328

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  1. mapleleafsfan says: and pretty much every broadcast needs to stop with all the puns. You don't have to put every players name into some brutal joke. Todays best: "Truth or Scuderi"… are you kidding me? It doesn't even make sense. 

  2. 93killer93 says:

    ovie and out has a nice ring. No all star game for ovie he feels he doesn't deserve to be there 

  3. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Hey Josh,

    TSN's insder trading just named Grabovski as one of the biggest names of play at the trade deadline.

    How do you feel about that?

  4. reinjosh says:

    Well I'd love him to stay but if he's traded I'll have to live with it. See, look how living with some positivity in life is! It's awesome!

    He'd be a great add for teams. 
  5. MystifoLeafs says:

    Any team would be happy to have Grabovski. Just if it is Burke you can bet your going to pay a hefty price.

  6. Boston_Bruins says:
    From Dave Hodge's Twitter

    TSNDaveHodge Dave Hodge – TSN
    Don't know if it's fair to point this out, but Tim Thomas has three children named Kiley, Kelsey and Keegan.

  7. albertateams says:

    Man people need to think before they tweet. The explanation he provided is just brutal. He's going to be in serious shit over that comment and he should its ridiculous.

  8. TmLeafan says:

    hah well said some of them are so brutal

  9. JoelLeafs says:

    Ovechkin suspension had two different ones on TSN today:

    "Ovie and Out" and something along the lines of "Three and Ovie"
    They're really taking all the pun out of reading my morning headlines.
  10. leafmeister says:

    I'm intrigued. Would you guys be down to bring in Carter? His numbers are down, and his contract is long, so he could come cheaper than what he is worth. Having another one-shot scorer would make this team infinitely more dangerous. Plus 5.2 mil is not that bad at all. If he can put up 30 goals 70 points, as we all know he can, than he is worth taking a shot on. 

    No idea what it would cost, but I would definitely be willing to consider any trade to bring in another high end goal scorer.
  11. JoelLeafs says:

    HA HA HA! That is amazing! Especially coming from Hodge.

    Anyone else notice how negatively TSN has covered this whole fiasco? Firstly, every story and video make a huge deal out of American politics (pretty sure all the Talent and most of the staff at TSN are Canadian, if not all). In their videos covering the story they show Thomas looking pissed or depressed and roll vids of him getting scored on. Seriously, who shows vids of a goalie like Thomas getting scored on in a video not related to poor performance on the ice? They also all chew him out, make moral judgments about his decision, and point out ridiculous possible negative outcomes, such as pulling of sponsorships and losing respect in the locker room. 
    I was under the impression they were a sports network… what does that acronym stand for again?..
  12. JoelLeafs says:

    Also these:

    These hockey writers should slash the quirky headlines.
    Puns in hockey headlines are just the icing on the story's cake.
    Someone needs to draw the blue-line already.
    What's their average PIM per story (puns in minutes)?
    TSN's editors really need to referee these headline.
    They should stick to the facts.
    They're saving the Thomas puns for tomorrow.
    These joke headlines are a distraction and really interfere with a story's credibility. 
    I wish they would puck-off with the weak jokes.
    A hockey pun is really just a power-play on words.
    They're just rebounding from a slow news day.
    I'll save you guys from reading my less punny ones and fire them at my friends instead. 
  13. senators_choke says:

    Most fair-minded people know Tim Thomas is an idiot.

    But to those wondering if this is true, his comments should remove all doubt!!

    If you're gonna protest, at least be clear as to WHY you're protesting. Let's look at his reasons, as he states them.

    I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People."

    What the f#&% does that mean? I've seen coma-induced retards be less vague. What is out of control? What rights and liberties? What the f#&% is he talking about?

    This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level."

    Yeah, so? The US government was structured so that not one single branch has too much control and that power is spread out. If anything, this means there are many things beyond the president's control.

     This is in direct oppostition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government.

    Again, what the f#&% does that mean? What exactly is against the constitution that has not resulted in Obama being impeached? And what visions of the Founding Fathers is he talking about?

