Too Many Problems with a Weighted Lottery

It appears as though the league will proceed with the “weighted lottery system” in order to determine where Crosby will end up. However, in my humble opinion, this is the wrong way of going about. There are just too many problems.The argument that most people will use to endorse the weighted lottery is that teams which do not make the playoffs should be rewarded. After all, that is what the draft is for. The distribution of good young talent to bad teams. But these teams have already been rewarded for their bad seasons. Pittsburgh was rewarded with Malkin and Fleury. Columbus was rewarded with Nash and Pascal LeClaire. Atlanta was rewarded with Kovalchuk, Heatley and Lehtonen. Washington was rewarded with Ovechkin. Tampa was rewarded with, well, Ruslan Fedotenko. But they should have been rewarded with Joni Pitkanen. Why should these teams be rewarded again after not playing?

Looking at the past 3 seasons is also the wrong thing to do. If they go ahead with this system, Tampa Bay will have a better chance at Crosby than Ottawa, Toronto, Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis, etc. I think everyone would agree that they are the better team, and yet they would get more balls?

Another example would be Washington. I think everyone would say that they are among the worst teams in the league, if not the worst. However, before last season, they were a playoff team. Because of this, they would get less of a chance than Atlanta. Atlanta is a better team with better young talent, and yet they would have a better shot than the Capitals. A team which held a fire sale last year and now suck? I don’t think that’s very fair.

There is no way anyone could determine how teams would have finished last year, and this weighted lottery presents far too many problems. The solution? Go with an equal chance for all.

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  1. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    First off – good post.

    Second – Fedotenko scored some key goals for Tampa ultimately helping an inexperienced team beat a beat up veteran Flyers team and win a cup. Hard to say they should still have Pitkanen. Clarke would have undone that deal 1000 times over to win a cup last year.

    Thridly – I think the teams who could have played and made money last year but went along with Bettman want their fair shot at Crosby and are going to damn well get it. If the lottery is weighted look for some extra ping pong balls with Detrot, Philly, Rangers, and Kings on it. Crosby needs to be on a major market, US team to help save the game.

  2. CechmanekForVezina says:

    He was pointing out that the teams were already compensated for being bad the previous year, not that they STILL should have Pitkanen.

  3. NYRules says:

    According to scouts from several teams, there is not going to be a draft. A friend of mine was supposed to be drafted this year and probably go 3rd round. Scouts from 6 different teams have already told him that there will not be a draft.

  4. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:


    No Sidney Crosby. No way. It is THE story to talk about in terms of players when a new season comes. It is a player that can guaratee a team sells out every game and be a HUGE road draw.

    Eklund (insert you comments here) suggests there is a date for a draft in late June in NYC. Once they annouce a CBA (this thursday or friday) we’ll know more.


  5. nordiques100 says:

    Coach is right in that the draft lottery should be weighted equally.

    Your suggestion to have some teams weighted more favorably due to the size of their city and market is wrong. why should those big US teams get all the breaks? I just cant stand when teams in Canada are constantly neglected. Crosby doesnt have to go to the big US city to make the league better. Those big US cities have to start winning. that is what will make the league better.

    Yeah sure I agree, dont let Crosby play in Carolina cause nobody cares about hockey there. But why should Canada be penalized? Nobody wants Crosby to go to Toronto simply cause it’s Toronto. Nobody wants Crosby to be in Ottawa, Calgary or Edmonton because nobody in the US knows about these places and nobody thinks he would get noticed up here. But you know what? Crosby will be very appreciated in any Canadian city he played for. and coast to coast we would all know who Sid the Kid is. Canada shouldnt be neglected just because we love the game no matter what. Our teams want good players too.

  6. mikster says:

    Well, if there is no draft then what those scouts are saying is that there isn’t going to be a CBA in a while, which i don’t think is the case…..

    It all depends when a CBA gets done, and i think when it gets done then there will be an Entry Draft. There has to be.

    As for the system…

    I think it should be the teams that missed the playoffs in the past three/four years, and where they finished in standings in the past three/four years.

