Toronto Signs Jason Allision is reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs have signed unrestricted free agent Jason Allison to a one year contract. Terms of the deal are presently unknown.

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  1. Ace_Bailey says:

    come on 200….plz be me!!

  2. Ace_Bailey says:

    Boo, I was 201!

  3. nordiques100 says:

    as for needs. carter would be nice….as allison’s winger. carter,tucker and allison would be a nice 2nd unit. remember carter and allison played together in boston and clicked.

    we know sundin and oneill are on the top unit. they just need a left winger. you mention zetty but like i said in other posts that may be hard to get. but not as hard as some people may think. i see the wings as a win this year team or else. with so many guys nearing retirement or in the case of lidstrom, going home to sweden. they cant win with legace. plain and simple. but belfour they have a chance and a player many are familiar with. i say move antropov, belak and belfour and a 2nd rounder for zetty and legace.

    that would allow the top unit to be sundin, oneill and zetterberg.

    and as for goaltending legace would fill the backup need you sought and would allow toronto to bring back cujo. they were a pretty good duo in detroit. cujo would come for probably 2-2.5 mil that would be significantly less than the eagle’s contract.

    the 4th unit that makes the most sense would be wellwood with stajan and domi. tie would give those kids some room to operate and give them protection too. knowing how quinn rolls 4 lines, they would get decent ice time and probably some time as the 2nd PP unit.

    the blueline has 3 good players and a solid prospect. you seem to like woolley a good player but the leafs should use the offensive time for coliacovo. woolley is an offensive blueliner and not really what the leafs need. and even pilar could add offense so the leafs would be pretty decent in that area with kabby, mccabe, carlo and pilar. they need toughness and someone mentioned doig but my preference would be brad brown, a former captain with the wild. he is a good team guy and big and tough. much more worthy of a roster spot than a berg. and we know quinn likes reclamation projects so why not take a flyer on mathieu biron. he is huge and may be albe to regain the skills he had in junior that made him a 1st rounder. either one would come nice and cheap and fit JFJ’s need to get the team younger.

    the only thing the leafs would need now is a checking unit. the only guys left are perrott, pony, kilger. pretty weak indeed. not sure what kind of funds they would have left but they still need more depth here. chris gratton maybe?

  4. titans says:

    My wife and…well I kinda like ponies (but don’t tell anyone, it’ll make me look silly)

  5. titans says:

    You obviously haven’t seen his new reality show…UGGHHHHHH!!!

  6. nordiques100 says:

    whatcha gonna do when the leafs run wild on the flyers LOL

    queue the hendrix

  7. 92-93 says:

    awesome, 200 comments. wow, and most of it had nothing to do with Allison.

    but what a smart pick-up he is for one year. if he doesn’t work out, see ya. if he regains his form the Leafs will be among the elite 5 offensive clubs in the league (with one of the worst defences of course).

  8. nordiques100 says:

    you are right about the first two but recchi was your team’s leading scoring. he was far from worthless.

    i wasnt referring to you about carter and richards but others have pretty much assumed they are on the top line, scoring 40 goals and 80 points and carrying the offence. ok the hall was a bit extreme but let those kids play an NHL game first before assuming they are great. i mean they just finished their junior careers.

  9. 92-93 says:

    From the T.O. Star: “The Leafs are contractually committed to four players — Mats Sundin, Darcy Tucker, Jeff O’Neill and Domi — beyond this season. They also hold a team option on the final year of Ed Belfour’s deal.


    He said he anticipates Toronto will kick a league-high $9 million into the program, money that allows some of the NHL’s weak sisters to outbid the Leafs on talent”

    well there you go. the leafs will be in an awesome position to sign some big names and resign whoever they see as performing well. hopefully they won’t get too loyal with the crap players like they have in the past.

    it’s wonderful that there are so many Leaf bashers out there but the Leafs are one of the clubs contributing to helping out the lesser franchises. now, of course, they HAVE to do this but I am in favour of it too. I like to see non-hockey markets become hockey markets and teams like Pittsburg become competitive again. heck, i really hope winnipeg comes back to the NHL. I certainly don’t mind seeing the Leaf money go to another Canadian hockey franchise.

