Toronto Maple Leafs Rookie Tournament

Florida Beat York University, and Toronto beat Montreal on the first day of the rookie tournament.

Justin Pogge had a tough night allowing 5 goals in only 23 shots, while Carey Price allowed 6 goals on 39 shots. Tlusty had 2 points and Earl had the game winner leading the rookie leafs to victory.

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  1. Alozo07 says:

    There we go man just showing that we will have pretty decent guys in years to come. Nobody really knows robbie earl though he will be awesome he won the MVP of the Frozen 4 in NCAA hockey tournament. I am surprised pogge let in 5 goals probably just an off night.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    rookie hockey like that usually consists of high scoring games because defensively the guys have not played together before. as the tournamen goes on the number of goals will drop.

  3. Waffles says:

    Too bad they didn’t keep Rask..

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Rask wouldn’t have played, only guys plaing in NA this season played,

  5. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Don’t forget about the experimental “larger nets”

  6. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    18 saves on 23 shots. .782 save%. 5.00 GAA. Looks like he should fit in just perfect with the leafs.

  7. shakermaker says:

    I hope you guys realise these goalies are playing in bigger nets.

    Yes, bigger nets… Bigger than the OHL, AHL, NHL, SEL, RSL, MTHL, SHA.

    Bigger nets. Taller, and wider nets. So all goalie stats should not be taken too seriously.

  8. shakermaker says:

    Bigger nets buddy.

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    his first game after the offseason, and with bigger nets. The habs lost tht game in case you forgot. looks like hockysfuture was totally wrong, as always

  10. 92-93 says:

    he outplayed Price again last night in a 3-2 win. Is Price ever going to get tired of being beaten by Pogge … first in the WHL, then in this rookie camp, and, of course, in the future when the Habs lose to Leafs again at the NHL level.

    hmmm … picking pogge in the 3rd round and 90thg overall in 2004 and Price gets picked 5th overall ahead of names like Brule, Bourdon, Staal, Rask.


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