Too Much Money For Too Little.

After reading H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS’ latest article, I thought why not reverse his idea?

The Most Overpaid Player Signings Of The Free Agent Market 2005.

In an NHL age of salary caps, and revenue sharing, salary has become even more important than ever before. Teams can no longer throw a ton of money at mid level players. This makes one wonder what some GMs were thinking when tossed buckets full of money at some of these players.

3) 4.5 million for Joe Nieuwendyk and Gary Roberts, Florida Panthers.

As much as I love these two players, they were already showing signs of slowing down when there was last NHL hockey. Now after another year of aging, it makes me wonder if they were worth the 2.25 million they will each be paid? Injuries have been a recent problem for these players, and at almost 40, it makes one wonder if that will continue this year. Not to mention they were given 2 year contracts. Both players are almost 40, and although the experience that they will bring to the team is of no question, how much they both have left in the tank is. If they can stay healthy they’re worth the money.

2) 3.5 million for Mike Rathje, Philadelphia Flyers.

Rathje is another player I like a lot but is he worth the 3.5 million he was given? He’s a big, physical defenseman, with almost no offensive upside to speak of. His lateral movement is also a problem, and with the new rules, he may have problems with speedy forwards getting around him. In my eyes he’s not worth as much as Sergei Gonchar, or Roman Hamrlik who are both making the same as Rathje. Or you could even compare his salary to Mathieu Schneider’s 3.2 million.

1) 4.25 million for Bobby Holik, Atlanta Thrashers.

As an agitator and defensive center with some scoring potential, Holik is one of the best, but is he worth 4.25 million? Can a team invest so much money in a player of his caliber? The Thrashers followed the New York Rangers trend, and overpaid for the feisty Holik . Keep in mind that Alexei Kovalev is getting 4.5 million this year and Patrik Elias resigned at 4.18 million. I’d take Elias or Kovalev at that rate over Holik any day.

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Can anyone think of any other players who signed this year for more than they’re worth?

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