Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Outlook

To start off, I would like to give the readers a short introduction. In my article, I will first go over what I think is the Maple Leafs best lines to use as of now(before any trades happen, and with all the injured players back), grading of players, then I will suggest a few trades that should be done, and a conclusion.


I think that the Leafs current lineup looks best like this:

Roberts . Sundin . Mogilny

Fitzgerald. Antropov. Nolan

Tucker. Nieuwendyk. Reichel

Renberg. Stajan. Domi

Healthy Scratchs: Perrott, Belak, Ponikarovsky.

McCabe. Kaberle.

Klee. Pilar.

Marchment. Berg.

Healthy Scratch: Jackman.



Grading Players


Gary Roberts: shoulder surgery has definitely helped him a lot, and he is now back to be one of the best Leaf forwards. Grade: 81%

Mats Sundin: an improvement over last season, but in a bit of a slump as of late. Grade: 92%

Alexander Mogilny: Have not seen much of him, but he started the season off well, and will be a plus in the playoffs. Grade: 77%

Tom Fitzgerald: One of the only Leafs who tries game-in and and game-out. Excellent on the penalty kill, and can add a few good goals every once and a while. Grade: 86%

Nik Antropov: Stats have been on a bit of a rollercoaster, up-down-up-down. Needs to be able to not get hurt as often. Grade: 69%

Owen Nolan: A tough man, and one of the best power forwards in the game. Is due back soon on a week-to-week basis. Grade: 90%

Darcy Tucker: His gameplay so far has been pretty well played. However, don’t expect too much. Grade: 74%

Joe Nieuwendyk: Has done better than I expected, but tends to disappear when goals are needed. More leadership is needed from him. Grade: 72%

Robert Reichel: Everyone is always bashing this guy, but I sure am beginning to miss his defensive play and faceoff work. Should be back tomorrow versus Montreal. Grade: 71%

Mikael Renberg: Has a few 2 goals games, but never on any other game score sheet. Could be possible trade bait. Grade: 65%

Matt Stajan: I like this kid. Leafs need to hold on to him. Has nice goals, and good at the faceoff. Grade: 89%

Tie Domi: Has more and more discipline every season. Might not get as many points as last year, but still a force. Grade: 69%

Nathan Perrott: Quite tough, but not someone the Leafs need. Has one goal this season, vs. Penguins, and pretty much a garbage goal. Perrott could possibly get traded. Grade: 59%

Wade Belak: He is not going to take over Domi’s tough-guy role because of one reason: He isn’t tough! He gets killed every time he tries to fight, and he gets lucky goals. Trade Bait. Grade: 56%

Alexei Ponikarovsky: Has done amazing this season. Next season, he should be a regular in the lineup. Grade: 73%

Bryan McCabe: Much better than last season. He is only getting better. He should shine in the playoffs. Grade: 90%

Tomas Kaberle: Has been injured for about 1/3 of the season, and the games he has played in haven’t been that great. Now that he is back, he seems to be playing a little better. Grade: 71%

Ken Klee: An absolutely steal-of-a-deal by John Ferguson Jr. Already has a career season clinched. Grade: 92%

Karel Pilar: He needs more playing time. I wish his name could stay out of trade rumours. Is going to develop into a nice defencemen. Grade: 75%

Bryan Marchment: Has a couple of points, but his hits have been amazing ones. Grade: 73%

Aki Berg: Doing statistically better than last year. Seems like a whole new person. Grade: 79%

Ric Jackman: A get scared when he is on the ice, playing defensively. Good offense, however. Grade: 66%

Ed Belfour: Getting back into form as of late. He didn’t play to great against Philly. Grade: 85%

Trevor Kidd: Filled in nicely for the Eagle for those couple of games. Played pretty good against Philly, brutal against the Sens. Grade: 71%

These are the Trades I think will happen


To NY Isles: Jackman, Perrott, 1st Round Pick.
To Leafs: Ninnimma

(Place team here): Belak
To Leafs: Low round pick

To Caps: Renberg, 2 Picks, Berg
To Leafs: Gonchar



New lines would look like:

Roberts. Sundin. Mogilny

Fitzgerald. Antropov. Nolan

Tucker. Nieuwendyk. Reichel

Ponikarovsky. Stajan. Domi

Kaberle . McCabe

Ninimma. Gonchar.

