Top Free agents still out there

There are many good free agents still on the market, and teams with cap space can still get some good talent.Peter Forsberg- Eklund says he’s got a great offer from a Western Conference team, I say he just had surgery and is contemplating retiring, so no such offer will be accepted.

Sheldon Souray- Many are saying a deal with the Sharks is about to be finalized. I’m not ruling out the habs just yet though.

Teemu Selanne- Like Forsberg, he’s contemplating retiring. If he signs, it will be with the Ducks, it will be in a few weeks, and it will likely be at a fairly low price.

Brendan Shanahan- Wants to stay in New York (can you blame him) some are specualting he’ll sign at a reduced price. I think 4 million is the number he’ll stick with.

Alexei Yashin- He’s gotten a few offers, but refuses to sign for any less than 3 million. He’s rumored to be going to the habs, but I wouldn’t bank on it. I wouldn’t rule out playing in Russia, where he could easily make 3 million.

Slava Kozlov- Atlanta is doing everything they can to keep this guy. Detroit has been rumered to be interested. They certainly have the money.

Brad Stuart- I’ve been told he’s been talking to nobody but San Jose, but Eklund is saying he’s now talking with the Kings.

Bill Guerin- Ottawa, St. Louis, Toronto, this guy has been rumored to be going everywhere. I think he’s got plenty of offers, and may find himself making a good amount of money wherever he lands.

Andy Sutton- Some are joking around saying this guy hasn’t recieved a single call yet, but when the dust settles somebody will pay him the 4 million dollars he desires.

Danius Zubrus- Eklund is saying he’s going to Toronto. However Eklund lives off of advertising because he says people will go to Toronto. He’s likely be going to the Habs.