Top 5: Disapointment To Their New Teams

We all know that there have been many mistakes by teams for getting certain players, but i’m here talking about my opinion of the top five worst aquisitions of the 06 summer:
1. Todd Bertuzzi- He has had one great game and he has been injured for most of the year, he was supposed to bring in some much needed offense and he can’t do that right now

2. Michael Peca- I regret putting him in my top 5 a few articles ago, because he was brought in to win faceoffs which he is doing, but he isn’t scoring like he should be

3. Anson Carter- Coming off of a 30+ goal season with the nucks it just shows that simply it was the sedins and not him, the guy has 6 goals

4. Martin Gerber- Coming off a pretty good season in Carolina, he was brought in to be a solid no. 1 goalie, and he hasn’t been doing that, he has been letting in bad goals and Ray Emery has been showing him up

5. Alex Tanguay- Don’t get me wrong, the guy’s a great hockey player, and he is starting to get better, but in the first third of the season (even though he is now doing well) he hasn’t been playin his best hockey

So those five are my opinion of the top disapointment to their New Teams… let me know what you think.

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  1. 92-93 says:

    actually Peca is one of the best signings of the offseason.

    he's actually way ahead of last year's scoring pace with the Oilers, he is still winning face offs and has been huge on the PK. not to mention the leadership he brings to the club and the role model for guys like Steen and Stajan.

    so i am completely confused as to why you would have him on this list.

  2. Iceman23 says:

    1.  I think Bertuzzi would be doing exactly what was expected if he hadn't gotten injured.  I would call it a major bum rap for him at this stage.

    2.  I never really thought Peca brought any team that much needed exrta touch of offense like everyone always expects of him, so this one doesn't surprise me.

    3.  You hit this one on the head.

    4.  Ottawa in general is playing like crap this year.  I think they got a little full of themselves or something.  Gerber was good everywhere else he played and don't forget, it wasn't Ward who go the Canes to the playoffs, it was Gerber, because Ward had a GAA of 3+.  Blame alot of Gerber's problems on the team.

    5.  In my opinion, most of the NHL had a slow start this year, especially the Flames.  They started out kinda sketchy, but the whole team has kicked it up a notch, so I think he's just in the flow of things.

  3. Veggetto19 says:


  4. PastParticiple says:

    Where is Sergei Samsonov ???

    3.5 million for his skills for sure, but not for his performance …

  5. thatleafsguy says:

    Pavel Kubina has been dissapointing to the Leafs IMO. He is one of my fave players in the league and he is not showing the skills he truly has.

  6. PhanufRoxs says:

    Patrick Elias isn't playing like his contract says he should be (6 million).

  7. woodsco85 says:

    Yeah as a Leaf fan I expected to see Kubina, while I still like his play, hes a very good defenseman, but not worht the money he gets, but to see Peca, Im confused

  8. openclose says:

    elias is also having to play with mike rupp… not the best linemate in the world.
    elias has other intangebles that would make me want him on my team.

    Biggest freeagent dissapointment… samsonov should be up there but he has played very strongly recently so maybe a turning point.

    Peca… well he may be ahead of last years pace with edmonton but that doesn't change the fact that he was of poor quality until the playoffs.

    Bertuzzi… i would have never seen him missing 18 weeks with a back injury… that's just unforseen, but still a Point per game isn't bad in the 4-7 games he played.

    Anson Carter… the canucks fan in me wants to be gald that he started slowly but now that ken hitch***** is coach in CLB instead of Gallant, Carter has raised his production considerably… he just needed a playmaker (a la Danrik Sedin)

    Gerber… boo gerber… i have never thought he was a quality goalie… the reason Carolina made it to the stanley cup finals was because of Eric Staal, Justin Williams and Rod Brind'amour, not gerber in my opinion.

    Tanguay… technically not a FA signing but we will forget it… who puts up points in a system like calgary? he is still talented he jsut needed time to learn the system.

    In my opinion the biggest dissapointment is a tie between three players

    Janne Ninimaa
    Jan Bulis
    Marc Chouinard

    Ninimaa was brought into be the 3 D on montreal… now he is the 8th

    Bulis was brought into replace Carter… well bulis is a floater and i really don't see how he fits into Vignaults system

    Chouinard… is healthy scratch for 1.1 million.

    these 3 players aren't the highest paid but they sure have dissapointed.

    especially if you are n00b and drafted them in a fantasypool.