Klee. Pilar.

Belfour. Kidd.

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43 Responses to Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Outlook

  1. flip588 says:

    Wishful thinking in the Niinimaa (that’s right, you didn’t even spell his name right) trade. The Islanders get absolutely nothing, with the exception of the pick, surely they aren’t that desperate. Jackman shouldn’t be a regular on any NHL team and Perrott is absolutely horrible without a doubt!

    Is this actually a rumour or your own creation?

  2. jacosta says:

    I never bash another persons comments but I will offer my disgreements of some of your points.

    First of all I think that Niewendyk has become the true second line centre. He plays well defensively and is great at face offs.

    Antropov is the only real commodity (and not necessarily a great one) that the leafs have to offer any team. Antro is going to be offered to everyone.

    I like the idea of adding Renberg and two picks to the caps but I think that would only work if you are paying Renbergs salary for this year.

    Reichel plays centre and would be killed on the wing. Also Fitzgerald is best as your centre also as a checking line.

    The Islanders are not going to move bodies after beating the Hurricanes last night. They may not be major buyers but they think they can get that last spot and keep it. They really need to beat the Rangers though on head to head games. (do they have any more??)

    I posted something on the “firesale”posting, that the leafs may still land Gonchar despite his injury. Maybe not this week but by next. Especially if teams wait till he is fully healthy. You may be able to offer Antropov and a third round pick, as long as you are willing to take Gonchar now and pay him his salary while he is hurt.

    I still believe that the leafs now they have to get defence but they will also look to get a left winger to play the top line. Mogilny needs to play the second line with Niewendyke and Nolan.

    The leafs may look to Geoff Sanderson to add speed and skill to the left side, but their hard core goal (along with other teams) will be to get Oneill to play along side Sundin and Roberts. That would be a formidable line. And guess what it could happen.

    If the leafs get Gonchar, or another strong Offensive defenseman, they may offer up Kaberle to Carolina with a pick for Oneill and Wesley.

    I know that Carolina states that they are looking for forwards yet, ther is no mistaking that Kaberle is attractive to teams for his youth and cost.

    Ferguson is looking to put his stamp on the team but I really think he is a smart guy. He will not be afraid of trading away guys that Quinn always thought of as untouchable because of his loyalty as a coach and as the guy who originally brought that player in.


    To Washington: Antropov, and a Third round pick plus cash for Gonchar right now (injury and all)

    If they don’t bite then take away the picks and give up Berg.

    To Carolina. Thomas Kaberle, and a 2nd round pick for Oneil and Hedican. Or make it a fifth rounder for Wesley

    Or the in my dreams (yet still feasible)

    To Washington. Antropov, Kaberle, Berg, and a 2nd rounder for Gonchar, Bondra (he will be a rentaplayer) and Witt

    Caps save a tonne of money, get youth, and a decent draft pick

  3. koho says:

    My question is; Where do you get these rankings from? Like how do you rank players with random percentages? You give Mogilny 77%, Nieuwy 72% and then proceed to give Ponikarovsky a 73%. Do you reall think Poni is worth 4 points less than a 30 goal scorer, and 1 point better than our second line centre? Thats ridiculous.

  4. Scott24 says:

    “Wade Belak: He is not going to take over Domi’s tough-guy role because of one reason: He isn’t tough! He gets killed every time he tries to fight, and he gets lucky goals. Trade Bait. Grade: 56%”

    First of all no one is going to want to give anything up for Belak. Second of all he doen’t get killed in every fight he kills in every fight and in my opinion he has already taken over Domi’s tough guy rule.

