Top 5: Disapointment To Their New Teams

We all know that there have been many mistakes by teams for getting certain players, but i’m here talking about my opinion of the top five worst aquisitions of the 06 summer:
1. Todd Bertuzzi- He has had one great game and he has been injured for most of the year, he was supposed to bring in some much needed offense and he can’t do that right now

2. Michael Peca- I regret putting him in my top 5 a few articles ago, because he was brought in to win faceoffs which he is doing, but he isn’t scoring like he should be

3. Anson Carter- Coming off of a 30+ goal season with the nucks it just shows that simply it was the sedins and not him, the guy has 6 goals

4. Martin Gerber- Coming off a pretty good season in Carolina, he was brought in to be a solid no. 1 goalie, and he hasn’t been doing that, he has been letting in bad goals and Ray Emery has been showing him up

5. Alex Tanguay- Don’t get me wrong, the guy’s a great hockey player, and he is starting to get better, but in the first third of the season (even though he is now doing well) he hasn’t been playin his best hockey

So those five are my opinion of the top disapointment to their New Teams… let me know what you think.