Tons of Waiver Moves

Moves of the morning. is reporting that the following moves have taken place this morning. “The Pittsburgh Penguins placed two-time All-Star Miroslav Satan on waivers, The Ducks placed Brendan Morrison on waivers, Gerber was once again placed on waivers and the Tampa Bay Lightning have placed Gary Roberts on waivers.

It is also noted that “The Sens also placed defenceman Brenden Bell on waivers.

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  1. Kyleton says:

    Some big names there, but it's doubtful any will get picked up for salary reasons.  I am guessing they are being put on waivers in the event that the team makes a trade and needs to send them down due to fit in the new salaries.

  2. Kyleton says:

    and to clear a roster spot also

  3. alpalstewart says:

    teams don't have to give up anybody with depth players like that

  4. pezzz123 says:

    Players on waivers :

    Miroslav Satan, Pittsburgh
    Brendan Morrison, Anaheim
    Eric Perrin, Atlanta
    Gary Roberts, Tampa Bay
    Jon Sim, New York Islanders
    Aaron Voros, New York Rangers
    Craig Adams, Chicago
    Peter Olvecky, Minnesota
    Brendan Bell, Ottawa
    Erik Reitz, New York Rangers

  5. kamullia says:

    The Penguins had waived Bill Thomas on Monday, therefore they had room for adding someone to the roster already, so the waiving of Satan becomes interesting.

    The waiving of Satan could be anything, like for example, simply seeing if anyone is willing to take on him for the playoffs, being that he has been next to non-effective in a Penguins uniform. However, there could be smoke indication of an actual larger deal that required spots for more than one player joining the team, which would be surprising to me. I have had the Pens resigned on their fate and waiting for the off-season after they got eliminated during the playoffs to find the players that might help them for the next season, but this could mean otherwise.

    If they do acquire more prominent players (hence more closer to the salary cap max), next season could be a free-for-all when it is all is said and done, with the Pens trying to shed salary before the 2010-2011 season being that just about everyone is preparing of a lowering of the cap at that time.

    For now, I am still of the thought that this probably is a “we gave your job to Kunitz since you couldn’t produce, therefore we’re going to see if we can get rid of you.”

  6. VCRMillionaires says:

    Bob Mckenzie said that the Canucks didn't want to give up and draft picks or prospects so they should get Satan(17 goals & Demitra's buddy) or Voros (BC boy).

    Is this what the trade deadline boils down to now… THE WAIVER WIRE???
    I miss the trades of old… sigh!

  7. mojo19 says:

    ya Satan would be a useful pickup for a team with the cap space and the Canucks have it. Voros is good too, I think he's a tough guy if its the guy I'm thinking of.

  8. habswinthecup-again says:

     How is that for Sim? 3 assists one night and the next day he is on waivers, nice going Snow.

  9. kamullia says:

    A little update on this: Thomas cleared waivers today (Tuesday), but was not sent to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton as it was expected, and instead is going to stay with the team, which is on a road trip (presently in Tampa). This points out towards the fact that they are expecting to lose Satan via waivers. Otherwise, not much sense in keeping him with the team and keep scratching him every game.

    Crosby is also expected to miss his 4th straight game with a groin injury. Satan is expected to play tonight against Tampa (unless he gets claimed beforehand).

  10. VCRMillionaires says:

    ya Voros is a big boy (6'3)… he would be more useful then Pyatt

  11. mojo19 says:

    didn't I also hear Tom Preissing was put on waivers? Could be a decent depth guy for the playoffs, but I don't know what his contract is like for next year.

    And ya I agree, Jon Sim is a good, girtty 4th line guy, he was always pretty good for the Flyers.

  12. WE-DeusEx says:

    i thought when a player is waived that they dont play…

    Satan is playing tonight against the lightning…WTF? o.O

  13. mojo19 says:

    He can play unless he is claimed before the game. Just because a player is up for grabs doesn't mean he can't play.

    The thought process for Satan according to Bill Waters is that Pittsburgh will waive him, if he's claimed then he's claimed oh well. But if he's not claimed they can send him to the minors and take his salary off the cap and this gives them a chance to make a bigger move tommorow at the deadline with the freed up cap space.

  14. WE-DeusEx says:

    oh ok, thanks for clearing that up!!

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