    In other words, empty rhetorical idiotic comments.

    Some people see him a hero, but in truth he's an utter fool.

  14. JoelLeafs says:

    Does it make him a better goalie? 

    Are you surprised that a Republican bases political views on nonsensically vague sound bites?

    Seeing any athlete as a hero is foolish, but it is happens all the time. 
    It seems to me that people are getting all up in arms in Canada because 1) we care too much about hockey and 2) republicans make the CPC look like the gay-hippy-marijuana-love party.
    The only thing he did wrong IMO is not supporting his team by attending. And really, who *****ing cares?
    Wish everyone would leave this alone and let them get back to playing.
    Oh, and as an aside: you seem to have a problem with his generic, bland quotes that really say nothing and add nothing to the dialogue… uhh, have you ever heard an interview with an athlete? "yeah, we just have to keep firing pucks at the net, they have a really good team, it's all about hustle… blah blah blah".
  15. JoelLeafs says:

    At the rate all-stars are dropping out of the game, any of us might get the call. 

  16. reinjosh says:

    I wouldn't personally but I would see why others would be against it. I'm just not a fan of that contract and personally not a fan of Carter. He wouldn't be getting top line time in TO so I think 70 points is probably out of the question to be honest. 

  17. reinjosh says:

    Which one of us made a hero out of him? No one. Reading comprehension, it helps.

    I still fail to see how he's an utter fool. Yeah he's spouting rhetoric but he did it to stand up for what he believes in. Good on him (even though I don't exactly agree with his views). At least someone in this world has balls and doesn't hide behind an forum spouting nonsense. 
    Do you follow politics much? He's a Glen Beck follower. Learn about him  and you will see what Thomas skipped the President meeting for. 

    This wasn't about Thomas spouting his political ideals on a world stage. It was about him saying he doesn't agree with teh government. I hardly see how he's in teh wrong. 

    The only fools are those that lambaste him for standing up for his beliefs 
  18. reinjosh says:

    Yeah first why is TSN going in depth on politics? Second why American politics? Its a Canadian network.

    And how is this getting so much media play. Overblown out the ass. 
  19. LeafsFTW17 says:

    What would you do if you were asked to take a picture and hang out with Jason Spezza for a day?

  20. toronto77 says:

    Happy to see the leafs win tonight but may not be deserving, as there was a missed call on Grabo's high stick that would have been a 4 minute double minor and the trip in OT that lead to the game winner. But needless to say the refs have fvcked over the leafs on numerous occassions this season and I think it's about time we got a little bit of justice for once. Not to mention the lucky bounce for the isles on the 3rd goal. Atleast Grabo's goal was a deflection off of players which is sometimes common, but a horrible deflection off of a board??? that goes right towards the middle where an islanders player happened to be, that is the worst luck any team can get.

    But man oh man is Gustavsson giving these guys a chance to win every single game. The most goals gustvsson has let in, in one single game this month is 3, which is not too bad. He has won 7 out of 11 games this month and in the 4 losses this month are games where the leafs had no offence and left him completely out to dry.

  21. HABSSTAR says:

    I'll try to clear it up for you.  Mind you I obviously don't know what is going through TT's head, but I'll give you what I would guess he means out of his statement:

    1. Out of control governement:  could mean all kinds of things, such as the increased powers of the US Federal Governement at a cost to State Governments.  Although the US is WAY more decentralized then Canada the Federal Government in the US is taking on more and more power at a cost to the State Governments.  On the other hand it could be a reference to something as simple as legally dubious wire taps on it's own citizens (Bush) or the legally dubious assasination of one of it's citizens (Obama) Take your pick. 

    2.  Being done at the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Level.  I think that's his point.  It's being done at all levels, along with his statement about both parties being responsible I don't think this is as party biased as people want to make it out to be.  The fact of the matter is he thinks all levels of government are responsible, but he was only invited to the white house.  Maybe he would have refused a visit to congress or the supreme court of the US too but no invite was sent by those places. 

    3.  The manner in which the government has grown out of control and threatens the Rights, Liberties and property of the people is against the constitution and the vision of the founding fathers. 

