Top Regular Season Moments

Just want to take a break from this playoff posturing and try something different. My idea: the top regular season moments for your team. May not be the world’s most exciting venture, but it should be good to see everyone’s take on it.

Ok, so it isn’t exactly my idea. On the Thrashers website, they gave the fans 20 choices and had them vote for their favorites. A bit of false advertising maybe but interesting nonetheless. Let’s move on.

Easy really. Think back on the regular season that was for the team you root for and simply tell the rest of us the best moments, in your opinion. Could be only two or three moments, could be 10 or 15, doesn’t matter. Whatever you think is worthy, write it down. I want to hear it all. And please keep it confined to the regular season. Only when the playoffs are over will we be able to point out the best highlights, until then let’s just keep it within the 82 game marathon.

I’ll start it off with the best moments for the Atlanta Thrashers, and the regular season that was. My top eight moments (why not 8, top ten has been done to death).

8. Atlanta picked up its first win over Carolina in 18 tries, the game after Curt Fraser was fired. This was a huge monkey for the team to finally get off its back.

7. Garnet Exelby, who Thrasher fans hoped would finally be another hard-nosed Dman the team needed proved it quickly by KOing Gordie Dwyer with a wicked left hand in his first pro game.

6. On the fighting tip again, let’s not forget Kovalchuk vs Comrie. At best, a lightweight bout but it sure as hell was interesting to watch.

5. Hartley’s return to Colorado. His reaction to the OT winner was tremendous, but the reaction of former Av Jeff Odgers scoring a rare goal was absolutely priceless.

4. Last home game in the regular season. Dany Heatley scores his 40th (and 41st) of the season, while rookie Kamil Piros gets a hat trick for his first goals in the NHL.

3. Hiring of Bob Hartley. Enough said.

2. Pasi Nurminen, on his stomach and face to the ground, flicks his leg forward and knocks down a shot headed for the net to preserve a 3-3 tie with Toronto. One that has to be seen to be believed.


I included a little description simply because most of you did not pay much attention to Atlanta this season, so some of these moments you may have no clue about. If your team has a larger following, there may be no such need to elaborate (unless you really want to). Put your thinking caps on!

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  1. Peter_North says:

    I was at that strip club that night. I was looking for Entropy, but it wasn’t her night to dance.

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