Top 10 Teams of The Modern Day NHL

Often through this miserable winter with no hockey I have found myself going to more and more. Right now having very little to talk about the website is having the greatest team “Quest for The Best” tournament. Even though my team (the oilers) are still in the mix I am disgusted with some of the results. I am not going to get into it all but one thing is for sure the 92-93 penguins should not be in the final 4. They didn’t even make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, or even the final 4. Maybe I am just bitter because they are currently beeting the 84 Oilers 3 games to 2. But this gave me an idea, since i have no idea how i would be able to rank teams that i have never seen play i am going to keep this in our generation. So here is my Top 10 teams of the last 25 years.

I hope that you enjoy and look forward to some critisism.
10. 93-94 Vancouver Canucks: No stanley cup but fun to watch and had alot of talent. Kirk McLean was unbeleivable and Pavel Bure was at his best.

9. 94-95 New Jersey Devils: Changed the way Hockey is played in North America. Swept the Red Wings in the final.

8. 85-86 Montreal Canadians: Beet the Flames in a upsetting Final and introduced the world to Patrick Roy

7. 89-90 Edmonton Oilers: Whizzed through the playoffs with very little difficulty. Messier was huge. No Gretzky

6. 2000-2001 Avalanche. Forsberg, Sakic, Blake, Roy, Foote, Hejduk, and of coarse Bourque. 7 of the leagues best players all on one team. Man I hate them.

5. 96-98 Red Wings: Doesnt really matter either the 96-97 team or the 97-98 squad either way they dominated and swept 2 cup finals in a row. They even won with 2 different B rated goalies. Which is very hard to do these days.

4. 90-92 Penguins: Once again won 2 cups in a row Lemeiux was unbeleivable and Barasso was superb. Very fun team to watch.

3. 93-94 New York Rangers: Great Team looks alot like the 90 Oilers but with Leetch and Richter. Messier made himself the best leader in all of professional sports in the playoffs. To bad he hasnt made them since 1997

2. Mid 80’s Oilers: Four cups in 5 years. Gretz, Mess, Lowe, Coffee, Anderson, Fuhr, Tikkanen, Anderson and many more greats. Who knows what would of happened if they had money, i still think that they could of got 5 more. But that is a different topic to be discussed.

1. 79-83 Islanders. It kills me to put them ahead of the OIL, but 4 Cups in a row is just insane. They had a hell of alot of great players and they played well as a team. I still think that Billy Smith is the greatest goalie of that Era. I dont think anyone will ever win 4 in a row again.

Well there you have it. I am sure you Flames fans are pretty upset with these picks but i just coudnt put the 88-89 flames anywhere on here. I hate them too much. I am sorry i just do.

Honerable Mention should also go to this years Tampa Bay Lightning, the 98-99 Dallas Stars, 2003 New Jersey Devils, 1993 Canadians and Maybe even the 2004 Calgary Flames, what they did this year was incredible , I hate them so much but I do live in Calgary so I saw first hand what a playoff run can do for a team and a City.

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  1. oilfans_suck says:

    well arent you just a miserable little *****

  2. oilfans_suck says:

    now i remember you. You are the idiot that cant spell himself but has no problem commenting on others poor spelling. WHO CARES!!!!!!

    I came here to post MY veiws about hockey and get some feedback. I welcome critisism but you are just a MORON. You have by far the least valid points on here. Out of all the responses yours was by far the stupidest. Minnesota North Stars! ha, noone on here is that stupid. Anyways What did I ever do to you that made you attack me like this. If you dont agree with my article point out what you think is wrong. (like every other person on here has done). You are just being an ass and arguing for no reason because you have noone at home to listen to you *****. I dont care if you have friends on here or who you know on this site. I like this site and I am going to continue posting here and if you dont like me or what I say, THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM.

    Anyways If you have that big a problem with me LEAVE ME ALONE! I dont want to hear from you. Listening to you can actually make a person stupider.

  3. hockeyhead says:

    oilfan, for me, i think you were a little hostile with some of the feedback at least mine a couple times.

    there are a lot of knowledgable fans on this site and ripping their knowledge might get them to bark back.

    some of my favorite people on this site were people that i got in arguments with at first. just have fun and listen to what people have to say.

    it is fun to get in arguments anyway…..we are all a little bit b_tchy because of no NHL>

    19yzerman calls it HDS.

  4. oilfans_suck says:

    “The oilers were a playoff team that didnt give a @#$% about the regular season. The Bruins got there asses kicked in the playoffs by the oilers. I forget 4-1 or 4-0. Sure they always beet them in the regular season. BUt who cares.

    See Ray Bourque had the right Idea. If you want to win a stanly cup…


    I am sorry if this offended you. I guess I was in a bad mood when i wrote it. I actually like the bruins

    well I used to anyways. They were a good team but i just dont think they were great. But yeah they were probly better than the 94 Nucks.

    I just dont like this beckfan homo, I dont understand why spelling is such a big deal. I have a really small keyboard and i type really fast. I do however have a grade 12 so its not like I am a retard. I think it is more important to get your point across than have perfect grammar and spelling. Obviosly it is nice to have both, it would also be nice to have 25 hours in a day. If you read most of the stuff on htr you will see that I am not the only one who has mispelled things in the past. Not that it matters but beckfan cant even spell recipe. I normally dont get into all this mudslinging crap. I am sorry if I offended anyone I actually do enjoy your feedback. I just dont enjoy anything that loser has to say. I think that he is the one that is 12 years old. I read some of his posts and I dont think that he has even been close to making 1 good point. Anyways I am sorry if I offended anyone else.

  5. hockeyhead says:

    joey mullen is awesome too….but anyway…we can all have our opinions.

    yea people like to give crap about spelling…who cares….i mean i have written about 15 news articles for this site and i have not been paid,,,right?

    i used to love this site to get into arguments and rag on other teams but with the lockout it has got pretty lame.

    thanks for writing something other than the lockout.

  6. gojiclan says:

    wiring freddie mitchel’s mouth would be a bad thing?

    and this is coming from a true eagle fan

    i hate that guy so much, say what you want about T.O. but at least he shows up to play every game, and knows better than to mouth off the week of the biggest game of their lives to date.

    god i hope freddie never plays again after the super bowl

  7. hockeyhead says:

    no one learns….look at vanderjerk….he mouthed off and he misses field goals.

    the steeelers (who are my team) didnt mouth off because they did one year and the pats destroyed them.

    one thing for sure…don’t piss off the pats.

    i thank god for my big mouth!!!!

  8. Beckfan5 says:

    29 first of all.

    Second, I think my point about Glen Anderson should be in the Hall is a pretty good one. You know who he is right?

    And third, I think your *****n’ just a liiiiiiiittle too much.

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