Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Outlook

To start off, I would like to give the readers a short introduction. In my article, I will first go over what I think is the Maple Leafs best lines to use as of now(before any trades happen, and with all the injured players back), grading of players, then I will suggest a few trades that should be done, and a conclusion.


I think that the Leafs current lineup looks best like this:

Roberts . Sundin . Mogilny

Fitzgerald. Antropov. Nolan

Tucker. Nieuwendyk. Reichel

Renberg. Stajan. Domi

Healthy Scratchs: Perrott, Belak, Ponikarovsky.

McCabe. Kaberle.

Klee. Pilar.

Marchment. Berg.

Healthy Scratch: Jackman.



Grading Players


Gary Roberts: shoulder surgery has definitely helped him a lot, and he is now back to be one of the best Leaf forwards. Grade: 81%

Mats Sundin: an improvement over last season, but in a bit of a slump as of late. Grade: 92%

Alexander Mogilny: Have not seen much of him, but he started the season off well, and will be a plus in the playoffs. Grade: 77%

Tom Fitzgerald: One of the only Leafs who tries game-in and and game-out. Excellent on the penalty kill, and can add a few good goals every once and a while. Grade: 86%

Nik Antropov: Stats have been on a bit of a rollercoaster, up-down-up-down. Needs to be able to not get hurt as often. Grade: 69%

Owen Nolan: A tough man, and one of the best power forwards in the game. Is due back soon on a week-to-week basis. Grade: 90%

Darcy Tucker: His gameplay so far has been pretty well played. However, don’t expect too much. Grade: 74%

Joe Nieuwendyk: Has done better than I expected, but tends to disappear when goals are needed. More leadership is needed from him. Grade: 72%

Robert Reichel: Everyone is always bashing this guy, but I sure am beginning to miss his defensive play and faceoff work. Should be back tomorrow versus Montreal. Grade: 71%

Mikael Renberg: Has a few 2 goals games, but never on any other game score sheet. Could be possible trade bait. Grade: 65%

Matt Stajan: I like this kid. Leafs need to hold on to him. Has nice goals, and good at the faceoff. Grade: 89%

Tie Domi: Has more and more discipline every season. Might not get as many points as last year, but still a force. Grade: 69%

Nathan Perrott: Quite tough, but not someone the Leafs need. Has one goal this season, vs. Penguins, and pretty much a garbage goal. Perrott could possibly get traded. Grade: 59%

Wade Belak: He is not going to take over Domi’s tough-guy role because of one reason: He isn’t tough! He gets killed every time he tries to fight, and he gets lucky goals. Trade Bait. Grade: 56%

Alexei Ponikarovsky: Has done amazing this season. Next season, he should be a regular in the lineup. Grade: 73%

Bryan McCabe: Much better than last season. He is only getting better. He should shine in the playoffs. Grade: 90%

Tomas Kaberle: Has been injured for about 1/3 of the season, and the games he has played in haven’t been that great. Now that he is back, he seems to be playing a little better. Grade: 71%

Ken Klee: An absolutely steal-of-a-deal by John Ferguson Jr. Already has a career season clinched. Grade: 92%

Karel Pilar: He needs more playing time. I wish his name could stay out of trade rumours. Is going to develop into a nice defencemen. Grade: 75%

Bryan Marchment: Has a couple of points, but his hits have been amazing ones. Grade: 73%

Aki Berg: Doing statistically better than last year. Seems like a whole new person. Grade: 79%

Ric Jackman: A get scared when he is on the ice, playing defensively. Good offense, however. Grade: 66%

Ed Belfour: Getting back into form as of late. He didn’t play to great against Philly. Grade: 85%

Trevor Kidd: Filled in nicely for the Eagle for those couple of games. Played pretty good against Philly, brutal against the Sens. Grade: 71%

These are the Trades I think will happen


To NY Isles: Jackman, Perrott, 1st Round Pick.
To Leafs: Ninnimma

(Place team here): Belak
To Leafs: Low round pick

To Caps: Renberg, 2 Picks, Berg
To Leafs: Gonchar



New lines would look like:

Roberts. Sundin. Mogilny

Fitzgerald. Antropov. Nolan

Tucker. Nieuwendyk. Reichel

Ponikarovsky. Stajan. Domi

Kaberle . McCabe

Ninimma. Gonchar.

Klee. Pilar.

Belfour. Kidd.

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