Top prospect Schultz set to leave school

Now the clock has been set on the Ducks and their ability to reel in their big fish.

TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie reported on his Twitter account Friday that prized Wisconsin defenseman Justin Schultz has filed paperwork to leave school with the intention of turning pro.

It means that the Ducks now have a 30-day exclusivity window to negotiate with Schultz in the hopes of getting their 2008 second-round draft pick under contract. The club is expected to begin discussions with his representatives shortly.

The rumor mill has been churning about Schultz’s ultimate destination for months because he has the option of waiting until July 1 to become a free agent and sign with any team because of a loophole in the current collective bargaining agreement.

Many have speculated that Schultz will forgo the Ducks and look elsewhere. The club is steadfast in its belief that he will ultimately choose Anaheim, having left the junior to fulfill his wish of completing his spring semester of studies in Madison.

Ducks GM Bob Murray told the Register earlier this month that he has had regular contact with Schultz’s advisor, Wade Arnott, and was hopeful to know more about the defenseman’s future plans. Arnott would not comment on the TSN report when reached by the Register on Friday.

The Ducks sent several representatives to Madison during Schultz’s junior season, including former players and current front office consultants Scott Niedermayer and Todd Marchant.

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  1. LeafsFTW17 says:

    I have a feeling, going into next season the Leafs roster is going to look like this:

    Lupul – J.Staal – Kessel
    Kadri – Grabovski – Kulemin
    Penner – Bozak – Frattin
    Moen – Steckel – Brown

    Gunnarsson – Phaneuf
    Liles – Schenn
    Gardiner – Schultz


    Komi + prospect was given up to get Luongo. 

    Franson,Macarthur,Colborne + were given up to get Staal.
    Schultz, Penner and Moen signed.
    Kulemin and Frattin Re-sign.

    Approx. 61m, this means that if they can't get rid of one (or two) of Armstrong, Connolly or Lombardi, they can still manage.

  2. zeddyp101 says:

    exactly what kind of drugs bring you to believe Komisarek has any trade value? let alone enough to be traded for luongo with 1 prospect?….cause I would like to try said drugs

  3. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    Luongo's trade value is shit as well. Both Komi and Lunogo have crap contracts which makes them perfect for a trade. You don't need to be on drugs for that kind of deal. Bad contract + bad contract = ok. Since Komi has like, a year or two on his contract left the Canucks can dump him, but Luongo is signed to eternity, no team would take that contract without being able to dump their garbage too. And since Toronto would be giving a prospect back it'd be a fair deal IMO.

  4. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Haha thanks for explaining hockey values to him, saved me from doing it.

  5. SabresFan220 says:

    Luongo's trade value is still considerably more than Komisarek's. It's not like they'd have to move him to Montreal for Gomez or something. While I agree it's not entirely crazy that you could make that move, it would have to be a good prospect going to Vancouver, not just whoever you felt like throwing in. Maybe Jerry D'Amigo. I wouldn't like losing him if I were you either, but that's what I mean.

  6. thisgamewelose says:

    If they could pull this off in the off-season, I don't think there's a single GM, Player, or fan that wouldn't tip his hat to Burke.

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