  5. Tradedude says:

    Ponikarovsky has really impressed me this season..

    the trades you excites me the other oen doesn’t. niinamaa is useless to me, we need a #1 dman…i strongly suggest Hamrlik he’s the best defenseman out there. But isles are facing leafs in the playoffs right now if the playoffs were to start now..and due to the jagr trade the isles will probably want an upgrade to keep their hopes alive.

    I’d give the Isles Antropov,Jackman,and a 3rd-5th pick for Hamrlik. This will give Niinamaa more icetime to strive and plus a potentially good star who has good size costs under a million. and if those reasons dont prove thats it a good deal lets just put it this way: Milbury is their GM.

    I have another wishful..I’d give the canes Tomas Kaberle,and Darcy Tucker, in return receive Jeff O’Neill,and either Wesley or Boughner, and possibly a late pick. I doubt this trade will happen but its on my wish list. Quinn likes Kaberle and probably the whole leaf management does, unfortuneately. I used to like kabs, but I’ve relized that he won’t hit,shoot,or block shots. What good is he if he can’t master those?

    I’d like to keep our first pick for this year’s draft, so I wouldnt risk giving up more future.

    i might sound like another one of those leaf wishers but no matter what i do or say it seems that leaf bashers think badly of leaf “Fans”.

    When all healthy: (hopefully by playoff time)

    McCabe. Hamrlik.

    Klee. Wesley/Boughner

    Pilar. Berg





  6. Parks99 says:

    C’mon Leaf fans let’s get realistic. We have a very small amount of players with market value. Antropov(our most marketable) Tucker, Stajan, Berg(part of Package) Pilar (part of package MAYBE) draft picks and prospects is all we have for trade bait. Renberg and Reichel make $3M+ no one is interested, Jackman sucks the most we could get for him is a 4-6th round pick, no one wants Belak, Perrott, Domi, Ponikarovsky their market value is 0. We have to be the most careful with Antropov he must be traded but its a matter of do we trade him for a defencman or forward. Thats why the smartest thing to do is include him in a package for both a forward and defencman (O’neill and Boughner/Wesley) (Bondra and Gonchar) (Peca and Aucoin/Hamrlik/Niinimaa). The easiest way is to trade Antropov with any value i mentioned above to aquire one of these 3 pairs. Once that is done we could make an extra trade at the deadline with what value we have left for another top 6 D man but thats about it. But thats the only route we can take we dont have much other choice most of our guys have no trade value. SO STOP INVOLVING THEM IN TRADE RUMORS.

  7. TheJudge says:

    I must admit, this article is a piece of shit.

  8. eagle29 says:

    Shut-up idiot.You’re just an idiot whose hockey knowledge dosen’t expand beyond his favorite team.

  9. TheJudge says:

    Sure Beagle, the only things i have seen you post are the same useless rhetoric i wipe my ass with.

  10. Tradedude says:

    not the best topic to mention

  11. SaskSen says:

    It would help that when you dream up the trades you consider them from both sides.

    Looking at your trades if I was GM of Leafs I would like most all of them. As the opposing GM I look at most of those trades and think no way.

    I think the Leafs have an excellent chance of landing a star at the deadline (and most liekly will), but it won’t be for the garbage that you no longer want. I know its fun to dream but let’s be real.

    To NY Isles: Jackman, Perrott, 1st Round Pick. To Leafs: Ninnimma (cmon now)

  12. nocuphere says:

    Where do you get your idea that Belak, Jackman and Poni have no trade value?

    Guys like Kristov Oliwa are still playing hockey, but Wade Belak, (who can play the wing or Defense and is still 25) and wins 99% of his fights, but has no value.

    Jackman (former 1st rounder) still a young guy too. Can obviously play in this league. Just needs a change of surrounding. Shows flashes when in the lineup for an extended period of time.

