Top Ten Things That Happened in the Lockout

There have been alot of interesting things that happened during the lockout. Here’s my top ten.1o. Aging Leafs the Champs!

-After seeing the lockout nearly end four times, Leaf fans wrote dumb comment after dumb comment about how a shortened will help the Leafs win the cup.

9. The Bostfull get Battered

– HTR had it’s first ever quiz, and while I bragged about how I would dominate, I came in sixth… but we all know Ranger fan pulled a Glen Sather and bought the answers.

8. A little pre-mature

– After reports that a deal is done, that idiot Leafy McLeaf goes and writes a Mighty Ducks season preview, in attempt to start a series of previews, McLeaf not only didn’t bother to do the other 29 (as ussual) but the season was cancelled several weeks later.

7. Comming Together

-Opinions on the lockout force LeafyMcLeaf (A Conservative Leafs fan) and Flyers_fan_In_LA (A liberal Flyers fan) to not hate each other.

6. The eventual slow down

-With no hockey HTR loses members and article production slows down. Of course now that I’m back you’ll get another article a day from me.

5. All that for nothing?

-After saying No cap no cap no cap, the NHLPA moves off a cap after missing half a season, then after saying no linkage no linkage no linkage, the PA decides to go with linkage according to several reports.

4. Wolrd Chumps

-After assuming that the lockout would boost the competition at the world Championships, the only team that even had half of what should have been it’s team was the Czech republic.

3. This is what we’ve sunk to?

-Poll finds that fifty percent of hockey fans say they sunk so low as to watch a basketball game during the lockout.

2. The Eklund Saga

-Blogger Eklund reports non-stop, funny, everyone here believed him, but all Wow members took him as a fraud.

1. And we’re done.. no…yes… no.. yes…maybe.. no.. yes…

-Hope for an NHL season is lost and regained about elevan times before March comes and we come to our senses.

Any other thoughts people?