Top Ten Off-Season Surprises and Busts

Alot of a deal was made about guys like Gonchar, and guys like Curtis Joseph were made an after thought. Who won? Who lost?Busts.

10. John Leclair

-It doesn’t matter how much he’s making, because he could be playing for free and he’d be making what he’s currently worth.

8. Zigmond Palffy

-Did Pittsburgh actually think they could win with this bunch of has-beens? It didn’t work in Toronto.

7. Joe Nieuwendyk

-I love Nieuwendyk but he’s making 4.5 over two years, too much for a guy around for nastalgia.

6. Gary Roberts

-He’s a perfect example of someone who’s stats were inflated by Sundin, the difference between him and Hoglund? Roberts was once good.

5. Mark Recchi

-Naming these quality veterans really hurts me, but it’s true, Recchi is worth next to nothing right now.

4. Glenn Murray

-The Bruins should’ve known, the guy can’t play without Thornton. and they traded Thornton, so what’s he worth?

3. Nikolai Khabibulen

-The guy got hot last year, he’s good, but not elite, the Black Hawks should’ve known that.

2. Brett Hull

-Hahahaha… Brett Hull…

1. Sergei Gonchar

-I’m a real Gonchar hater, this guy was never any good, Pittbsurgh handed him a huge contract and he plays like Berezin…. EXCEPT HE’S A DEFENSEMAN.


10. Anson Carter

-Vancouver didn’t really have to fight away any teams other then Toronto, to get this guy, and he’s having a good year with the Sedins.

9. Brendan Shanahan

-Wasn’t really a huge re-signing and he’s having a year like he did in the 90’s. Holy shit this guys been on fire.

8. Teemu Selanne

-Dead eh? He’s having a great year, and to think people thought he was done.

7.Alex Mogilny

-Leaf fans though the Devils were crazy for throwing out 7 mil over two years, but the only Leaf with more goals then him is Tucker.

6. Sean Burke

-Having a decent year and he got rejected by the Penguins, hahaa wow… I hate Pittsburgh.

5. Brian Leetch

-People thought this guy was done, he’s making less then last season and is on pace for more points.

4. Pavol Demitra

-No one really cared when the Kings got this guy, but I was real pissed the Leafs didn’t try harder to get him cuz this guys a beauty.

3. Craig Conroy

-This guy was a great signing, a nice little pickup, the only people who cared were Flames and Kings fans, and look what he’s doing with Frolov and Demitra.

2. Pierre Turgeon

-I don’t think he ever was washed up, he was just not fitting in with Dallas, but jeese, he’s fitting in with the Avs, 32 points in 34 games.

1. Curtis Joseph

-Look at what he’s doing, anyone could’ve had him and it cost less then a million. Olzyuk wanted him, and because he didn’t get him he got fired! Olcyuk should be given a promotion to GM!

That’s the word from Leafy!