    It’s just out of the question that teams like Detroit, Toronto, Avs…any of those teams that made the playoffs, should get a chance at Crosby. They just should not get it, period.

    I am not sure why you brought up Tampa Bay. They should have nothing to do with Crosby since they won the Cup.

    Even if it will look “bad”, Crosby should go to the Rangers. As i said before last week, I am not sold on this guy yet….and i’d rather have Jack Johnson, speaking from a Rangers fan point of view, but there is not question that it makes sense that Crosby goes to the Rangers, big US market team and he will be on the headlines.

    Unlike players such as Nash who is mostly seen on the scoreboards, Crosby will be on national TV, people will want to see him and it draws a big crowd.

    I just hope that he’s really THAT good, even if i think he is getting overrated and overhyped, so the NHL has a big shot name already.

    But, the media is already hindering this guy’s potential. He’s got a big Reebok deal already…he’s tagged as the next “great” one…. I mean, cut it off. Let the guy prove himself instead of forcing him and pressuring to do so.

    I am not sure how well he can fit in the NHL as a centre, but i’d say he and Jagr could put on quite a show. If Crosby can play LW, then Nylander would also be a key player at centre.

    So…once again the NHL could have another “bad” Draft deal….as the last one dealt with the Nordiques, Flyers, and Rangers regarding Lindros.

  7. Aetherial says:


    I am sorry but you really are losing your mind if you think Jack Johnson is a better prospect in ANY way than Sidney Crosby.

  8. mikster says:

    Well…not like it happened a few times that overhyped 1st overall picks turned out to be less successful than other draft picks.

    But no, i am not saying that Jack Johnson is a better prospect than Crosby. As a Rangers fan i would say that the Rangers are also in need of a Jack Jonhson type, who is also US born and would be a great follow up after Leetch, kind of like Montoya after Richter.

    I’d be just as happy with Johnson as i would be with Crosby, though. Why? Because my fear with Crosby is that he is being way overhyped and it would be one of the biggest blows if Crosby does not turn out to be that much of a “great one” type.

    But yeah i’d take Crosby over Johnson any day, the Rangers need a top notch highly skilled forward. Yet….i wouldn’t cry if the Rangers grab Jonhnson.

    Get what i am saying?

  9. Flyers_01 says:

    I posted this argument in an earlier article.

    I really think the extra bingo balls is not a really well thought out idea and i’ll tell you why. With the exception of the Rangers the plans of the teams are directly responsible for them missing the playoffs, not only that, many of these teams already get top 5 draft picks year after year. Let me explain. Take Atlanta, Columbus, and Pittsburgh, annual competitors for the first overall pick. What this means are all these teams are loaded with potential stars all of whom were taken 1st overall, 2nd overall, 3rd overall or 4th overall. These teams already have the sky is the limit potential players by virtue of tanking their seasons. Yes, they sabotage their seasons and I’ll tell you why, because it makes financial sense for them and the fans support it. As soon as a team says it is going to “build through the draft”, that means the team will field a young cheap team for a few years, and likely be in the running for the first overall pick while they do it, all the while telling the fans to support them. For the owners there’s no incentive to field a competitive team until the fans stop coming, only at that point do they try to figure out if they have the right “core” for their future. Nashville for instance, made no effort to field a competitive team until people stopped coming to the games. Columbus was content to pick high as long as the fan support was there. My point is, building through the draft is good if it’s a mean to an end and not just an end unto itself. Eventually fans will stop waiting to see if this year’s top 5 overall draft pick will be the next superstar the team’s PR department makes him out to be.

    My point is this does a team with Kovalchuk, Heatley, and Stefan (all #1 or #2 overall picks) among others deserve a better chance in this year’s draft than teams actually trying to win the cup every year? Under the old CBA the answer would be YES, this year is unique however. The perennial cellar dwellers weren’t allowed to jockey for the first overall pick as they normally do. This is the year that every team deserves and equal shot. Does anyone really think Atlanta deserves yet another #1 overall? I mean, how many top 2 picks does a team get before people stop feeling sorry for it?

