Top 10 Worst jerseys of all time

Well the jerseys for this year are out, and my critiquing them is over. But somehow I feel my crusade is not over. So frends, here is the list of the worst NHL jerseys ever!First off, for pictures head over to This site is amazing. It has every NHL uniform that was ever worn. I’ve recieved permission from the owner, Mr. Andrew Greenstien, so head on over for pictures.

Here we go:

10. 1995-96 Boston Bruins Alternate

1995 was the year of the alternate. The NHL first adopted the format, and many of the jerseys have ended up on this list. The Boston jersey is the ‘best’ of them. This jersey is the bear jersey. The color is mustard yellow, with a stupid jagged trim on the sleeves. I like the bear, but its pretty dumb. That bear dosen’t look viscious. It looks like Gentle Ben.

Overall C

9. 1981-82 Philladelphia Flyers

Anyone remember these guys? They were the ones that decided to wear the long pants. Lets just say you had to see them to get the idea.

Overall C-

8. 1929-30 Pittsburgh Pirates (thats right)

I went way back to the NHL’s humble beginings to find this. This sweater is orange with diagonal black stripes, think Halloween. Except theres this big black wedge on the left shoulder. And an awful pirate logo. Looks like candy corn!

Overall D+ (it was 70+ years ago)

7. 1996-97 Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate

Oh boy. First we have the tidal wave on the bottom. Then it appears to be raining on the jersey. Then lastly we have lightning bolts on the sleeves. Just like Hurricane Hugo, these jerseys blow.

Overall D+

6. 2002-03 New York Islanders Alternate

Where do I start? Orange! Since when is orange a good color? And those blue triangles? C’mon now. These jerseys look like the New York Mets. Except the Mets are supposed to suck. Oh and strings, don’t even get me started on strings.

Overall D

5. 2001-02 Nashville Predators Alternate

Way is it bad teams always have bad jerseys? Maybe if they looked better, they’d feel better, and they’d play better. A sabre-tooth tiger could have been done so much better than this. Apparentley they were greatley inspired by the Bruins big ugly head concept. And the color, what is that supposed to be? Puke yellow?

Overall D-

4. 1978-79 Vancouver Canucks

What did the V stand for? Vancouver? No, Victory. Guess it was a visual deterent. Psych the other team out.

“Man Bossy, those jerseys say Victory on them. Now we’re going to loose”

“Shut Up Gilles! Watch out for Williams”

Thats about the only thing that would pysch me out against them. Fear of Tiger Williams. These jerseys were long considered the worst ever. Guess thats up for grabs now.

Overall F

3. 1995-96 LA Kings Alternate

Take a whit blank jersey, spray some crooked grey stripes on it, make the logo as small as you can and put it in the left corner, puts some purple numbers on it and your done. So is your dignity! I guess that logo is supposed to be a king, not sasquatch. Also, the captains C was switched to the other side, and the old logo’s remained on top of the shoulders. Looks like a third grader designed it.

Overall F

2. 1995-96 Mighty Ducks Alternate

The infamous “Duck on Crack jersey. Disney decided to put an animated charecter on the jersey. Guess it must have been a crime fighting duck goalie. Almost makes the normal ones look good.

Overall F(-)

1. 1996-97 New York Islanders

The Islanders are the only team to be featured on here twice. This is the Fishstick jersey. Why would they put a longshoreman on a jersey? To promote the tentacle canneries found on Long Island. And they waves at the bottom are colored green and orange. I thought the ocean was supposed to be blue! These jerseys were so bad they were change mid-way throught the season, putting the old logo on the new jerseys. This made for a pretty awful site.

Overall F(——)

So there you go. My list of the worst NHL jersys ever. Please feel free to add you comments and opinions. If you need a visual aide, go check out Have fun.

One more thing. If you really want to see a bad jersey: Look at the bonus uniform for the 1995-96 season. Don’t say you weren’t warned