    Poni can play. He’s big, strong on his skates, plays both ends of the rink, and is young with a small salary. He of the 3 holds the biggest trade value, because of his age and salary.

  13. chanman says:


    Another dumb leaf rumor. How idiotic is this?

    you stupid toronto fans. I pity your twisted minds.

    they will lose in four in the first round.

    leafs stink i hate the leafs the leafs will never win the cup dumb leafs stupid leafs.

    (go buffalo)

  14. Tradedude says:

    to buffalo: berg,renberg,reichel

    to toronto:drury,satan,miller,ruff’s grave stone information

  15. chanman says:


    I see we can use our imaginations!

  16. Wills says:

    Wasn’t that bad of a article until your Goncahr trade. First off the reason that the Caps are trading Gonchar is so they can cut salary, so why would they want Renberg who is overpaid and makes 2.2 million and Berg who makes 1.2 million. Gonchar makes 3.5 million, so they end up saving maybe one hundred thousand. Sorry that deal is not going to happen. Other then that the article was good, expect for a few ratings you gave to Leaf players.

  17. Leafs88 says:


    “Joe Nieuwendyk: Has done better than I expected, but tends to disappear when goals are needed. More leadership is needed from him. Grade: 72%”: NIEUWNEDYKE NEEDS TO BE MORE OF A LEADER!!!! COME ON! GIVE THE GUY SOME RESPECT. HE WAITED ALMOST TWO MONTHS TO SIGN WITH THE LEAFS WHEN HE COULD HAVE SIGNED WITH OTHER TEAMS FOR MORE MONEY.



  18. Leafs88 says:

    No offence, but you ain’t gonna get Hedican and O’Neill for Kabrle and a 2nd rounder. Plus the Leafs will not like to take on Hedican’s long and rich contract.

  19. Lynchmob450 says:

    More brainwashed MapleLOSER propaganda!!!!

    Here we have the Leafs giving up Perrot and Belak and getting back Gonchar and Bondra (and if the Caps are sleeping, the leafs will be happy to take Wesley for a 5th rounder!). This is typical of a Leafs fan’s mentality.

    Message to you stupid MapleLAUGH fans….take your head out of your ass before you think of possible trades that would help your pathetic bastard team!!!!!!!

  20. ILiveOnBroadStreet says:

    i agree, mindless TO fanboy rhetoric…. Renberg and junk for Gonchar, lol… have fun with that… the Caps will want youth and talent, something Renberg hasn’t had since he was in Philly on the Legion of Doom.

  21. ILiveOnBroadStreet says:

    the Leafs may win, but they better hope they don’t run into the Flyers anytime soon….. whats the latest? 21-3 in the last four meetings…. best in the East … sure.

  22. Leafs88 says:

    Remember two things: Leafs have “Eddie” in net, while the flyers have Hacket. Leafs are atop the Eastern Conference Flyers are secon. I don’t think the Leafs will be that easy to play in the playoffs! As for the ass from Buffola, maybe you can donate penny, hopefully it will save your team from extinction. On second thought, you may not be able to gather up such high sum of money!!

  23. Leafs88 says:

    Remember two things: Leafs have “Eddie” in net, while the flyers have Hacket. Leafs are atop the Eastern Conference Flyers are secon. I don’t think the Leafs will be that easy to play in the playoffs! As for the ass from Buffola, maybe you can donate penny, hopefully it will save your team from extinction. On second thought, you may not be able to gather up such high sum of money!!

  24. LondonK says:

    (I am a leaf fan)

    First off I would like to give a word of advice. Don’t rate players on magical requirements. It will never look right when Alexander Moginly is being ranked below Tom Fitzgerald (regardless of the injury). And yes I realize that Tom is a phenominal PK and defensive player.

