Top Free agents still out there

There are many good free agents still on the market, and teams with cap space can still get some good talent.Peter Forsberg- Eklund says he’s got a great offer from a Western Conference team, I say he just had surgery and is contemplating retiring, so no such offer will be accepted.

Sheldon Souray- Many are saying a deal with the Sharks is about to be finalized. I’m not ruling out the habs just yet though.

Teemu Selanne- Like Forsberg, he’s contemplating retiring. If he signs, it will be with the Ducks, it will be in a few weeks, and it will likely be at a fairly low price.

Brendan Shanahan- Wants to stay in New York (can you blame him) some are specualting he’ll sign at a reduced price. I think 4 million is the number he’ll stick with.

Alexei Yashin- He’s gotten a few offers, but refuses to sign for any less than 3 million. He’s rumored to be going to the habs, but I wouldn’t bank on it. I wouldn’t rule out playing in Russia, where he could easily make 3 million.

Slava Kozlov- Atlanta is doing everything they can to keep this guy. Detroit has been rumered to be interested. They certainly have the money.

Brad Stuart– I’ve been told he’s been talking to nobody but San Jose, but Eklund is saying he’s now talking with the Kings.

Bill Guerin– Ottawa, St. Louis, Toronto, this guy has been rumored to be going everywhere. I think he’s got plenty of offers, and may find himself making a good amount of money wherever he lands.

Andy Sutton– Some are joking around saying this guy hasn’t recieved a single call yet, but when the dust settles somebody will pay him the 4 million dollars he desires.

Danius Zubrus– Eklund is saying he’s going to Toronto. However Eklund lives off of advertising because he says people will go to Toronto. He’s likely be going to the Habs.

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  1. Komic-J says:

    Here are my picks…

    Peter Forsberg: First option would be retirement. He's pretty banged-up, and achieved a lot in the NHL already. If not, I had him going back to Colorado, but I'm not sure how much money they still have to spend. No matter where he signs, expect a contract with a low base salary, and a lot of performance bonuses.

    Alexei Yashin: I heard Montreal, I heard Washington…but unless he accepts a huge paycutt (around $2.0m), I don't think Yashin will play in the NHL this year. Some team in Russia will probably give him the money he's asking for though.

    Brendan Shanahan: Something tells me Shanahan had a lot to do with Drury and Gomez signing with New York, and I would be extremely surprise not to see him go back with the blueshirts next season for what should be his last contract. I see him signing for a year (maybe two) at a discount price; $2.5m.

    Teemu Selanne: I agree with BlueAndWhite on that one, it's the Ducks or retirement. I just don't see him signing with the Habs at this point. It'll be a bargain for the Ducks if he decides to come back for another season.

    Bill Guerin: I'm actually surprised he didn't sign another deal with the Blues yet. I thought for sure he would do just like Tkachuk did, and sign another deal in St.Louis. I still see him going there though.

    Dainius Zubrus: I like Dainius Zubrus a lot, and honestly, I would like to see him back in Montreal…I just don't see it happening. I heard Toronto as a possible destination, but I think Zubrus should sign a new deal in the Western Conference. It would be a nice change of scenery after Philadelphia, Montreal, Washington and Buffalo. I don't think he's gonna get the kind of money he wanted though…

    Slava Kozlov: Back to Atlanta, I'm almost sure. I don't see him going back to Detroit, eventhough he's been pretty succesful there.

    Mike Comrie: This one is an enigma. No doubt he's a skilled player, but comes with a bad rep. I didn't hear anything bad coming from Ottawa though, so maybe it won't be such a factor after all. Personally, I think Buffalo would be a nice place for him, especially if they lose Zubrus after Brière and Drury. He could be a nice fit in Chicago as well.

    Michael Peca: Not as effective as he once was, but can be a very good role player on any team. There was a time when I would've done anything to see him in Montreal…not so much anymore, but if the price is right, why not ? But since the Islanders are still millions under the cap, and lost a few key players, I think he'll go back to Long Island. He knows the city, and knows head coach Ted Nolan, although I'm not sure if he got involved in the whole Hasek-Nolan fight.

    Éric Bélanger: I included Bélanger in the list, because I would just love to see him sign in Montreal. It won't happen though. I think he'll go to Minnesota, where there a strong "french connection". And I think he'll have a great season there.

    Sheldon Souray: No doubt in my mind, his first choice is to go to San Jose. He wants to play in California, and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind playing with his old friend Craig Rivet. Now San Jose knows what ahead; they have a couple of players to sign next year, and I'm not sure they can afford Souray right now. They are looking to add a defenseman though to replace Hannan, but could be looking to add a less expensive one. Something tells me Souray will end-up there anyway, accepting maybe even less money as long as it's a long-term deal.

    Brad Stuart: I've heard the same thing about Stuart…he wants to go back in San Jose, and doesn't want to talk with anyone else. However, if Souray does find his way there, there's no room left for Stuart with the Sharks. If the rumors are true, I think Stuart didn't help himself by not taking any other calls. Anaheim was shopping for a defenseman, but they signed Schneider. Pittsburgh would've been a nice place for him, but they signed Sydor. Philly could be looking for a mobile defensemen eversince they traded Pitkanen, but I'm not sure how much money they have left to spend. Buffalo again would be a good fit in my opinion, but Darcy didn't open the vault yet. New Jersey is looking for defenseman, but Stuart may not be Lou's type. Honestly, I really don't have a clue. But if he signs for less money than Hamrlik (which I think will be the case) then I know I'll be pissed.

    Danny Markov: At this point, I don't think Detroit can afford to let this guy go. They lost Schneider already, Chelios is not getting any younger…and all the big names on defense are gone.

    Ossi Vaananen: I think this guy is severly underated. Could be a nice addition in Detroit if they can't re-sign Markov. If he's patient enough, and wait for the right offer, he could get a pretty good deal…otherwise, I think he'll be a steal for someone. Right now, I'd say either Philly or Buffalo.

    Mathieu Garon: God I wish we could get him back in Montreal, but we don't really need him. Unless we can unload Huet somewhere. Won't happen. If the Sens lose Emery, I wouldn't be surprise to see him land in Ottawa. If not, Edmonton, Pheonix and St.Louis could be tempted.

    Ed Belfour: A well deserved retirement…the Eagle can rest ! 

    Curtis Joseph: I don't know how Leafs fans feel about him now, but I would like to see him end his career in T.O. They would have to move Raycroft though. If not…then I'm affraid it's the end for CuJo.

  2. habsalicious says:

    Gainey has said today he was done shopping. So a Souray deal doesn't look probable… though you never know.

    He says he doesnt exclude trades though…

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