Toronto and Boston talking again?

Just a quick note, I heard rumblings about it earlier in the week, and now it seems to be picking up some momentum. It appears that the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins are talking again, only Brian Leetch’s name isn’t in the mix. Apparently, John Ferguson Jr. is not high on grabbing yet another over-priced, over-aged player to go with his team of miscreants and seniors. Talk appears to be that he would be willing to move Jason Allison and Nik Antropov that way, in return for disgruntled goaltender Andrew Raycroft and oft-injured defenceman Nick Boynton. The possibilities of this deal working out seem to be high from both teams, although I personally don’t see a lot of sense in it. Antropov is a player who the Leafs could regret moving, especially within their division, if he continues to develop, and Boynton is just another name waiting to join the list of the walking wounded in the TDot. However, moving forward in the post-Ed Belfour era would be much nicer with the tandem of Andrew Raycroft and Mikael Tellqvist sharing duties.

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  1. jakeman says:

    Can you really even name one good thing about Antropov.

    He is big-doesn’t use it

    He is supposed to have hands-never shown it

    and he can’t skate, and takes bad penalties all of the time. If you haven’t noticed also, he is good for atleast one give away resulting in a goal, every game in the last seven.

    Trade him for a bag of pucks. Or send him back to Kazakstan, that great hockey hotbed!

  2. 92-93 says:

    ok, well salary wise this doesn’t do much to improve the situation. Allison and Antropov potentially make up $5 million while Raycroft and Boynton add up to a little over $3 million.

    i don’t think Belfour is going anywhere but i do think trading him and Antropov are a good idea (considering that Antropov is on his last leg – literally – with his knee injuries). Antropov is having his best and most consistent year however.

    as for the bruins, i dont see them adding a goalie considering the Thomas-Toivinen combo (and with Anderson behind them). I don’t see them giving up on Boynton but he has stuggled this year.

    i dunno – i just don’t see this happening or being a good trade for being either teams.

  3. NHLSlayer says:

    Who’s talking about Belfour being traded? The deal that seems to be getting some talk is Allison and Antropov for Raycroft and Boynton.

    Obviously, Boston is in no need of goaltending, but they do need scoring, which Allison will provide, (once every five games), and a big man to stand in front of the net, which Antropov can do if hassled enough.

    Belfour is not necessarily part of any deal at the moment, but could then be used to bring in another Defenseman from a team looking for a playoff proven goaltender. Or, if he’s not traded, anyone who thinks belfour has another year after this one in him, needs to take another look around. This is Ed Belfour’s last year, one way or another. Moving forward, the Leafs would feel more comfortable with Raycroft and Tellqvist, then with Tellqvist and whoever they might be able to find. With all the injuries to Boynton so far this season, the Bruins have found a way to play without him. Thus, making him an expendable defensemen, if the deal is right. To clarify, I guess this got put here in Maple Leaf talk, these are reports picking up steam in the Boston area. So far, it appears to be a deal that could work to improve both teams, while salaries for these players appear to be closer than stated above. The salaries being moved anre nearly identical, a strong indicator that some talk has gone on, and that neither team is looking to pick up anyone’s extra salary.

  4. 92-93 says:

    my apologies – i just confused another trade rumour i read today.

    in that case i still don’t see the return being that great for toronto. i am not a huge allison fan but neither boynton nor raycroft look that great right now.

  5. 92-93 says:

    i confused a couple of trade rumours there.

    if the bruins really want to add Allison – fine but i dont see that happening considering the terms under which allison left boston a few years ago.

  6. PaulK123 says:

    I think this would be a good trade for both teams as

    toronto would be getting a much-needed defenseman and a goalie for the post-Belfour era.

    Boston would be getting a high-scoring player and

    a well…um…hockey player in Nik Antropov.

  7. ivasyk says:

    The leafs should trade Sundin, and Allison for Samsonov and Boynton.