    The rest I am posting more to the entire HTR forum:

    Why is it that anytime someone posts trade proposals regarding the leafs that idiots have to come out and just bash endlessly. I am in complete agreement that the deals really don’t make sense, but is there really a need to constantly make specific attempts to label leaf fans because proposals are made. I don’t have the problem with criticizing proposed trades, but the fact that the whole criticism ends up focusing on the fact that it is a leaf fan that posts them is really unnecessary.

    Secondly I would like to specifically address “TheJudge”. What exactly is your purpose for being on this site. Do you have anything to contribute hockey-wise. I left this site two years ago because I was sick of the way that topics would degrade into senseless swearing and name-calling because someone didn’t like the topic or they didn’t like the response made by someone.

    Now I return here after the long layoff and what do I find but your beautiful waste of space comments on this page. I have seen maybe 4 posts by you since I returned and every single one had absolutely nothing to do with hockey. Each one was just an insult thrown at a person for absolutely no reason. How about you get a clue and start contributing to the site in a positive manner instead of bringing it down.

    Again, I have absolutely no problem with criticism, but when I see somebody (matteo) post a comment like:

    “I agree, it is total garbage if that is the final deal with no picks added in.

    Washington would be screwing themselves..”

    then you reply with something like this:

    “Something you are very used to and an expert at no doubt!”

    Where is the contribution there. What I read out of that post is a little 12 year old kid who is too afraid to do anything in real life so they pretend that they are a big person by acting all big on a forum where they can hide behind the fact that they don’t have to own up to their actions because they can hide behind their computer.

    NOTE: Sorry to the rest of the forum for going off on a rant like that, but it just bothers me when I have to sift through crap to read people’s opinions on stuff.

  25. Lint07 says:

    I’m still waiting for your first article….

  26. Leafs88 says:

    I totaly agree with you on the last point that you made. As for why the Leaf articles are being bashed, that’s a whole different story. First of all, I’m a Leafs fan, and I’m proud of it. Articles like the one posed above just don’t make any sense. The guy who wrote it just makes himself stupid, and proves to everyone that he knows nothing about hockey. The people visiting this site assume that all Leaf fans are like that. Add the fact that the Leafs are the most hated team in hockey. So, to avoid comments like that, people like Kool cory s hould contribute to the site by way of the foroum not by posting articles.

  27. Aetherial says:

    Are people submitting so few articles that stuff like this has to get posted.

    I mean, come on, it is pretty bad. You KNOW that this would quicklu become yet another bashing of Leaf fans… as if we ALL believe these trades would happen.

    I think the admins of this site do it on purpose to get hits on the site because they know this will at generate attention.

    LondonK is exactly right.

  28. big_booty says:

    Don’t ever post another article here ever again.

  29. terry says:

    this is my first ever post, just registered as a user. and i did it because i am a leafs fan and it kills me when people come up with trades that are so biased and one sided. many leaf fans live in a bubble and overrate leaf players. they really have no idea what the true market value of leaf players are. and on top of that, they think the leafs can land one big time player, such as gonchar, for 2 useless players. you cant substitue quantity for quality!!! would you ever trade nolan for whitfield, grier and 2 picks?? of course not.

    players like renberg are a dime a dozen, but they get paid much less around the nhl, making renberg hardly attractive for other teams. the only players that teams would be intereted are those with potential and dont make alot of money ie kaberle, stajan, antropov but many leaf fans believe these players will mature to become the next howe or orr. my advice, watch some out of town games, go to (and drop your beloved and just expose yourself to the nhl. there are 29 other teams in the nhl, not just yours.

  30. Lapointefan says:

    To NY Isles: Jackman, Perrott, 1st Round Pick. To Leafs: Ninnimma

    Isles would pass on Jackman and Perrott and that Leaf 1st will be a late one.this is a crappy offer that the isles would reject,just as they rejected the Leaf offers this season for Hamrlik and Peca.

    and don’t offer Antopov because the isles have cooled on the fragile Antropov,who they wanted last summer.