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    1. Bert deal looks bad because  of the guy who went the other way. Florida should NOT resign him next season.

    2. If you think Peca was brought in to score goals, you are sadly mistaken. He is a PK specialist, who plays most of his shifts against the Other teams best players. He's 2nd on the team in plus minus. To be honest, he has impressed me thus far. those 4 goals are a bonus.

    3. Agreed. I thought he would regain his "Nucks" form playing with Nash or Zhederev, or even when hitch***** came, but i was wrong.

    4. This guy needs to be #1 on the list. who honestly expected that!

    5. Tanguay????? Out of Chara, Samsonov, and all the aquisitions by the blue's you pick Tanguay? He's been hot, great Aquisition by Calgary.

  10. muckies says:

    Gotta put the Havlat trade at the top and what the Sens got in return.  Tom Preissing who is #6 maybe even #7 on their depth chart and will be gone at seasons end, Barinka who just went back to the Czech Republic and who knows if he'll ever make it or return, Henessey who could be a 2nd or 3rd liner and a 2nd round draft pick which could work out but maybe not,

    So for one of the best players in the league and the leagues BEST SKATER, the have gotten a #7 d-Man that plays 12 minutes a game  and who will be in another uniform next season, and maybe nobody else that will ever make the team or play in the NHL….. And the Gerber signing has been crap to date, although the Sens will need Gerber to make the playoffs and he'll have a big second part of the season, he's looking alot better and has made some huge saves recently, he'll win them some big games down the starect, and hopefully get the Sens into the playoffs. 

  11. zdeno_duchesne says:

    preissing's +/- is outstanding

  12. muckies says:

    I know, but it doesn't change the fact that he is the #6 or #7 D-man on the team, or that the Sens won't resign him next year, and he hasn't really filled the role they thought he would when they traded for him, he doesn't play any big role minutes and isn't really doing much to help them win on a nightly basis.

    Look at the +/- of  Meszaros last year, it was amazing and this year it sucks, but he is playing a much larger role this year and is definetly in the teams top 3 with Reddens injury, he plays the most minutes out of any D-man some nights and plays the PP, PK and against the other teams best players.

    But what does a good +/- get you. Chara is a -2 this year, who would you rather have, Chara or Pressing???? +/- means not much, it's a really misleading stat in this case.

  13. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    Chara? How had he done anything short of expectations? He's on pace to get a career high 50+ points. He leads the league in average ice time per game, he's such a huge presence in the bruins locker room and the ice. The only reason he has a – rating is because the Bruins were off to a really bad start and at one point was a -8. My favorite thing is the fact that sophomore Andy Alberts is leading the team in +/-. Besides, only one person mentioned the worst acquistion this off season was Calder. What a bust.

  14. 42wellwood42 says:

    Why would you have Michael Peca in your top 5 disapointments to their new teams?

    Michael Peca has been great for the Leafs. He wasn't brought in to be a goal scorer he was brought in to shut down other teams top lines and kill penaltys and hes been doing a pretty dam good job of that.

    Instead of Peca you should of put Kubina. Theres no way in hell he's worth his 5million dollars!

  15. FlamingHomer says:

    Tanguay? In October I may have agreed with you but he's been very strong these past several weeks. Maybe you should insert the name of who he was dealt for….Jordan Leopold, in your #5 spot instead.

  16. FlamingHomer says:

    Tanguay? In October I may have agreed with you but he's been very strong these past several weeks. Maybe you should insert the name of who he was dealt for….Jordan Leopold, in your #5 spot instead.

  17. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Peca was a great signing, and Tanguay has been playing great, Bertuzzi can't help what he's been off for, and the BJs should have realized that Carter is just a finisher, you can't play him on a team of shit players.

    Peca has been one of the best penalty killers all year, this is one of the very few moves JFJ has made that doesn't suck.

