Toronto Sun Rumor and News Tidbits – June 28, 09

We love Brian Burke’s drama, but maybe it’s time to tone it down

Gretzky likely out as Coyotes coach

By STEVE SIMMONS of the Toronto Sun

We love Brian Burke’s drama, but maybe it’s time to tone it down

There is this Shakespearean side to Brian Burke that may end up damaging him over time.

While clearly he is no “idiot” as the line from Macbeth indicates, but he has been “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” in his brief time running the Maple Leafs.

There was a big buildup at the trade deadline, and then, not a whole lot of anything.

There was a big buildup to Friday’s night’s National Hockey League draft, and then nothing more than status quo.

Maybe it’s time for a change in tactics. Maybe it’s time to say a little less and do a little more. In fairness, Burke makes for terrifically entertaining theatre — hence the Shakespeare reference — and he’s famously available. And bless him for being that in this world of spin-controlled robotic managers.

But just about anybody could have made the choice of Nazem Kadri on Friday night. Nadri is extraordinarily skilled, intense and passionate and once he grows a bit and gains some strength, he should be a terrific Leaf.

Burke was brought to Toronto to do more than the obvious. It’s a very difficult job, having inherited this mess. But as any sports executive will tell you, managing a team and managing expectations are very different roles. Burke has managed the team reasonably well. He needs to manage expectations better, and for him, that may include toning down the buildup rather than leaving Leaf fans in their all-too-normal state of wanting more.

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Gretzky likely out as Coyotes coach

t was no accident that Wayne Gretzky wasn’t seated at the Phoenix Coyotes draft table Friday night. No matter where the Coyotes play next season, it’s all but certain Gretzky won’t be coaching the team … A little bird whispers rather loudly that the $148-million US offer Jerry Reinsdorf has made for the Phoenix team does not include a penny of his own money. Apparently, this is what Reinsdorf does. He fronts teams, but the investment isn’t always his … Ever since Francois Allaire was named goaltending coach of the Leafs, word keeps circulating that a J-S Giguere trade to Toronto, maybe for Vesa Toskala, could be part of this summer’s activities …

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10 Responses to Toronto Sun Rumor and News Tidbits – June 28, 09

  1. leafy says:

    After all this talk about the NHL draft, other news items went under the radar.

    Jerry Reinsdorf, the dude that owns the White Sox and Bulls, offered to buy the Coyotes for $148 million.

    This is irrefutable proof beyond any doubt that Gary Bettman makes a living telling bullshit.

    After all his talk by Bettman that Balsillie's offer of $212M wasn't that high, and that other owners are lining up to make bids, the alternative offer comes in at 30% less.

    If no other offer comes in at a significantly higher amount, you've got to think that the judge will seriously consider the Balsillie offer in September.

    If I'm Balsillie, I'd try to increase the offer a little more. It would make it incredibly difficult for the judge not to accept relocating the team.

  2. bbruins37 says:

    lol nobody has the guts to fire the Great One

  3. WDF says:

    Well They also traded him before…Anything can happen.

  4. INurHome says:

    It would be a shame if he did not return, he has however indicated he would be willing to take a pay cut. If Jerry "fires" Gretzky that will be the most hated franchise in the NHL, the Leafs will no longer have that honour.

  5. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    I'm really surprised the Coyotes haven't fire Gretzky a long time ago. I don't know too many teams that will stick with a rookie coach for 4 years straight missing the playoffs miserably every time those 4 years… Just because he was a great player doesn't mean he'll even be an average coach…

  6. HABSSTAR says:

    It was the same thing with Nashville

  7. Jenkinstein says:

    Doesnt Gretzky also have an ownership stake in the Coyotes, I think that's why his job has been so secure despite the terrible results on the ice.

  8. doanerfan says:

    How do you figure? He is the worst coach in the NHL. He should fire himself. I got season tickets this season and I truly hope that he is gone. We need a coach that can motivate the team. He simply can't do that. He would be a great GM, though

  9. doanerfan says:

    He can keep his ownership stake, just not his coaching. He sucks as a coach…everyone knows that.

  10. kilter says:

    yea look what he did with olympic team the last olympics,there a reason he was not asked back,he sucks!

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