Top Ten Resons Leaf Fans Should Take a Better Look

Here we go the Top Ten reasons why Leaf fans should look at why they like The Leafs.

10 – Thier Name – The Toronto Maple Leafs – The plural of leaf is LEAVES not LEAFS

9 – Toronto It Self – No one outside of southern Onterio has ever said “I WANT to go to Toronto.”

it’s always been “I HAVE to go to Toronto”

8 – John Fergeson Jr. – No one with an ego the size of the city he works in should be in charge of a Hot Dog Cart, Let alone a historic hockey team. Trading draft picks for a 37 year old defenceman, should be automatic grounds for dismisal.

7 – Tucker and Domi – The two biggest winers in the league not to mention cheap shot artists. God save Kovalev. For giving back just desserts. All they need is Sean Avery and they would be the all time most hated line.

6 – Average Age Of Team – Is it a prerequisite to be old enogh to remember the last Stanley Cup Parade in Toronto to be on the team?

5 – Center of the World – Toronto is NOT the center of the world. It is not right when people in Alberta or Nova Scotia are forced to watch Toronto games when other teams are playing at the same time.

4 – Bob and Harry – Two of the most dim witted, bias sport casters in all of sports. I guess they keep them around to help bring down the average age of The Leafs organiation.

3 – The Fans – 30 and 40 year old men and woman with face paint. Painted cars. No class. Criticize any team in the league but thier own. Hippocrates (If T.O. was the 8th seed in the finals we would never here the end of it, but Edmonton? Flukes.)

2 – Air Canada Center – $300 for a bad seat.

1 – History – 1967. Enogh said