Top 5 pre-draft trade possibilities

1. Rick Nash, LW, Columbus: If talk indeed turns to action, Nash will be dealt this summer.

The New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs and San Jose Sharks were left at the altar at the February trade deadline because they weren’t willing to pay the massive price being demanded by Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson.

The Jackets are in a tough spot because Nash has made it clear he wants out. His $7.8-million cap hit through the 2017-18 season means only certain teams can be involved in the discussions and he has to approve any deal.

Nash wants to be moved to a contender. The Rangers and Sharks both need scoring. Don’t be surprised if the Buffalo Sabres try to get into these discussions.

2. Roberto Luongo, G, Vancouver: There are a lot of teams looking for goaltending: Toronto, the Tampa Bay Lightning, Columbus and the Chicago Blackhawks to name a few.

The issue is the contract given to Luongo by Canucks GM Mike Gillis. He always considers himself the smartest guy in the room, but giving Luongo a deal through with a cap hit of $5.3 million through 2021-22 was ridiculous.

Moving the contract is going to be even more difficult. Bolts GM Steve Yzerman has declared he wants nothing to do with that kind of trade. Toronto GM Brian Burke would have to swallow his pride to acquire Luongo.

Burke has often been an opponent of long-term deals. Perhaps the only hope for Gillis and the Canucks is an “amnesty” clause in the new CBA. That would allow the Canucks to buy him out and not have a cap hit.



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  1. toronto77 says:

    Rick Nash is a great player and all, but not a fan of him. Don’t think we should trade a high pick for him. When this high pick is 20-21 yrs old and just entering his prime, Rick Nash will be about 30 yrs old, and may start to slowly lose his game, and who knows how long after that how many years he has left. This high end pick will have about 10 years on Nash.

    At least with the Kessel trade he was 22 at the time the 18 year old Seguin was drafted by the bruins. But trading an 18 year old high pick for a 28 year old Nash would bite us in the ass sooner than later.

    I would only consider this trade if we were getting columbus’s 2nd overall pick along with Nash, of course we would have to give up our 5th overall, and some high prospects.

    • reinjosh says:

      Why do people think players lose their edge at 30? It’s not true. Look at Iggy, Marleau, Thornton etc etc. It’s a fallacy. Player’s don’t lose their edge until 33, 34 and even then are still fully capable of playing a high end game.

      I get wanting a 20 year old over a 30 year old, but your taking a big risk that the 20 year old will be better than Nash. How many 6 foot 4, 220 pound perrenial 30 goal scorers are there in the league? How many do it with almost no help.

  2. Schneidfeld says:

    Well said Josh, prospects are good, but sure things’s are better. I was of the same opinion when the Kessle trade went down, and still am. Yes, Seguin is a great player, but is he as good as Kessle? No. Nash is only 28, which isn’t old! He’s still got a good 6-7 great years in him, minimum. Adding in the fact that he’s accomplished as much as he has offensively on a terrible team, and his potential looks even better.

    Prospects are a gamble, and are moved around all the time. Players like Rick Nash do not get moved all of the time, and we don’t want to be left wishing we’d tried harder if he were to sign with the Rangers/Flyers & thrived!

    I’m thinking Burke is going to go “all in” this year. With all of the drama & rumours circulating after he’s failed to get the Leafs into the post season thus far, he’s going to have to do something big if he wants to be able to finish the job he’s started in Toronto. Losing out on Richards last year was a big blow. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Burke make big moves this year, ala Luongo/Nash, and really shake the team up.

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