Top Ten International Canadian Hockey Moments

I’ve seen alot of team Canada games in my life, here are my top ten moments in Canadian hockey history.10. We start in 2004 with the World Cup of hockey, Canada’s first, missing key players like Steve Yzerman, Chris Pronger, and Rob Blake, they still went unbeaten, narrowly avoiding defeat by the Czechs because of a great Vinny Lecavalier goal. Martin Brodeur had a 1.0 GAA and Lecavalier took the tournament MVP.

9. In 2003 Canada won it’s first World Championship in seven years with a terriffic win over Sweden, and with a great goal by Anson Carter, which was almost disallowed.

8. In 1952 Canada won it’s sixth Olympic championship in seven tournaments, the only one they lost was to Great Britain one year, who had more Canadians then Brits.

7. In 2004 Canada won it’s second straight World Championship, again a 3-2 win over Sweden, Rob and Scott Neidermayer became the first Canadian brothers to win the World Championships. Only to lose next year in a threepeat attempt to the Czechs, shaudy officiating and rusty goal tending collaberated in this loss.

6. In 1997 Canada won it’s fifth straight World Junior Championship, great players like Ryan Smyth, Darcy Tucker, and Felix Potvin helped lead Canada to these five great victories.

5. In 2005 Canada won it’s first World Junior Championship in seven years, with possibley their best team yet, led by great guys like Patrice Bergeron, and Sidney Crosby.

4. In 1987 Wayne Gretzky made a great pass over to Mario Lemieux who scored the winning goal of the 1987 Canada Cup, a tournament which really made me wonder if Gretz could win an international even without Lemieux….

3. In 2002 after obvious shaudy officiating, the Canadian women defeated team USA for their first Olympic gold in womens hockey, after losing to the US in 1998, and beating them every World Championship before then.

2. In 2002 After Gretzky’s the “The World Hates Canada” speech, Team Canada wins it’s first Olympic gold in mens hockey in 50 years, like the women a win over the US.

1. In 1972 Canada beats the Russians in the most memorable series in hockey history, what really made that series memorable, is that the Russian hockey players were the way Iraqi soccer players were in the last few years, if they lost, they could die, they’re lives were ruined if they lost. And when you’re playing against someone risking everything, you’ve got nothing to lose. Of course the Russians say they won because they had more goals, so what ever.

That’s my top ten moments for Canadian Hockey history. For I’m Bill “Leafy” McLeaf.