    How can you make this list without Pavel Kubina? I expected more out of JP Dumont then I did from Carter, and he's gotten just 23 points in 32 games. Bill Guerin certainly could be doing better. I expected more from Rucinsky, and if Bertuzzi is up there, then maybe Havlat and Arnott belong up there, despite having solid seasons, they've been hurt, Demitra too, and maybe Eric Lindros, Doug Weight technically is on a new team, despite only leaving the Blues for a few months, and he hasn't been great. JR and Nolan have been disappointments for Phoenix, despite Georges Laraque actually not playing so bad.

    And I still think you could've found some way of getting McCabe up there… I wasn't really "disappointed," because I knew he'd suck, but JFJ obviously didn't think so,

  18. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    There's a good reason guys Spezza, Heatley, and Alfredsson haven't had nearly as easy a time against us as before, and I think the two times we got blown out by Ottawa, Peca was hurt… not sure, but I think.

  19. 42wellwood42 says:

    Nolan hasn't been a disapointment for Phoenix, he's coming of a injury that made him sidelined last year and he still has 15points in 30games. I wish JFJ would do a good trade like Kilger and Kubina for Nolan and Nagy (since on hockeyleaks Toronto and Phoenix have been talking about a trade that would involve Nagy and Kubina).

  20. robinson19 says:

    Samsonov is and isn't. He works really hard but is snake bit, which is alot better than his linemate Kovalev who doesn't work hard but still gets points.

    Anyways who cares, the Habs rock with or without big numbers from these two.

  21. leaferdude2 says:

    i think he was. either that or he was still recovering from the leg injury. that injury sounds like an easy healing injury but, i had the same one and it took me a month to get back to my regular form.

  22. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Trade him to Edmonton, they really need a good puck moving D-man.

  23. leaferdude2 says:

    never kilger. this guy, and peca are the two most underated players on the leafs.

  24. allTheKINGSmen says:

    Now it is clear that most of you "hockey" fans just follow the East and i'll narrow it further down by saying wtv that involves Ottaw, Montreal, and Toronto…

    How can you have a top 5 worst acquisitions when Dan Cloutier's 6wins (very low for a starting goalie) , 3.74 GAA and an incredible .868 Save% !!! He is at the bottom of the list of goalies as we speak. And is the worst goalie acquisition the Kings have made and that says alot (knowing all the crap they always have as goaltenders).


  25. Garny says:

    he isn't scoring enough and he get's beatin for the puck more times than not and players (Koivu) beat him in big times of the game…btw their PK isn't that great so i don't see how he is improving it unless you expected it to be allot worse

  26. Garny says:

    I do agree but i do follow mostly the east because my team is n the east but i do keep An eye on the west….top disapointments out there are
    1.St. Louis Blues- mainly goaltending
    2. Phoenix Goaltending
    3.Dan Cloutier
    4.Phoenix/ Chicago offense…without Havlat
    5. Columbus Blue Jackets scoring

  27. PhanufRoxs says:

    1. Joffrey Jupul: he's 204th in the NHL in points. I expected him to get 80 points this year. Right now he has 14 points, and he's played 32 games!

    2. Wade Redden: Okay, he making 6.5 million, so he's making almost 1.1 million pre point!!! He was supposed to be one of the top players in the NHL. What happend? I know he's got injuried, but still.

    3. Kyle Calder: He got 59 points last year in 79 games. Pretty good. This year 4 points, 28 games. Wow, what happend Kyle? He's playing on a team that was SUPPOSED to be good (although I thought they would be were they are now). He was playing with Chigaco all those year's and was pretty good. He could have got 75+ points playing with good linemates.

    4. Mark Bell: He just got a 2 million doller contract, he's playing with Cheechoo, and Thornton, yet he has 8 points! Ok he has some bad games, and get's sent down to the seond line, but even if he does he's still playing with Marleau, and Mihalik, who could both be first line players. He's 339th in NHL scoring!!!

    5. Jan Bulis: He's been playing better, but a bad Atom house player would look like an allstar if he played with the Sedins, so he should be playing better, but he only has 10 points in 32 games!!! He even got strached one game, and he's only on pace for a bit more then 25 points. I was expecting 60-7- points, because he just finished a 40 points (20 goals, 20 assists) season, playing on the checking line, on a team he didn't like.

