Top 10 Most Wasted Talents In The NHL

After seeing the list of the TOP 50 players ( Current) it was tough to even fathom listing these players. First off, Yzerman today is maybe top 40, but Yzerman 10 – 15 years ago finished 3rd in scoring behind Wayne and Mario consistently. What that list need was a little more structure, which this list has.The Most Talented Players Currently In the NHL who haven’t played to their potential on a nightly basis. These players could’ve played great at one time, but considering their skill level, they aren’t playing anywhere near what they should be. There are some guys in this league that make me sick, because Id give my right leg ( rendering me useless on the ice, but nonetheless) for 1% of their talent with the puck. Maybe its the culture of Canadian hockey that I’ve grown up in, but wasted talent bothers me as a fan of the NHL and a player of the game of hockey.

In No Particular Order

1. Alexei Kovalev

2. Jaromir Jagr

3. Alexander Mogilny

4. Vinny Lecavalier(until the last 3-4 playoff games)

5. Marian Gaborik

6. Eric Daze ( I know his back is always hurt, but..)

7. Alexei Yashin

8. Maxim Afinigenov

9. Rob Niedermayer

10. Bobby Holik ( maybe its just what he’s getting paid, but that’s a whole other argument)

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