    Many of these teams have their marketable stars for the future, multiple top 5 picks who will be the face of their teams. The teams that deserve the best chance at this chance, if their is any weighting going on, are the teams who haven’t had top 10 picks in recent years, to give them marketable faces for their teams for upcoming years. Other than the rangers, not a single cellar dweller can claim need.

    As far as the league is concerned, It would be best if Toronto or the Rangers got Crosby, mainly from a national media point of view not to mention their farm systems are relatively weak.

  10. mikster says:

    “This is the year that every team deserves and equal shot.”

    Absolutely not. Every team? No way do the Wings, Avs, Leafs……Lightning, Blues, Flyers, etc… deserve a shot at Crosby.

    It all comes down to Buffalo, Rangers, Hawks (maybe…they made the playoffs three years ago), Panthers, Blue Jacks, or Florida. Pittsburgh maybe, but i don’t think they are even interested knowing that they can’t afford 1st overall-ers.

    And, the Rangers farm system is not weak…. the Wolf*Pack are a top AHL team with young players, they have great goaltending depth, and solid defensemen.

  11. TheCoach says:

    But with the weighted lottery system, Tampa Bay will have as good a shot as Washington to get the #1 pick. They were bad 3 or 4 years ago, but now are the best team. Yet they’d get a better shot than the Sens, Blues, Leafs, etc. These are the problems with this system and why it does not work.

    Also, you say that teams like the Wings and Leafs don’t deserve a shot but Atlanta, Florida, Blue Jackets, etc do. Why is that? There is a very good chance that Atlanta will be better than Toronto next year. What happens if Belfour, Roberts, Nieuwendyk, Mogilny, etc don’t come back. The Leafs will not be a good team. Why don’t they deserve a shot? Atlanta has had crappy seasons before, and because of it they got Heatley, Kovalchuk and Lehtonen. Why should they get a better shot at Crosby even though they have more talent then teams like the Leafs? Same thing with Florida. They got Horton and Bouwmeester. Why should they get Crosby also, even though they have a better future than Detroit, Colorado and Toronto?

  12. Flyers_01 says:

    Let’s take the Blue Jackets. The quintessential “build through the draft, low payroll team”. The last 5 years they’ve had the 4th, 8th, 1st, 4th, 4th. Pittsburgh was awared 5th, 3rd, 2nd overall in the last 3. Panthers were awarded 4th, 1st, 1st, 7th. Atlanta is just as bad.

    For one reason or another none of these teams elected to compete for the stanley cup. For the most part, these teams didn’t put a dime into their team roster they didn’t have to. As a reward they get their choice of the best prospects. Some of these teams, if they got another top 5 pick, would have to put the pick on the second line, or second defensive pairing because the first is already filled with top 5 picks. Why does a team such as Columbus deserve another top pick? What about Florida? In short, I don’t believe a team’s past history should factor into this draft.

    No season was played, everyone finished with the same record, same odds for everyone.

  13. mikster says:

    Tampa made the playoffs two years in a row, they have a slight chance if any and Cup winners end up with the 30th overall pick. So they cannot have a good chance.

    Washington made the playoffs last year and no way they are getting Ovechkin and Crosby in consecutive drats.

    Of course the Caps get a better shot than the Sens, Blues, Leafs….. Caps finished behind them in all those years.

    Why do the Panthers, Thrashers, B’Jacks, etc deserve a shot and the Wings Leafs etc don’t?

    Because those teams have not made the playoffs and the others have. No playoff team ever gets a 1st overall pick (unless with a trade), so why change the whole purpose of the Entry Draft?

    The purpose of the draft is for teams to improve themselves by drafting the right players, and the best players in the top 10. By giving the Wings or Blues, Flyers….Avs, a shot at Crosby, then that’s going against the idea of the Entry Draft.

    That’s just unacceptable.

    You can’t include the Leafs future possible struggle and feel bad for them so then you give them a shot at Crosby. Hey, tough luck to the Leafs. Anyone who feels like they should get a shot at Crosby because of their pension team is just not making any sense. I am a big Leaf supporter, but there is no way they will get a good chance at Crosby. They just don’t deserve it and their future problems of old players should not be taken into consideration.