  22. blaze says:

    He's obviously a Ron Paul supporter, he's talking about a broken system and debt. Yes he was vague but what did you expect was this not posted on twitter (140 characters or less).

    He specified that this was non-partisan and was not reflective of Obama but of the US government on the whole, which the White House is symbolic of.
    The one opportunity for Thomas to voice his politcal opinion (regardless if you agree with it) where it would grab the most attention. The US president is only a man, and clearly Thomas is a man of character, not a sheep.
  23. reinjosh says:

    Well its pretty much a 4 horse race between Washington, Florida, New Jersey and the Leafs right now. Things could change but all four are tied and are 5 points behind the Philly and 5 points ahead of Winnipeg. They all have a game on the LEafs but its still gonna be interesting. 

  24. mapleleafsfan says:

    Hahahah I really, really hope you found those online.. If not, time for a hobby my friend.

  25. JoelLeafs says:

    I think you found them online. Furthermore, stealing online puns would instigate the wrath of the original author. 

  26. TheLeafNation91 says:

    As poorly as Washington has played, theres no way in hell you can actually believe the Leafs have a better shot then them.

  27. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    he pulled out cause he didn't want to be embarrassed getting picked last lol

  28. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    don't forget Ottawa, they're 5 points ahead of the leafs but have played 3 games more.

  29. GO_LEAFS_GO_Noni says:

    The trio of Kulemin-Grabovski-Macarthur scored a total of 9 points in last nights game. Could they be coming back? Post all-star is usually Kulemin's best time of the year. 

  30. leafmeister says:

    Not sure what it would take, but so long as the price is reasonable I would be fine by me. Having a top 6 like this would be pretty dangerous;

    Lupul – Connolly – Kessel
    Grabo – Carter – Kulemin
  31. HABSSTAR says:

    This should be shown to all the people complaining about the coache's language in Montreal:

  32. thisgamewelose says:

    There's no way he would've been picked last. 

  33. reinjosh says:

    Did I say that? I just said it was a race. Saying it was a race doesn't imply, infer, or blatantly claim that all participants are equally challenged. It implies they are competing for the same thing.

    And considering that Backstrom is hurt, Ovie has been on and off, Semin is meh this year, Green is gone, and their goaltending has been terrible, maybe they do have a good shot against them. No?
  34. reinjosh says:

    Liles is signing an extension or at least so says Kyper, LeBrun, Eklund (for what he's worth). I'm very happy to hear that. He's been great for us when he was healthy. It would be nice to have him back though, the team has struggled without him. 

    That is one trade I'm happy I was initially wrong about
  35. reinjosh says:

    3.875 million a year for 4 years. Adds some nice veteran presence to the backend.

    Also Friedman mentioned the Leafs are trying to move a dman to get Holzer on the big team. Other teams apparently aren't the only ones who like him.
    And for what it's worth, Eklund keeps mentioning the Leafs are getting ready to pull the trigger on a big deal post All Star Break. Not that I exactly trust him but it makes for some interesting discussion. 
  36. reinjosh says:

    Reagan was as vague and won an election based on a slogan very similar to Thomas's first comment.

    Not at all empty Rhetoric. In fact his final comment is very true. The American nation was founded on the idea that it is inherent that the individual be suspicious of the government because corruption is inherent when it deals with business, the people etc and they founded the government to be small and as little involved in the individual lives of its citizens as possible. So Obama's health plan and his growing of the government structure is actually directly in opposition of how the coutnry was founded upon. hence Thomas's comments. 
  37. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ya the resigning of Liles screams that somebody is gonna be gone. There is simply no room for everyone to get quality time. I have a feeling it will be Schenn. lol…LN91 and i are discussing this in the grabo post

  38. JoelLeafs says:

    No way Burke takes on Carter's 10 year contract. Plus, I think was the beneficiary of a talented entourage and a loose and fast style of play in Philly. I know injuries played a key role in his decline, but I think Carter was overvalued and is only now showing his true worth.

    Seriously, signed through he 2022 season or something insane like that.

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