Toronto getting to Burkes Head

Soooo, it didn’t take long for the center of the universe to get to Brian Burkes head. Not only is he walking a very thin ethical and legal line by talking about players under contract, he is shaming the future Leafs Captain and the most solid building block the Leafs have had since Sundin in Luke Schenn, not to mention setting himslef up for a huge faceplant at the draft table and upstaging the greatest playoff round of hockey in memory.Ego and media make a bad mix, and it seems to have already struck Brian Burke in Toronto. Here’s to watching his meltdown, and creating expectations he cannot meet (as if bringing a Stanley Cup to Toronto wasn’t enough)

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  1. 93killer93 says:

    How is he shaming Luke Schenn. He said Schenn is the closest to untouchable.  He even said he wouldn't except the rumoured trade of Kaberle, Schenn, the 7th pick to Tampa for the 2nd pick.  Think of it this way, at the trade deadline he said no to Tampa when they offered their first for Schenn. Do you really think he will go and trade Schenn, Kaberle, and his first for that same pick.

  2. lafleur10 says:

    if he really wants tavares he'll have to ,he has no choice,as the leafs have nothing else to offer to even get a deal remotely close to being done!also sacrificing schenn for a spezza type player is a small price to pay for the leafs! so if burke doesn't do it then he's an idiot!

  3. mcdivitt says:

    Muckies, this is flat-out a ridiculous theory.  Because some media monkey makes up a rumour that the Leafs will send the 7th pick PLUS Kaberle PLUS Schenn to TB for the #2 pick.  And this somehow means that Toronto is getting to Burke's head? 

    This needs a lot more explanation.  I'd like to understand your theory.  Because right now, I don't, and I'm sure no one else does either.

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