    If Atlanta is better than Toronto next season, then hey….they did it because they built themselves with the drafts after finishing in the bottom of the league a few seasons. You can’t give the Leafs chances basing them on “what if Atlanta will be better?”

    Thrashers won’t get Crosby….i think this Draft will be fixed, not sure how, but something odd will happen. The league won’t risk giving their prize market strategy prospect (Crosby) to an unknown team across the USA that barely hits headlines.

    Florida got Horton and Bouwmeester, and they still have a lot more work on their hands if they want to build a stronger future. Crosby to the Panthers? It’s risky….i’d love it because then i’d get to watch him every game (haha) but it’s not going to happen.

    Teams that did not make the playoffs will get the better shot at Crosby, period.

    It’s going to be with Buffalo, Columbus, Chicaco (even if they missed the playoffs twice in the past 3 years), Pittsburgh, Florida, and the Rangers.

    Chicago may get a great shot, but i think it’s going to be the Rangers and i think sponsors (Reebok specifically) will prefer to see Crosby in the Big Apple rather in nowhere Columbus in Ohio. Penguins have financial issues, so they won’t risk it there. Hawks are a liability because of Wirtz and also because they are just in horrible shape.

    B’Jacks got too many star prospects that don’t grab any media attention, so no one would want to see Crosby go to a no name team.

    Sabres have a great shot, i think. They could be awesome with Crosby and Vanek. They got good young players, potential….hockey is well known up there, they have a solid history. I’d be happy to see Crosby as a Sabre.

    But……all in all, the best place is New York. I think every owner wants the NHL to get healthy as soon as possible, and Crosby to the Rangers is a major helper.

    I’ll be upset if a no name team gets him, and i would heavily criticize Bettman for it, but it’s the right way to go because if a playoff team gets Crosby, and a team that’s been making the playoffs for years, then it would go against the main purpose of an Entry Draft.

    That cannot happen, or else i will heavily attack Bettman, the NHL, owners, and whichever team gets him.

  14. rojoke says:

    For one reason or another none of these teams elected to compete for the Stanley Cup.

    Please tell me that I misread that. You can’t tell me that any player on any professional sports club, no matter what league, starts off every season with the thought that, “Hey, let’s finish last this year and get the first pick.” If you did think that way, then you’re jaded way too much, and maybe you should just not even bother to watch sports anymore.

    The fact is that we are in uncharted waters here, as no league has ever been dumb enough to cancel an entire season. But once things resume, and they will, then the draft will be part of that. We can all speculate on how that will operate, and we can offer our own ideas and critique others all we want. But the way that the draft is supposed to work is that the lower performing teams should draft first. And that’s how it will work in the future. The fact that teams don’t bungee from the top of the standings to the bottom from one year to the next is not relevant. Teams do tend to trend upwards and downwards, and if there is a lottery to decide the first round and first overall pick, then that will probably be reflected in how the lottery is done. Hell, they may even decide that recent Cup finalists are ineligible for the first pick. We won’t really know until the deal is signed and announced.

    As for the “quintessential ‘build through the draft, low payroll team'”, they’re only five years in operation, still considered by many an expansion team. But in their defence, they started off the 2003-04 season very well, even holding the division lead very early in the season. So don’t tell me that they didn’t compete all season. Go tell them.

  15. mikster says:

    The whole purpose of the draft is to make the non playoff teams better with the top 10 picks. It’s not made to make a Cup finalist, or winner, or a top Cup contender better with the top 10 picks.

    I know what you mean that the B’Jacks, and Thrash, and the Pens should not deserve it. I know so…and i agree, i said so myself in the other article i wrote about Crosby.

    But, a draft is a draft and it should stick with its main purpose.

    I am quite confident that this will be a fixed entry draft, which is absolutely wrong and obsurd, but it’s for the best interest of the game, the NHL, all owners, sponsors, and TV deal that Crosby goes to either:




    No one wants to risk Crosby going to the Thrashers where they barely get headlines.

    Come on…..look at Tampa Bay. Lecavalier, Richards, St. Louis, Kabibulin…. all these players. Number one team in the league, Cup champion…..yet what were the TV ratings? How much coverage did the Bolts get throughout the whole season?