    When the Leafs asked about Peca and Hamrlik earlier this season,Isles didn’t show interest in getting Antropv in either deal.

  31. mojo19 says:

    i have so many issues about this article i dont even know where to start. But good for you for loving your team so much that you would take time to write this. Go leafs!

  32. ILiveOnBroadStreet says:

    remember two things: Esche has played all three of the meetings between the Leafs and Flyers this year, so bringing up Hackett is a moot point, and second, Flyers will be just as tough as last year and we came out on top of that one last year.

  33. kovalev says:

    it’s probably his own, all leafs fans are like that

    trade away all there garbage players and get all stars back

  34. kovalev says:

    it’s probably his own, all leafs fans are like that

    trade away all there garbage players and get all stars back

  35. kovalev says:

    it’s probably his own, all leafs fans are like that

    trade away all there garbage players and get all stars back

  36. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    Honestly…as a person who hates the leafs with a passion and a person who doesn’t see everything for a diluted, drugged leaf-lover perspective I think the only realistic way to acquire O’Neill would be to deal Antropov and Tucker as well as a late pick 5-6th. The only way to get Gonchar would be to deal Pierre Hedin,Brendan Bell, or Carlo Colaiacovo and a 1st Round Pick. Why I say? Because as much as the caps are selling..they’ve dumped the Jagr contract and Gonchar is only 4-5 million as apposed to 6-7 million. The Caps will want youth in return. If you look at the Ranger deal the Caps were desperate but they still got a proven 60 pnt scorer. I’m sorry Leaf Fans, you’re gonna need to give up more promising youth for another veteran.

    Leafs at this point have no future. Are their stars are retiring in the next 5 years.

  37. Leafs88 says:

    The Canes are asking for the Leafs top two prospects, while Gonchar can be obtained for Antropov, Berg, and a 1st rounder. His value has fallen as he is injured!

  38. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Or better yet ,how about shutting your pathetic hole and getting a real goalie.

  39. mattdude says:

    amen to that, when you have 1ST beside your resume of best of the league call us. you guys are so stupid you send fans into the penalty box to get their fat ass kiked by domi. typical americans. and yet your goalies suck and all your team does is sulk about the refs. cry me a river philly.

  40. VACCAAD185 says:

    Bud, have u been drinking lately?

    C’mon man, that isn’t going to happen!

    My opinion – trade

    #1 Leafs and Caps = to Caps: Berg, Antropov, Pilar, 2nd round pick, 2004 to Leafs: Gonchar, Bondra

    The only reason this trade would happen now is because the Caps are looking for answers and their not finding it with these guys! The leafs have to hop on this oppritunity!

    #2 Leafs and Isles = to Isles: Fitzgerald, 4th round pick 2004 to Leafs: Hamirlik, 5th draft pick 2004

    Lately, I havn’t been seeing fitzgerald do much besides nothing. I know he is injured now but before his injury it looked like he was gliding on the ice and he couldn’t receive a pass. Why have him when u can get a great, checking offencive defenceman!

    When its all said and done this would be the lineup>>










    Now….is it just me…or is that a CHAMP lineup!?!?!?!?!

  41. chanman says:

    Thank you for posting that .I completly agree that the Hockey talk has degraded to childish bickering and Less actual usefull information. I have done my share of leaf-bashing simply because some person has thrown their christmas wish-list for their club on my screen and I reacted strongly fueled by many years of leaf dislike. This guy is absolutely right-let’s stop the cursing and insulting and talk good hockey!


    ( you should write a article on this)

  42. Leafs88 says:

    I liked your first trade, but the second one was unreasonable. First of all, if Fitzgerald is doing pretty much nothing with the Leafs, why would the Islanders take him and give up a 29 year old defenseman. Second of all, the Isles are just not going to trade with the Leafs. They are battling for 8th spot while the Leafs are battling for first. They would be tradinga good D-man to a likely first round rival!!

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