Toronto to swap with San Jose

It is no secret that San Jose is in desperate need of scoring and the GM is close to pulling the trigger on a trade to address that need. It has been previously reported that Martin Havlat was on his way to San Jose, but coach Brian Murray and GM John Muckler have quickly dissmissed those rumors saying they are very content with their team as of late and do not want to disrupt team chemistry.

I was listening to AM640 in the Greater Toronto Area this morning and I caught the tail end of a trade rumor involving Toronto and San Jose. From what I heard, it sees Jason Allison, Mikael Tellqvist and either Nik Antropov or Alexei Ponikarovsky to San Jose for Scott Hannan and Alyn McCauley. San Jose recieves a proven point-scoring center in Jason Allison and resurging power-forward in Ponikarovsky or Antropov. They also recieve Mikael Tellqvist, which is one of the key parts in this deal. I believe either a pick or a prospect was also mentioned going to San Jose but I could not catch which one.

Yes, Toronto is giving up youth, which Leaf fans have been used to for years. But with prospect Tuukka Rask quickly coming out of Finland, they need to make room for him, as for immediate back-up help, they have Racine or Aubin and Racine played wonderful in pre-season.

Now what Toronto gets is more than great in return. They get one of the best defensive defenseman in the league in Scott Hannan, which they absolutely need right now. And returning to the Leafs is defensive minded with a bit of a scoring touch, Alyn McCauley.

There is no telling, that I think this is a great deal for both teams as it addresses both of their needs and nobody is sacraficing too much. For arguments sake, say they give up Antropov instead of Ponikarovsky. To see what Toronto would look like is as follows;

Steen – Sundin – O’Neill

Tucker – Lindros – Ponikarovsky

Stajan – McCauley – Wellwood

Kilger – Wilm – Domi

McCabe – Kaberle

Hannan – Klee

Kronwall – Khavanov

As their conversation went on, they mentioned several times over that GM of the Sharks Doug Wilson and GM of the Leafs John Ferguson have been talking for a while now, and expect some sort of trade to happen with in the next few days, whether it is this one or not, remains to be determined.

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  1. Mullet says:

    That would be a terrible deal for Toronto! Yes, they pick up a good defenceman in Hannan, but really he’s only had one real good season so far, so really he’s not that proven. Plus, we’d lose a quality offensive player in Allison and one of 2 players who are really finally coming into their own in Ponikarovsky and Antropov. To make matters worse we’d also send our quality backup Tellqvist to a team already stacked with goaltenders. This deal is obviously made up and ridiculous!

  2. Mullet says:

    Look for these players to be the most likely to be traded before the deadline:

    Ana: Sykora, Salei, Carney

    Bos: Gill, Isbister, Samsonov

    Buf: Biron,McKee,Drury


    Col:Blake, Sakic, Aebischer,Liles

    CLB: Denis, Prusek

    Dal: Guerin, Arnott, Barnes

    Edm: Conklin

    Fla:Luongo, VanRyn, Bouwmeester, Roberts, Nieuwendyk

    LA: Miller


    Min: Roloson

    NJ: Mogilny, White, Elias

    NYR: Poti, Kasparaitis, Weekes

    NYI: Jonsson

    Ott: Havlat, Smolinski

    Phi: Handzus, Esche

    Pit: Palffy

    Pho: Comrie, Mi. Johnson

    STL: Brewer, Jackman, Weight, Tkachuk

    Tb: Richards,Burke

    Tor: Allison, Berg, Klee, Antropov

    Van: Cloutier, Jovanovski, Kesler, Bertuzzi

    Was: Kolzig, Witt

  3. Mullet says:

    I’ve been some many names Toronto is interested in it’s ridiculous. Here’s all the names I’ve heard:

    Ana: Sykora, Carney

    Bos: Gill, Boynton

    Buf:McKee, Drury

    Chi: Bell, Daze

    Col:Blake, Sakic,Boughner, Sauer



    NYI: Niinima

    Pho: Gauthier, Doan, Comrie

    STL: Brewer, Jackman

    SJ: McCauley, Hannan, Stuart

    Van: Jovanovski, Cooke


  4. mojo19 says:

    Mikster, I wouldn’t trade for Sturm. He’s overrated, he’s like a consistent 40 point guy. Big deal.

  5. matrix2003 says:

    That trade sucks for Toronto

  6. baltic_thunder says:

    What’s Owen_Nolan smoking? This is one of the most stupid rumours I have ever heard of. I’m shaking my head so much it hurts.

  7. Flyer_Dman says:

    McCauley is one of the best defensive forwards in the league. Allison couldn’t make a play in his own end if his life depended on it…his plus minus shows this clearly. McCauley is a much much more valuable player. Especailly now that San Jose has Marleau and Thornton down the middle, why would they want a soft, overpaid, old, under producing center when they can have a tough two way center that doesnt fall asleep defensively?

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