    Get what i am saying? The NHL has a market strategy in Crosby, and they should use it well enough where it benefits them, and i think most owners will admit that it’s better to see Crosby go to a team that makes sense as to how they got him and that benefits the game.

    This is why everyone is suggesting the Rangers. Big Apple, Big Deal…. Big advertisement, Big headlines, high ratings… Rangers have the money to spend to market Crosby as a product. You put the Rangers on national TV and advertise this rumored next “Great One” type player, then you’re going to get TV ratings.

    You think that would ever happen with the B’Jacks? Pens (maybe if Mario is still playing, doubtfully)? Panthers?

    Also, Crosby got the Reebok deal and Reebok wants major sales…..they don’t want to see Crosby go to no man’s land Ohio and market their product there. They will have a say in this ordeal, and would want to see Crosby in a city (NY or Chicago) and want to make money off of it.

    So….i think it’s going to go like that. If it won’t then i think the NHL would be off a horrible start, but the purpose of an Entry Draft is still kept in place.

    I would be more pissed off if a team like the Avs or Wings get a guy like Crosby. That would just be unacceptable.

  16. rojoke says:

    And I’ll assume you have discounted the fact that you’re a Rangers fans in your opinion.

    But I do agree with your main point. The powers that be, both in the NHL and the PA, would like to see him in a major market south of the border. If it’s New York (Rangers or Islanders), LA, Chicago, or Miami, it would be of benefit to everyone if he were more easily available for major media outlets. Even if he ended up playing anywhere in Canada, I think it would be seen as a step sideways. It took Gretzky 9 years to make a name for himself in the US while playing in Canada. If he were to play up here, it would be like giving a blind person prescription glasses.

  17. Expuffin says:

    Mikster, you are unbelievable. On one hand you are saying that Toronto doesn’t deserve Crosby because they shoudn’t be rewarded for signing players ready for a pension but the Rangers deserve it? Cmon!!! The Rangers have done exactly the same thing. If you look at placing him in a high profile market, then Toronto can’t be ignored. As well as Rangers and Red Wings. To name a few.

  18. mikster says:

    No, they are not the same thing.

    I said Toronto should not be getting a chance at Crosby because of their playoff runs in the past…what…..6 years or so? The fact that someone says that they deserve a chance because of their liabilities in old players is just out of the question.

    That’s what i basically said. You can’t give a chance to the Leafs because Atlanta may be better than them next season and because of their injury prone players.

    Again…..the purpose of an Entry Draft is to make the bad teams get better, specifically with the top 10 picks. They are bad because they finished in the bottom group of the league and have missed the playoffs a few years.

    Wings, Leafs, Avs, Flyers, Blues….. they have made the playoffs, they have finished in top standings. So no…they do not deserve a chance at Crosby because then it would not be an Entry Draft.

    Rangers get the most sense out of it because they are a big market team, in a rebuilding process, have the money to keep Crosby, have the money to market Crosby…..they have the money to get a star player like Jagr playing with Crosby. They haven’t made the playoffs….

    I think it’s cheap if the Rangers get Crosby because it would obviously be a fixed draft, but it would be for the good of the game.

    I’d be upset if a no-name expansion team gets Crosby (like Columbus) because it’s not going to help the NHL at all. But, it makes sense with the whole purpose and meaning of the Entry Draft.

    I’d be looking at the bright side if say the Habs, Leafs, Wings get Crosby (for the good of the NHL)….but i will be majorly pissed off at the fact that it was extremely unfair that a top team gets a star prospect when the team has not even missed the playoffs.

    It will just make the Entry Draft totally meaningless.

    Got what i am saying?

  19. 19Yzerman says:

    Local news paper did an article on this Crosby which said that Wayne Gretzky has named him “The Next One” at the Memorial Tourney this weekend. History has a funny way of repeating its self as Gordie Howe did do something of that nature by going to see Gretzky while he was very young and about to become pro in the near future.

    I hope that the NHL’s overwhelming need for a new superstar doesn’t go to the extent of creating new rules which will only help this one player like the NBA did for Jordan with the Jordan rules back in 1991.

