Toronto rumors and truths.

I’m sorry Sens Fans but it’s all true. I know you don’t want it to be but it is. I’m going to give you such a headache and really be in all your faces if you don’t like the truth then don’t read this.Well we are getting closer and closer to free agency and I have the nitty gritty on what your favorite team is doing. 1st a little bout myself I’m of course…….

The Source I write for the Hockey News and the Toronto Sun 2 very legitement companies and magazines/newspapers.

I have great news for most Leaf fans as I usually do. I have various confirmed reports that a huge bidding war is going on between Tampa and Toronto for Johan Holmqvist already and free agency has’nt even started yet. Also Garth Snow is calling Ryan Smyth’s agent but according to one source he is’nt responding to his calls. Ryan Smyth is to pro Canadian to ever play for an American team longer than he has to so I see him signing with either Toronto or Calgary. As for little old Paul Kariya he has made it abundently clear that he will not be returning to the Preds next season so all the kariya to Toronto rumors could be true but we’ll just see.

For people who feel that Kubina and Mckabe should be traded here whats I have to say to you………… SHUT UP!!!!

This will not happen as much as you want it to it won’t.Maybe and this is a slight maybe the Islanders have a little interest in McKabe but only because his wife is from there. Bryan wants to stay in Toronto and we all know that.

Now for that big chunk of flesh in skates we know and love as Mats Sundin apparently JFJ is asking him to take pay cut that will have him make 10 million over 3 years and I think that if Mats is so intent on being here thats a fair deal considering he’s not that flashy and dashy anymore.

Also apparently the Leafs have tremendous interest in Raffi Torres if they sign this guy NHL look out.Who needs Sean Avery when ya have Tucker and Torres on the same team am I right. These guys are more annoying then spending a weekend with your mother in law.

Anyways with all this writing I’m getting thirsty.

Moving on the real reason I’m writing is because of Sheldon Souray and this is why trhere are McKabe to Islanders rumors floating around out there. Apparently and I heard this from a slightly unreliable source that JFJ wnats to free up some salary to sign Souray and I think this would be a great trade off if you don’t agree your probobably a Sens fan lol.

I hope this was all very informative for you people look back every week to read my new postings as I” dig up as much as I can ok.

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