Toronto Maple Leafs Prospect Report

A list of prospects and what I feel there potential is in the NHL. (Tlusty and Stralman will be included to make things more interesting)

1. Luke Schenn- At best- Schenn will be a huge Scott Stevens type blue-liner, forwards will start to get sore by just thinking about his hits. He will pitch in 10 goals per season due to his hard shot on the PP.
At worst- He will become a Chris Phillips type player, he will be a fierce player, he just wont develop into a hitting machine that will strike terror into opposing forwards hearts.

2. Justin Pogge- At best- He will become a cornerstone in net for the Leafs, he will be a top goalie every year and steal 6 or 7 games per-season.
At worst- Will never fully develop and may become a journyman starter like Dwayne Roloson or Martin Biron.

3. Anton Stralman- At best- He will fill out and become a dominant offencive force on the blueline. He will play with Schenn and because of Schenn’s defenceive presence he will be able to carry the puck and create scoring opportunities. Comparable to Kaberle.
At worst- Never fills out and becomes purely a PP QB who adds little else to the game.

4. Nikolai Kulemin- At best- Becomes a 30 goal power forward who scores, hits and sets up the odd play. If his game transfers perfectly from Russia to the NHL, than he will reach his potential.
At worst- Becomes a 3rd line grinder, gets bored, and goes home to Russia.

5. Jiri Tlusty- At best- Becomes a solid top 6 forward who can pitch in 25-30 goals per season while getting 60-70 points, depending on what line he is on and who he plays with.
At worst- 10-15 goal 3rd liner who just could not find his game in the NHL.

6. Robbie Earl- At best- Develops into Jason Blake, fast, feisty and a guy who you can rely on to score 20 goals a season.
At worst- Spends his career jumping between the Leafs and Marlies.

7. Jimmy Hayes- At best- Becomes a power forward who can tip in shots, have huge hits, and score 30-40 goals. He was once considered a top 10 pick in 2008, if he gets back to whatever made him a top 10 pick than he would jump to #2 on this list.
At worst- Proves scouts correct for letting him fall so much, becomes a depth player who scores 5 goals per season. Chad Kilger minus his goals.

8. Mikhail Stefanovich- At best- His work ethic and consistency inprove and he becomes reliable for 25 goals per season. He was once considered a 1st rounder in 2008 but fell, mostly because of his work ethic.
At worst- Does not make the NHL.

9. Dmitri Vorobiev- Becomes a solid physical defencemen, who can play 15 minutes per game.
At worst- does not make the NHL.

10 Tyler Ruegsegger- Becomes a speedy 3rd liner who shows flashes of scoring consistantly but is more of a threat in the shootout.
At worst- Doesnt make the NHL.