  20. mikster says:

    I am being completely unbiased about this ordeal with Crosby to the Rangers. Of course i’d be happy….who wouldn’t be? But, i would also recognize the fact that it would be an unfairly conducted lottery because it’d be obvious that the league gave Crosby to the Rangers.

    It makes sense if he goes to the Rangers, and i’d love it, but i also said, also in my article about Crosby last week, that i am not too sold on him yet and that i’d love for the Rangers to get 2nd or 3rd overall pick and get a chance at Jack Johnson.

    So….i think that pretty much makes me quite unbiased about this.

    I think Crosby should go to: Buffalo, Chicago, or Rangers. But in a more realistic matter, with the purpose of the Entry Draft, then the B’Jacks and Panthers (forget the Pens) will get a shot at him.

    I like how the Panthers market their key players. Everyone down here knows Luongo very well, and i still am surprised to see a lot of people carrying Panthers bumber stickers, license plates and frame license plates.

    Still….not like they have a lot of money to market Crosby. I’d have loads of fun because then i’d get to watch him, Horton, Luongo, Jokinen, Kolnik, and Jay Bo play.

    But, i think it will be Crosby to Chicago, Buffalo, or Rangers.

  21. 19Yzerman says:

    I hope the Red Wings end up with Crosby for three reasons

    1st I am a Wings Fan

    2nd Reabok would like that

    3rd it would cause quite a BUZZ here at HTR

    I have consulted with several future tellers who have all said that he will be a Red Wing. Now I am laughing Like Dr Evil and Mini Me with thumb at the side of my mouth with pinky extended and saying MUWAAA AAA AAAA AAAA!!!!!!!

  22. ranger_fan says:

    Why not the Kings?

    Dave Taylor is one of the most underrated GMs. LA has consistently lost money, without a doubt. But they arent heavy spenders, I think last offseason they got Craig Conroy, and the whole Garon trade, which I’ve already forgotten. Anyways, LA is a big town, and huge sucess, with another Wayne like player might do just as much good. Crosby is to Gretzky as Kobe is to MJ? I dont really follow the MBA, but I have heard Kobe was to be the next Jordan. I’d love to see Crosby in NY, but I think LA would be a great #2. Hell even the Islanders would do well if the Islanders would just fire Mad Mike. Wait, they would become decent, hold that thought.

    “I’d rather have them playing with their toys than themselves.”

  23. ranger_fan says:

    How would the Wings trade up to get him? Honestly. At least NY has talent to trade up from #2-#6, Hendrik Lundquist certainly would be great bait, Nigel Dawes for teams that want to gamble b/c of his size. I dont know if Fischer and Zetterburg would be enough b/c the Wings would be around pick 25.

  24. nordiques100 says:

    Everyone’s arguments in this thread make it all the more sensible to have an equal weighted draft lottery.

    many here is arguing that the leafs shouldnt get it b/c they have been in the playoffs every year and should get it b/c their farm system is weak.

    many here is saying tampa and washington shouldnt be on similar levels because washington has been on a decline and tampa is on the rise even though the have had around the same number of playoff appearances.

    many here thinks the top pick should go to a big US market like chicago, NYR, LA and that teams in non hockey markets should get nothing. this despite the fact the worst teams have been the non hockey market teams like carolina, atlanta, nashville etc.

    many here are saying no canadian team should get the top pick b/c a future star like crosby will go unnoticed to the common US fan if he plays in Canada.

    many here dont want crosby to end up on teams that have a long list of top young players like washington, florida, atlanta, columbus etc as they are the teams constantly picking in the top 5.

    and on the other hand many dont want the top pick to go to winning teams b/c the rich dont deserve to get richer.

    all these what ifs, buts, ands, and so forth really make it more logical to have an equal weighted draft lottery so that there is no bias with any of the 30 teams. give everyone an equal shot and whomever gets the top pick deserves it b/c that is simply how the chips fell. no fixing, no unbalance weighting, no bias, no arguments about they deserved this but this team didnt. everything even is the fairest way to go.

