Toronto Trades Gone Unrepported

I’ve been watching the results come in from the draft on As a Toronto fan I’ve been paying attention to their picks (all of which seem to be unknown, brutal Europeans besides their first round pick…I’d say they wasted the rest of them). However, it seems two of their picks, which had marked down as being Toronto’s picks until the draftee was posted, ended up being exchanged to different teams. Searching through all the hockey news sites I can’t see any report of a trade having taken place. As well, I there does not appear to be any draft picks from the teams in question going back to Toronto.One of the picks in question is Toronto’s 3rd Round draft choice. According to the order of selections ( the 76th pick was supposed to be Toronto’s. On the draft board ( it shows up as being transferred to Chicago, and them having taken fairly well-thought of Swedish centerman Tony Lagerstrom.

The other pick is Toronto’s 7th Round draft choice. According to the order of selections (see link above) the 196th pick was supposed to be Toronto’s. On the draft board ( it shows up as being transferred to Phoenix and them taking Benn Ferriero.

When you look at all of Toronto’s picks on there )( they acquired a pick from Phoenix, but they traded up and Phoenix only got one pick which makes you wonder what else went to Phoenix. There is also not a draft pick that Toronto acquired from Chicago.

What could have happened? Did or or forget to post those trades? Were they conditional draft picks that Toronto had to give up that wasn’t included on the official order of selections? Were they part of future considerations? Or were they just random gifts to random teams?

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  1. PaulK123 says:

    I am really cofused right now!

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    conditional picks, they never report draft trades because by the end of the day there are hundreds of them.

  3. burnz30 says:

    The Leafs had 7 picks, one in every round. They ended up trading their 3rd rounder, 5th rounder and 7th rounder for a 4th rounder and two 6th rounders. They went into the draft with 7 picks and made 7 picks. Not all their picks were Euros. They drafted a goalie from Red Deer of the WHL and a winger from US High School. If you checked the reports on some of the picks you’d have seen that the guy they picked in the second round (Nikolai Kulemin) lokks pretty good. It says he’s a hard worker who likes the physical game and is very responsible defensively. Good in the corners and along the boards. He’s 2 years older than the rest, but he played for Russia at the WJC and WC and performed well. He looks like he could be a good pick. Also, their last pick looks interesting. They said that he’s an agitator, and a pretty good one. Should be ready for AHL action next year. He looks like he could become a good checking winger for them in a couple years. I found this at Hockey’s Future website.

  4. Brownleafsfan says:

    Man you watch the leafs WAYYYYYYYWAYYYYYYWAYYYYYYY to much

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