  28. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I agree. Kilger is *****ing awesome. I can't believe the Habs let us get him for *****ing nothing. He costs nothing, and he'll score 15-20 goals this year.

    Would Nolan accept a deal back to Toronto? I doubt it, MLSE kinda *****ed him.

    And Wellwood dude, that has Bertuzzi on the list, who HAS been injured. A disappointment is a disappointment.

    Although Nolan's getting better, I was actually writing an article on how Nolan's resurgence could lead the Coyotes to a playoff spot, but I accidentally clicked back, instead of the other tab, and lost all of it.

  29. Uncleben says:

    1. Bertuzzi would be playing good hockey if he wasn't injured so thats not too fair.

    2.Peca has being doing alright, but needs to score more

    3.Anson Carter has had really slow start even for him, looks like he's breaking out of his slump though with 9 pts in his last 6 games

    4.Gerber needs to stop letting bad goals and needs to tighten up his game

    5.Tanguay I think has been doing fine. Slow start. Needs to be more consistent though.

    I would add Samsonov, Roenick, Nolan, Gill, Kubina and even Lindros to that list though.

  30. Uncleben says:

    Could also add Mark Bell, Calder, Chara, CLOUTIER, Legace, McKee, Mark Parrish, Demitra, Lupul, Preissing, Bulis… actually most of the offseason signings have been a little subpar.

  31. muckies says:

    I know what you mean, it's just that Preissing really  doesn't fit the Oilers D-man mold of a tough, shot blocking draw the line type of player they have always had in Edmonton on Defence, but for a half season I'm sure the Oil could fit him in. He would be good trade bait at the dealine because every team seems to want a puck moving D-man at the deadline. Maybe Edmonton, maybe even back to San Jose?  Wahtever it is I say trade him if they are looking like they make the playoffs in Febuary,if not they'll have to keep him because if they don't make the playoffs, it'll be bye-bye Murray and Muckler, Hello Mike Keenan.

  32. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Yeah, buddy, Koivu beats most players to the puck. Peca is one of the better players at getting pucks in the corners. The leafs PK has been dreadful in previous years, and now Mats plays less PK minutes.

  33. PhanufRoxs says:

    hey, if you think the Canucks were bad the last three years, look at Cloutier this year!!! HAHA YOU SUCK DAN, YOU SUCK!!!! Although he is a good guy. So they are a bit underrated. Hey what about Auld. I'm sorry to say since he's one of my favortie players, but he's been terrible.

  34. 92-93 says:

    oh boy, where to begin?

    Peca wasnt brought into to put up huge points. he was brought in as the opposite to Allison (who did score points – 60 in 66 games). he was brought in to be the opposite of Allison – to guard against other team's top players. so he had a bad game against Koivu. big deal.

    again, people are criticizing Steen – who is also on the same checking line – for not scoring enough. these guys are better than your precious Bonk and these guys do a great job that doesnt always show up on the scoresheet. even non-leaf fans who know anything about hockey and understand what i am saying.

    their PK was 3rd best in the conference before their 7-game slide. it needs to improve again. but Peca's responsible for their recent PK struggles? i dont think so. being a hab fan that doesnt watch every leaf game, you know nothing about all the 5-on-3s Peca has helped killed and all the amazing things he does on the PK.

    here's a stat for you: he has 15 points in 33 games meaning that he'll get between 30-40 points this year and about 10-15 goals (which is about average for his career). last year, he had 23 pts by the end of the regular season before he played extremely well in the playoffs. are you getting it now?  

  35. Strogonof247 says:

    I know its been over a year, but Peter Forsberg has done nothing for the Flyers.  He was supposed to take them to the promise land and be the icing on the cake for a competative team, and I will give you 7 million reasons a year why he hasn't been all he is made out to be in his tenure in Philadelphia.

  36. SabresFan220 says:

    I agree with your list, but how about adding Jay Mckee to it? The man got $4 million a year from the Blues, got hurt in preseason, played part of one game, and broke his hand. He's been out ever since. Nice investment John Davidson.

  37. robsstks says:

    how bout jordan leopold? starts the season injured, hits a setback in his rehab, plays 5 games with no points and a -2, then gets hurt again with a groin pull, goes on ir, and is out at least a month

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