  25. ranger_fan says:

    It has to be weighted.

    Something I would love to see, and something I think Bettman needs to do. Get the troubled franchises out! Promise 4 or 6 owners they will get 5 million dollars, after a new deal is reached. In 5-10 years offer them a chance at an expansion team when the NHL is a healthier product. Hold two drafts, one of those players whos contracts are owed to the teams, and another draft so we have eliminated, lets say Pittsburgh, however an owner who lost his team buy the Pens. They are too rich in heritage and too big of a city to lose a team. Another Carolina. Anaheim bye bye. etc. Hopefully that loses the arguement of no “weak” team.

    However to give a team, who has suceeded, and they are ready for a rebuilding time, let them suffer. The Rangers now, and in the 80s had to do it. Detroit rebuilt, Boston had to, Toronto before the Wendel Clarke time, all of these teams had to suffer. They will now too.

    The draft will most likely be rigged, and I dont know what I am getting at, so peace out.

  26. nordiques100 says:

    Another easy solution…. change the draft age. move it to age 19 or even 20 making crosby and everyone else now ineligible so that when/if they have a real season next year, the real worst team will get the best shot at the draft lottery.

    yes crosby is an out of this world prospect but really the draft age is way too young. look at football. most of the players drafted had at least a couple years of college under their belt and come into the league in their 20s at least.

  27. 19Yzerman says:

    Oh sorry I didn’t make it clear that The Red Wings are going to get Crosby at no expense other then its draft pick used to get him. They will get him by virtue of draft lottery. Future tellers are saying that there will be 100% equal chance for all teams at all picks. Oh yea in case you think I serious. I am also being told by these future tellers that after next season the NHL will expand with a team in Biloxi ,Mississippi and Boise ,Idaho. LOL

  28. 19Yzerman says:

    You would have the bottom 15 teams jockeying for the bottom 5 spots to get therefore you would still have no true worst team.

  29. nordiques100 says:

    every year there has been teams that have tanked it. that is why there is the lottery. so that the team at the bottom of the standings isnt guaranteed the top pick.

    this is certainly a better way than guestimating how the weighting should be.

  30. mikster says:

    Yeah, LA should have been included by me. I thought they only missed the playoffs last season, but it’s two in a row…..out of three. They have a chance, sure.

  31. TheCoach says:

    But mik, how can you tell which teams are contenders after not playing a full season? Atlanta could have been a very good team last season, and better than the likes of Toronto. But they’ll still get one of the best shots? This would not be serving the purpose of the draft. Toronto could have very easily been a weak team last year, and Atlanta could have been a top team. But you’re still going to give Atlanta another top 10 pick?

  32. 19Yzerman says:

    An equal weighted draft lottery is the only way to draft because as you said, “every year there has been teams that have tanked it.”

    Who knows who could have or would have tanked it and where that would have put them when the balls fall down the chute? That is the abyss of the unknown. Look at the Red Wings and Tell me this team wasn’t on the riding edge of the cliff poised for a losing season. This could have been the year every NHL fan outside of Detroit has been waiting and lobbying for VIA claims that the league needs competitive balance. The precedence for establishing picks cannot be followed and now everyone is up in arms as to where this one player goes. One thing is for sure. The All leagues in pro sports should be putting the foot down on issues such as marketing companies who attempt to dictate to athletes what city they should play in. If this practice is allowed every big named sports athlete who is worthy of product endorsements should simply be given to New York.

  33. Aetherial says:

    On the contrary, I hope it does cause new rules.

    The NHL needs, more than anything, to have marketable stars. That means a league where their skills can shine.

    The Jordan rules were good for basketball. The biggest basketball boom in interest was when Jordan had his rules…

  34. 19Yzerman says:

    Allowing a man to run 5 steps and get to the net without having to dribble the ball is a mockery of those greats who can came before him who did have to dribble the ball to get to the net. Players who are the greatest ever in their sport DO NOT need help by way of unfair occifiating practices.

    None the less you are right that it may help changing the rules to let” their skills can shine.”