  8. lukeleim says:

    Ed Belfour & Chad Kilger to Vancouver for Matt Cooke & Steve McCarthy

    Jason Allison, Nik Antropov, Aki Berg & Andy Wozniewski to Phoenix for Mike Johnson, Curtis Joseph & Jamie Lundmark

    Alexander Khavanov, Mariusz Czerkawski & Tuukka Rask for Barret Jackman

    Jay Harrison, Clarke Wilm & Alexei Ponikarovsky to Nashville for Jordin Tootoo & Shea Weber

    Tucker – Sundin – Johnson

    Steen – Lindros – O’Neill

    Cooke – Wellwood – Stajan

    Kilger – Lundmark – Domi


    Tootoo – Belak

    Kaberle – McCabe

    Jackman – McCarthy

    Klee – Colaiacovo


    Kronwall – Weber



    these trades add grit and speed to the line up. Also, they are stronger on Defense with Jackman.

  9. Realistic says:

    He is a good Penalty killer

  10. Realistic says:

    I just had a chat with Tannenbaum and he said you are so good at imagining ‘what if’ trades that he is going to suggest to the board the Leafs sack JFJ and hire you as GM! (pass that sh*t over this way man!!)

  11. lukeleim says:

    thanks im honoured

  12. NHLSlayer says:

    Ed Belfour & Chad Kilger to Vancouver for Matt Cooke & Steve McCarthy?

    Hmmm…let’s think here…Vancouver will be willing to take on a goalie at the end of his career, and a space filler, and give up possibly theit top third line player, as well as one of their best young defensemen?

    Jason Allison, Nik Antropov, Aki Berg & Andy Wozniewski to Phoenix for Mike Johnson, Curtis Joseph & Jamie Lundmark?

    Curtis Joseph has no interest in Toronto, not without being a contender. Bringing Mike Johnson back? Are you kidding me? Ah, well, I guess someone has to fill Antropov’s spot as team dunce…You simply think that Phoenix will take on all that extra salary, for players who aren’t even good enough (except Allison) to be in their starting lineup?

    Alexander Khavanov, Mariusz Czerkawski & Tuukka Rask for Barret Jackman?

    Jackman’s good, but not nearly that good. St. Louis had a chance to have Khavanov in their lineup, and where is he playing now? That should tell you right there how interested St. Louis is in him. Czerkawski is a depth guy who should be getting more playing time in Toronto, not being shipped around, and, TUUKKA RASK AIN’T GOING NOWHERE…

    Jay Harrison, Clarke Wilm & Alexei Ponikarovsky to Nashville for Jordin Tootoo & Shea Weber?

    Again, just laughable, are these trades that you pulled off on your NHL06 for XBOX?

  13. mojo19 says:

    See this is where I start to wonder about Leaf fans. You pick one or two guys to rag on, and then never admit when they’re playing well.

    Nik Antropov was one of the leafs top three players last game vs. Montreal. He makes things happen in the offensive zone, my main note for him would be to let his shot go a little more instead of forcing a pass. Although he makes some pretty sweet behind the back passes and stuff.

    I stand by that if not for his two knee surgery operations, Nik Antropov would be a solid 1st-2nd liner, and I think despite those operations he’s still a solid, yet somewhat inconsistant 2nd liner.

    Antropov can play on my team any day, I hope the leafs dont trade him because i think hes trade value is less than his actual worth.

    I HEART 80

  14. mojo19 says:

    And that hes a free agent after this year… If Allison is traded it will be to a team thats a little more in the playoff picture.

  15. jakeman says:

    So you must not see his bad give aways every game, or the lame penalties he takes. If you can’t see this, I am glad your not gm.

  16. Realistic says:

    I think there is reason to question him and I also think there are reasons to laud him. He isn’t a bad player for $1mm if you look at his numbers. If he shot more and took less dumb penalties (and didn’t skate so weird), everyone would love him.

    For the record, if I were to buy a new Leafs jersey (Clark is on the back of mine now), it would be #23 Ponikarovsky on the back!!

  17. Leafs2005 says:

    Don’t trade for Leetch, Boyton or Raycroft. Leaf fans should just let this season go and trade Sundin, Mccabe and Kaberle for prospects and cap space for next year. I would much rather sign Jokinen, Redden and Brewer.

  18. MaltE says:

    TRADE TUKKA RASK ARE YOU RETARDED? He’s only supposed to be an amazing goalie for maple leafs later, lets just trade the kid..

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