  10. EmptyNetter says:

    Actually, the B’s would show up for Toronto & Detroit but would would lose to Carolina, Florida, Pittsburgh. . .

    I’m with you — I’d like to hear “any given Sunday” applied to the NHL.

  11. 92-93 says:

    brad brown is a UFA?! well we should try for him then. he’s a pretty solid guy.

  12. 92-93 says:

    I don’t like peddie but he has a point here:

    “Peddie refuted the suggestion that looking ahead to next year’s crop of free agents means Leaf fans are in for a lame-duck season. He said time will determine whether Toronto’s cautious approach and shift to a “build-versus-buy strategy” will pay off.

    Again, declining to name names, he noted that the Leafs were vilified in previous summers for getting outbid on free agents that ultimately were bought out by the clubs that signed them. He’s referring to the likes of Bobby Holik, Tony Amonte and Derian Hatcher.

    “When all those fellows were signing for five years at $9 million (a season) everyone was saying, `Where are the Leafs?’ Now when they’re all getting bought out, everyone is saying, `Weren’t those general managers crazy?'” said Peddie.”


  13. leafsbud says:

    Relax…if the leafs go down the tubes the rest of the NHL will go down because I think we are subsidizing most of the other weak teams, so we are always there to help……fergy is doing an okay job with what he has to wrk with……the role of the GM has changed alot in the last month…..give him sometime, he will make the trades and we will come out leaner and meaner…….we traded alot of our youth away in last couple of years and it backfired……JFJ is trying a new approach give him a chance……we don’t know very much what is going on except hearing the stupid rumours from the media everyday…….can you imagine what the owners must think….those people are whacked……lol

  14. nordiques100 says:

    according to he is. see the eastern conference tracker and the sabres

    brown is very solid. tough and a good leader

  15. Ace_Bailey says:

    Program? Wha? 1am? I’m tired haha

  16. Turnbull says:

    Its so funny how a signing that everyone knew was going to happen for weeks now, has generated this much discussion…this is why i love the toronto mapleleafs!

  17. Ace_Bailey says:

    It does look like Peddie had an executive decision in this. It makes sense after reading the article, but I don’t want any false promises and dashed hopes, I want realisim. But then again, next season Toronto really can start fresh (having only 4 players under contract) while many teams have signed long term deals worth millions that may not work out in the new economic landscape.

    I agree that it would probably be a good year to tank because the market is still unpredictable and the leafs would get a top 10 draft pick. However, I’m sick of rumors of players being traded here, I don’t want my team to be a mediocre fence rider. I’d rather them get at least to the second round of the playoffs or receive a top 10 draft pick. If only MLSE would give us a straight answer on what they really want to do.

  18. LeafBasher_BEATER says:

    Forsberg was a 90 point scorer

    naslund WAS a 90 point scorer

    sundin WAS a 80 point scorer

    domi WAS a 15 point scorer or whatever he got in the last season.

    …point is that you could say any player WAS when they all missed a year.

  19. monley89 says:

    Yeah Leafs wooooo lol how many comments is that now?!

  20. BLACKNGOLD248 says:

    I get the same. “The Bruins suck, they’ll never be like the Pat’s. They won’t spend any money. Thornton gone” You’re right when Joe,Sammy and Razor are signed and they will be. The B’s will be strong…Just looked at the NESN web site Dale and Gordie are still listed and I listen to Dale almost everyday on WEEI and haven’t heard anything about him not returning

  21. titans says:

    No Forsberg IS still the player he was, Allison…not so sure!

  22. titans says:

    Iv watched them play throughout the Calder Cup Playoffs…those two, especially Carter are special!!

    Kovalchuk-Heatly of the Flyers!!!

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