  35. ranger_fan says:

    impossible. wings are too good to have #1

  36. rojoke says:

    TSN proposed that this is the ideal opportunity to raise the draft age from 18 to 19. There have been rumblings that the cutoff date for player eligibility, which is currently Sept. 15, when training camps usually begin, will be changed so that any player who would turn 18 in that year would be draft eligible.

    Personally, I don’t see the PA, or more specifically the agents representing the undrafted players, being too supportive of this idea. Since there’s very few 18-year-olds making the jump from junior to the NHL, and they can’t be sent to the AHL anyway, there’s arguments for both changing the age and maintaining the current rules.

  37. Flyers_01 says:

    Why would a player think that? Does a player with a contract benefit from sucking? I doubt it. Teams and Owners do benefit from it though and do tank seasons, it’s part of the reason there is a lottery for the top pick. If you don’t think you have a chance for the cup this year, why not go for a high pick? How about Washington’s firesale? Anyone they could unload they did, the reward for getting rid most of their higher quality NHL players? The first overall pick. If you are gonna suck anyway, it pays to suck bad as long as you keep the payroll down.

    The way the draft works is on win/loss records for each team the previous year, not trends. As their were no winners last year, noone has a basis for a claim that they deserve a higher pick more than anyone else. It’s alot easier to come up with reasons why teams shouldn’t than why teams should have a better chance.

    To me 5 years doesn’t constitute an expansion team, 3 years i think is the limit. Heck, technically the flyers are an expansion team if you aren’t going to place limits. The blue jackets are relying on young drafted players. What that means is they are shunning proven NHL talent for unproven youngsters. Allowing to many youngsters with alot to learn have key roles with the team is a recipe for short term disaster, and the CBJs have delivered. They aren’t interested in winning this year and maybe not next year, hence tanking with a longterm plan. It is a way for the BJs to minimize costs while building a potential decent yet cheap team down the road.

  38. 19Yzerman says:

    To Good! Define to good. Up to now the measuring stick has been standings at seasons end. No season happened thus no standings. So how is it according to you the Wings are to Good? please explain exactly how you can establish such a statement as “to good”? That is a good one coming from a Ranger Fan.

    Well since you can name teams that are to good. What do you suggest would the fairest way to align teams for drafting players in the wake of no season and no subsequent standings. where would you put what teams and why?

    The way I see it the whole league ended the 2004-2005 tied for first place. So you put each teams name on a piece of paper and draw them from a hat until each team has been drawn into its draft position.

  39. ranger_fan says:

    any team is too good, except for the sabres, praise them for doing worse lol.

    Im just saying, why should the wings deserve to be picking high, after doing well since 1996. Hell the Rangers have not made the playoffs since 1997! Its not like they purposely tank! Well actually they have by not selecting a good coach, but payrol wise, they try to be president winners each and every god damn year.

  40. Kraut182 says:

    To repeat some points and just basically throw in my 2 cents; the draft should give every team a chance of picking in every position. There was no season last year, nobody knows what would have happened. Does this mean we have to assume that bad teams would have continued to be bad teams? NO! Nor should we reward the teams that blatantly dumped players (Chicago, Washington) or basically iced an AHL team (Pittsburgh) with 2 high picks. They basically lost games intentionally, now we give them good chances at 2 of the most exciting prospects in recent history (Ovechkin and now Crosby)? Not if I’m in charge.

    Things change, teams change, Calgary can get to a Stanley Cup final, and the NHL shouldn’t reward teams with 1 season of mediocrity with 2 seasons of great prospects.

  41. 19Yzerman says:

    This is one of the biggest ripple effects of this lockout outside of those people whose lively hood has been effected such as parking,sports bars, concesions and any other average workers that were renderd unemployed.

    Up till now a team could have won every cup from 1996 till 2004. It would have been the 2005’s bottom 5 or 6 teams who would have had the greatest odds. Look at the Red Wings and Tell me this team wasn’t on the riding edge of the cliff poised for a losing season. This could have been the year every NHL fan outside of Detroit has been waiting and lobbying for VIA claims that the league needs competitive balance. To be honest with you for all I know the Wings could owe this years 1st rounder to LA for Schneider.LOL

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